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#1. Japanese people wouldn't come up with ideas of blood splattering all over. Japanese focus more on the intricacies of the actions, the motion. - Author: Satoshi Tajiri
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#2. I know everyone else on board did similarly unheralded, unobtrusively helpful things. We've all fixed the toilet in space (it breaks down regularly). We've all wiped jam off the walls (it has a way of floating off your toast and splattering everywhere). - Author: Chris Hadfield
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#3. My world was a sunny sky before him, a pretty picture my mother drew for me, and he painted it all black with the truth, splattering it with red from the bloodshed. - Author: J.M. Darhower
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#4. We blended and look to what it has brought us.
I planted lilies on your grave. The rain is already splattering them with dripping dew.
May they last another hundred years, Gerard.
A hundred years of lilies. - Author: Carmen Dominique Taxer
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#5. We stepped carefully, so softly, over thorny plants. The dust had turned to mud, splattering our shoes, socks, and legs. By the time we reached the boat, our clothes were clinging to our flesh and stained with the bloody remains of mosquitoes. - Author: Mia Kirshner
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#6. She didn't know if this excitement was fueled by her ambition to find out something that nobody else knew. Or by the anticipation of finding out. - Author: Antonia Michaelis
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#7. I felt as I did once when Rose had very bad toothache - that it was callous of me to be so separate from the pain, that just being sorry for suffering people isn't enough. - Author: Dodie Smith
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#8. I did a movie called Marathon Man and it was one of my best memories. - Author: Dustin Hoffman
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#9. Oslo is a city with a hidden beauty that I wanted to explore and find out if it was possible to capture the specific feeling of bicycling home from a party early in the morning just as the sun is coming up. - Author: Joachim Trier
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#10. I don't get you people. You watch the Godfather on television and tons of people are getting shot and stabbed to death, blood splattering everywhere and it is entertaining. But, when they killed a horse, people were outraged. - Author: Mario Stinger
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#11. All too rarely do I hear people asking just what it is that we've done to make so many children's hearts so hard, or what collectively we might do to right their moral compass - what values we must live by. - Author: Barack Obama
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#12. she was curious to track down that bird, if only to see that it was free. Or, perhaps more accurately, to know that she was free from that desperate search for identity that had imprisoned her. She was now complete, just as she was. So - Author: Ted Dekker
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#13. Maybe talking's just not your thing," Emily said gently, suddenly acutely aware of his discomfort. "Maybe it's screaming or kicking things or... splattering paint against a wall or fucking, or I don't know - any of a million things. - Author: Laila Blake
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#14. Again his memory failed to conjure her face. It was like trying to call up a melody while another song played. - Author: Laini Taylor
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#15. Buying a car used to be an experience so soul-scorching, so confidence-splattering, so existentially rattling that an entire car company was based on the promise that you wouldn't have to come in contact with it. - Author: Susan Orlean
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#16. In any case, we do not and cannot understand what magic is, or where it comes from, any more than a carpenter understands why a tree grows. He doesn't have to. He works with what he has. - Author: Lev Grossman
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#17. Few seem to be able to eat a turkey leg at Disneyland without splattering tsunami scale grease, so grab plenty of napkins or wear a bib, tablecloth or scuba suit. - Author: Leslie Le Mon
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#18. You can make your superhero a psychopath, you can draw gut-splattering violence, and you can call it a "graphic novel," but comic books are still incredibly stupid. - Author: Bill Watterson
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#19. Whats a gonzotic frenzy? Well its me in the throes of an ink splattering attempt to capture the feeling I have at that particular time. - Author: Ralph Steadman
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#20. When I was running Atari, violence against humanoid figures was not allowed. We'd let you shoot at a tank ... but we drew the line at shooting at people, with blood splattering everywhere. - Author: Nolan Bushnell
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#21. Kids audience is a brilliant audience. If you've got an audience of adults standing up and clapping, or you've got an audience of kids standing up and clapping, I know which one I'd choose. - Author: James McAvoy
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#22. No, I'm not ever letting you go." His words were raw with emotion. "I'll let you leave here right now, but I'm not giving up on you. I'll pursue you like I've never pursued anything in my life. I'll fight until you have no choice but to believe that I love you with everything I am. - Author: Laurelin Paige
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#23. I don't watch TV. Only while I'm doing it do I see it, really. So I don't know anything. I only know old reggae artists. So that's my thing. Old reggae artists and martial arts. - Author: Greg Cipes
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#24. Let family worship be short, savory, simple, plain, tender, heavenly. - Author: Richard Cecil
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#25. But it must be nice working with other people." I ventured. "Sharing the responsibility, I mean. A play's a big thing, right?" "Yes, I suppose so. You have to share the glory, but at least when the shit hits the fan, it's a collective splattering, I guess." I - Author: Ruth Ware
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#26. Even more blood welled up and spilled down his arm, splattering onto the ground.
"Camille's carpet," Magnus protested.
"It's blood," said Will. "She ought to be thrilled. - Author: Cassandra Clare
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#27. I chose surgery because I thought that perhaps this would make me more like the kind of person I wanted to be. - Author: Atul Gawande
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#28. City's just a jungle; more games to play Trapped in the heart of it, tryin' to get away I was raised in the country, I been workin' in the town I been in trouble ever since I set my suitcase down - Author: Bob Dylan
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