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#1. Chief Keef makes me proud that there are other young niggas out there who are about that code. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#2. He knoweth nothing as he ought to know it, who thinketh he knoweth anything without seeing its place and the manner how it relateth to God, angels, and men, and to all the creatures in earth, heaven and hell, time and eternity. - Author: Thomas Traherne
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#3. You're either living on purpose or living accidentally, so live ON purpose WITH purpose! - Author: Ken Donaldson
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#4. I was born a Christian, but I became an atheist back in high school because I just started losing faith. I'd lost my brother and best friend, Nadarius. I couldn't get a job. But I do feel like there is a higher power now, and it's inside of me. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#5. Like man himself, who is the only one not to know his own glance, the [Eiffel] Tower is the only blind point f the total optical system of which it is the center and Paris the circumference. - Author: Roland Barthes
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#6. If you just keep giving constantly, if you don't really take thought of your own welfare and your own awareness, but just give, beyond exhaustion - then your life will always be a constant progression. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#7. Economically considered, war and revolution are always bad business. - Author: Ludwig Von Mises
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#8. Amber London is a political rapper, a preaching rapper who speaks true facts and not just nonsense. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#9. In Miami, there's nothing going on. Everybody's depressed; everybody's trying to get jobs, feed their families. At three in the morning you see the fiends just walking around, ready to eat. Evil spirits lurking. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#10. I love you " she whispered raising her face for his kiss "but if you touch me today I will kill you where you stand. - Author: Gia Dawn
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#11. To me, Miami is like Hell and I'm Osiris when it comes to music - I'm underrated and I came through with this rare sound. "East" means east of Miami, which is South Beach. So I'm the "Osiris of the East", I became my own god in music, and I took over South Beach. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#12. It's odd to see a black person painting his nails in Miami, especially in the hip-hop community. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#13. My main goal as a songwriter is to make something that inspires people. To write things about my life that people can relate to. Whether it's a whole record or just one song for someone, I hope it can do that for them. Knowing that I have the ability to do that is inspiring to me. - Author: Kate Voegele
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#14. To those whose talents are above mediocrity, the highest subjects may be announced. To those who are below mediocrity, the highest subjects may not be announced. - Author: Confucius
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#15. I'm gonna be real - there's no female rappers in the game. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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#16. Our lives are like books, Hunter. Each day is a new page - each year, a new chapter. Just like books, our lives end; but our stories ... those are never forgotten. We live on in the hearts and thoughts of those who loved us. - Author: M.S. Willis
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#17. We must develop as quickly as possible technologies that make possible a direct connection between brain and computer, so that artificial brains contribute to human intelligence rather than opposing it. - Author: Stephen Hawking
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#18. As to women, I agree that each has three or four souls, but none of them a reasoning one. - Author: Henryk Sienkiewicz
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#19. I didn't want to sign with A$AP Worldwide at the time because I was going through some personal things and I had to go back home to my mother in Miami. I also just wanted to feel independent as a man. - Author: SpaceGhostPurrp
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