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Top 18 Spud Novel Quotes

#1. It felt like my teeth were sweating. Eoin Colfer's The Legend of Spud Murphy - Author: Eoin Colfer
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#2. Sooner or later, clockwork requires each piece to accept its nature or break. Hearts are no different. - Author: Robert Appleton
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#3. Ah remember walkin along Princes Street wi Spud, we both hate walkin along that hideous street, deadened by tourists and shoppers, the twin curse ay modern capitalism. - Author: Irvine Welsh
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#4. When higher beings allow us to see them, that's the very moment we begin to be one of them. - Author: Toba Beta
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#5. But I now entered on my fifteenth year - a sad epoch in the life of a slave girl. My master began to whisper foul words in my ear. Young as I was, I could not remain ignorant of their import. - Author: Harriet Ann Jacobs
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#6. Rub a half potato on your wart
and wrap it in a damp cloth. Close
your eyes and whirl three times and throw.
Then bury rag and spud exactly where they fall. - Author: Richard Hugo
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#7. Only Christianity and its teachings can explain the purpose and meaning of this world
and also gives the basis for right and wrong, good and evil, etc. - Author: Ken Ham
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#8. I'm very thankful to players like John Stockton and Spud Webb. They've made it possible for someone like me to make it. I think teams are actually looking for one player under 6-feet now, because they make things happen. - Author: Scott Brooks
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#9. What does love mean if we would deny it to others? - Author: DaShanne Stokes
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#10. I think that the beauty of 'Spud' is that everyone can connect to the character of Spud in so many ways. It's about real experiences that happen to kids all the time. - Author: Troye Sivan
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#11. The last void stone I'd worn was a beautiful black stone caught in vines of copper and silver. It looked like a necklace, a piece of art, really. This thing was spud-ugly. - Author: Devon Monk
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#12. Tristan glanced my way and grinned. Lifting our hands, he brushed a feathery kiss across my skin. "What's got you so quiet, Spud?"

My knuckles tingled where his lips touched. "Oh, you."

His smile deepened. "Well, then carry on. - Author: Angela McPherson
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#13. It was a great idea from my teammate Jamal Crawford. He kept telling me to jump over Spud, so we decided to call him and he was more than willing to participate with me. I just thank God for him. - Author: Nate Robinson
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#14. What kind of parents willingly name their kid Spud? They should be arrested for douchebaggery. - Author: Katie Kacvinsky
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#15. Some people think I look like a sweet potato, I consider myself a spud with a heart of gold. - Author: Shirley Maclaine
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#16. You are not listening to a word I am saying ... and I am making the most delightful plans for your future. - Author: Oscar Wilde
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#17. ... Dexter the sofa spud ... - Author: Jeff Lindsay
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#18. Foolish potato, talking to her like that won't work. You've got to be mean and show off your foil-wrapped rigidity. - Author: Michael Diack
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