Top 7 Solicitously Quotes

#1. Obviously no one has ever cautioned you against pricking the vanity of proud men or wild animals; neither is completely predictable."
"And which of those categories do you fit into?"
"I'll leave the choice solely to your discretion," he mused and bowed solicitously.

Marsha Canham

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#2. Pray, what's the nature of his trouble?" Prudence asked solicitously.
"Oh, cursed bad news, my boy. That old aunt of his from whom he has expectations has rallied, and they say she'll last another ten years. Poor old Devereux, y'know! Must try and raise his spirits.

Georgette Heyer

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#3. I see through my eyes, not with them.

William Blake

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#4. Even the bravest of us loath war, and those who long for it are the most dangerous.

Emory R. Frie

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#5. The guy you've been seeing, the one you were all so secret-squirrel about, was my dad?" Cooper nodded. "Yes." "Oh, fucking hell," Ryan squeaked. "The one you said sucked dick like a Dyson?

N.R. Walker

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#6. I think one thing I've learned, as dorky and obvious as this sounds: People who like cool books are usually really cool people.

Kevin Sampsell

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#7. If I blew my nose the Daily Express and the Daily Mail would say that I am trying to spread germ warfare.

Ken Livingstone

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