Top 11 Soul Plane Movie Quotes

#1. Lady Catherine quoting Lizzie Bennet:
She had the impudence to reply that, whilst these would be heavy misfortunes, your wife must have such extraordinary sources of happiness necessarily attached to her situation, that she could, upon the whole, have no cause to repine.

Janet Aylmer

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#2. Jesus had two Dads and he turned out okay.

River Jaymes

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#3. Thoughts don't have time and space, one need to hold them. The one who succeeds at them becomes a writer.

Santosh Avvannavar

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#4. I just don't know how to date.

Jennie Garth

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#5. As in nature, politics abhors a vacuum. Without a strong voice for more moderate leadership, the Tea Party is filling that vacuum.

Mark McKinnon

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#6. Since I was about seven, I've loved cooking. I'd wake up at five in the morning and make cinnamon rolls and all these different things.

Jane Chen

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#7. Some people like to look at pictures of themselves before they lost weight. I don't particularly care for that. Whenever I was overweight, it was a very sad time in my life.

Richard Simmons

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#8. The gopis seek Krishna, another part of themselves that create ecstasy. The man seeks the woman, the woman seeks the man. The Tantric Buddhist seeks annihilation of the ego.

Frederick Lenz

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#9. Choose your friends and mates, not by the money in their bank account, creed, ethnicity, or color; instead, choose character, actions, heart, and soul. When we bleed, we bleed the same color.

Ana Monnar

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#10. That she lived a lie. That she wasn't the good girl everyone believed her to be, wanted her to be.

Lacey Alexander

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#11. I love the Beatles. Now I know I'm a good few decades late on this one, but I've always been behind the curve.

Alfred Enoch

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