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Top 15 Squirreling Quotes

#1. As a kid, I pretty much got nothing but scorn, and occasionally active animus, for writing fantasy and squirreling it away in my closet and, later, under the mattress supports in my bed. - Author: Sherwood Smith
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#2. We didn't really start the company to go build an enterprise software company. - Author: Aaron Levie
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#3. If you believe in Jesus, you will find that God has nourished in you mighty torrents of blessing for others. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#4. When you're standing beside an open window at twilight, you can say more to each other than in bright sunshine. It's also easier to whisper your feelings than to shout them from the rooftops. - Author: Anne Frank
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#5. Instead of squirreling away your earnings early in your career, spend on experiences that will enrich your life - like diving with great white sharks. It can expose you to influential people who could open doors for you. - Author: Blake Mycoskie
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#6. The press called me a billionaire, and my wife came up and said I must be squirreling money away. - Author: Foster Friess
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#7. I appreciate photographs which celebrate harmony. I don't particularly want to look at chaos. I see enough of that at home. - Author: Bill Jay
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#8. Quitting is not an option. I will not let anyone on this team quit. - Author: Herman Edwards
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#9. People who watch a lot of Fox come away knowing a lot less about important world events. - Author: David Frum
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#10. Logic is a poor guide compared with custom. - Author: Winston Churchill
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#11. The curious hocus-pocus of criticism I can't take seriously. It consists in squirreling up some odd phrases and then waiting for a book to come running by. - Author: John Steinbeck
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#12. Your life story is really about how the hands of history caught you up, played with you, and you with them. History plays for keeps. Individuals play for time. - Author: Gregory Maguire
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#13. I think there are a lot of technocrats in the business who would much rather work with just wheels and gears and machinery. Those things interest them more than humanity and I wish them the best of luck. - Author: Ron Perlman
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#14. I learned that when you can turn a presentation into a conversation, you have won the battle of converting a client; and second, I learned that the real Carla was my best competitive weapon and my key personal advantage. - Author: Carla Harris
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#15. Experience does not err; only your judgments err by expecting from her what is not in her power. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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