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Top 10 Singapore Airlines Quotes

#1. The fact is Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, Singapore, Garuda, all of the three Chinese airlines, Air New Zealand - the fact is that international aviation relies very much upon agreements between nation-states, and it is not an area in which you have free market operations. - Author: Anthony Albanese
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#2. Without you my air tastes like nothing. For you I hold my breath. - Author: Mary Szybist
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#3. Our bottom line, if you want to call it a red line, president's bottom line has been that Iran will not acquire a nuclear weapon and we will take no option off the table to ensure that it does not acquire a nuclear weapon, including the military option. - Author: Susan Rice
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#4. I'm a lesbian." "No, you're not." "Right, but the chances are better for me to become a lesbian than for me to have sex with you. - Author: Jamie McGuire
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#5. Methods of thought which claim to give the lead to our world in the name of revolution have become, in reality, ideologies of consent and not of rebellion. - Author: Albert Camus
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#6. There's no question that Whale's movies are classics. They were wonderful, and successful. - Author: Bill Condon
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#7. You're going through the horror of it, you're going through the isolation of it but you're being empowered by reminding yourself that you're connected to everybody else. - Author: Adam Arkin
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#8. My new private flying job was a real eye opener. - Author: K.C. Barnard
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#9. I am where God wills me to be, and so I have found rest and security. His wisdom governs me, His power defends me, His grace sanctifies me, His mercy encompasses me, His joy sustains me and all will go well with me. - Author: Rose Philippine Duchesne
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#10. It was a magnificent setting in a remote part of the world. My kind of place. - Author: Brian Hancock
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