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Top 14 Soeur Quotes

#1. When it comes to your dreams, every risk is worth it.

Joel Brown

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#2. What does it mean to be an individual? What does it mean to flourish?

Leon Kass

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#3. Writers don't care what they eat. They just care what you think of them

Louise Fitzhugh

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#4. Count Basie practically adopted me at 13. We became closer and closer and I ended up conducting for him and Sinatra.

Quincy Jones

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#5. Alas, the human mind is a perverse, uncontrollable organ,

Sophie Hannah

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#6. Obsessing over something that has jarred your world is called coping.

Richelle E. Goodrich

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#7. Feelings have their own special names. The more names you know, the more you can understand your feelings and tell other people about them. And the more you can stick up for yourself. Names are like handles for our feelings. Knowing

Gershen Kaufman

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#8. When I saw all those other drivers, I realized that they wanted to win that money just as much as I did. But I didn't have to worry. A tire came off my car and I was lucky I got it off the track.

Buck Baker

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#9. I can't remember writing any of the songs that I've written.

Fiona Apple

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#10. There's nothing more important on our spiritual path than developing gentleness to oneself.

Pema Chodron

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#11. I'm like Madonna: I'm Ming-Na. Just my first and middle name. That's it. Pure and simple.

Ming-Na Wen

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#12. Certes, je sortirai quant a' moi satisfait D'un monde o u' l'action n'est pas la soeur du re ve. Indeed, for my part, I shall be happy to leave A world where action is not sister to the dream.

Charles Baudelaire

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#13. Never trust a decision you don't want your mother to know about.

Abby Johnson

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#14. Good profits simply are not inconsistent with good behavior.

Warren Buffett

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