Top 13 Snork Quotes

#1. Pearls' burst out the Snork Maiden excitedly. 'Could ankle rings be made out of pearls?'
'I should think they could,' said Moomintoll. 'Ankle-rings, and nose-rings and ear-rings and engagement rings ...

Tove Jansson

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#2. It looks rather ordinary," said the Snork. "Unless you consider that a top hat is always somewhat extraordinary, of course.

Tove Jansson

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#3. Happiness doesn't come from money and material things, but from the self-expression they can offer you.

Randy Gage

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#4. If God has nothing better to do than punish schoolgirls for a bit of tomfoolery, then I've no use for God.

Libba Bray

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#5. Fredrika Bimm, what do you think you're doing?"
"Freaking out. Losing my mind. Thinking about snapping your husband's spine. Squashing the urge to vomit. Wishing I had died at childbirth."
"Oh, you say that when you don't get a prize in your Lucky Charms.

MaryJanice Davidson

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#6. Advances don't fundamentally interest me. It sounds terribly naive, but money doesn't really mean anything to me. If a lot of money came my way, I'm certainly not going to say no. But it hasn't come my way as yet, and I'm not heartbroken.

Upamanyu Chatterjee

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#7. If you look at our records, I stood up to corporate America time and time again. I went to Mexico. I saw the lives of people who were working in American factories and making $0.25 an hour.

Bernie Sanders

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#8. I just want to live each moment, but it's kind of hard to do that when you are asked to analyze yourself constantly. But it's also good in that you are forced to think about things that you don't ordinarily think about. I think it's strange.

Alexis Bledel

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#9. I was always told at school I was posh, then I came to London, and here I'm told I have a country accent.

Jessica Raine

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#10. Oh, my friends, be warned by me, That breakfast, dinner, lunch and tea, Are all human frame requires.

Hilaire Belloc

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#11. In the police's defense, the Riot aren't wearing their cuts, but I'm disappointed. The Riot watching the store are big names and we know them by face and road name in order to stay safe. I'd think the police would have done their homework, especially with Violet's life on the line.

Katie McGarry

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#12. There are people who don't like to use other films as research, but I love it.

Mark Bridges

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#13. They're humanity writ small, and many of them haven't learned how to hide, how to pretend to know things they don't know, how to doubt the things they want to believe in.

Michelle Sagara

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