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Top 16 Sling Blade Quotes

#1. I have a hard time with extreme imagery. Like I can't watch horror movies or anything like that. - Author: Panda Bear
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#2. All things are divine. And yet, we pick and choose among them what's appropriate. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#3. The question is not what was different about Bathsheba. The difference was what had become different about David. - Author: Johnny Hunt
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#4. Is politics nothing other than the art of deliberately lying? - Author: Voltaire
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#5. Who says that big-budget films are safer than mid-range films? In terms of return on investment, I'd rather have 'Sling Blade' and 'Shine' than 'Volcano.' - Author: Sidney Sheinberg
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#6. True prayer is not a prelude to inaction. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#7. What if we could make energy do our work without working our undoing? - Author: Amory Lovins
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#8. Prejudice is opinion without judgement. - Author: Voltaire
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#9. There's definitely, definitely, definitely, no logic to human behaviour ... There's no map And a compass Wouldn't help at all - Author: Bjork
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#10. I don't want to put words in Geithner's mouth, but I think he is generally against the revolving door of government officials taking jobs with companies that they have overseen or in roles that involve lobbying. At minimum, I'm pretty sure he felt that way about himself. - Author: Andrew Ross Sorkin
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#11. When I was a kid, award shows were super-interesting for me. But when I started making music, it was kind of hard to watch because I believed in what I was doing and yet knew I didn't really have a shot. - Author: Wesley Schultz
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#12. People think I would never take on a team that has no legitimate chance to win a championship, This is one of the major misconceptions about me. Success can be measured in many different ways ... Either way, I would find the challenge invigorating. - Author: Phil Jackson
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#13. Heavy role in the movies that I've done that I have loved and fit my soul; A Simple Plan, Monster's Ball, Sling Blade, One False Move, Bad Santa even. I mean Bad Santa is a comedy, and it's a very dark comedy, and it's become like iconic, you know. - Author: Billy Bob Thornton
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#14. Because all is lost, there is nothing to lose - Author: Alan W. Watts
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#15. A life worth having is a life worth taking. - Author: V.E Schwab
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#16. We should not allow wealthy people, including corporate criminals, to hide their assets and avoid paying their bills. - Author: Jim Talent
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