Top 13 Shrivatsa Yoga Quotes

#1. I've had a long career and I want to continue to have a long career. The way to do that is not to go away.

Chris Cornell

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#2. If you look at some of the people in the Hall of Fame, my numbers are compatible.

Rickey Henderson

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#3. We can see the Divine in each speck of dust, but that doesn't stop us from wiping it away with a wet sponge. The Divine doesn't disappear; it's transformed into the clean surface.

Paulo Coelho

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#4. Stuxnet, a computer worm reportedly developed by the United States and Israel that destroyed Iranian nuclear centrifuges in attacks in 2009 and 2010, is often cited as the most dramatic use of a cyber weapon.

Barton Gellman

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#5. Please remember, no matter how hard it seems and no matter how badly you feel you can always become courageous.

Abeba Habtu

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#6. Terrorism is about Culture, not Religion.

A.E. Sawan

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#7. Given the chance to throw off a brutal dictator like Saddam Hussein, people will rejoice.

Ari Fleischer

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#8. Diego looked at me and saw me. No one had seen me since Jesse.

Shaun David Hutchinson

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#9. It is wise to persuade people to do things and make them think it was their own idea.

Nelson Mandela

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#10. Comedians are a much rarer and far more valuable commodity than all the gold and precious stones in the world.

Groucho Marx

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#11. Instead of adapting, their leaders clung to power and strove instead to be the last ones to starve to death. The Mayan civilization in South America did the same, and I expect our own civilization will do likewise.

Daniel Suarez

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#12. I still remember "the mighty Cros" visiting the ranch in his van. That van was a rolling laboratory that made Jack Casady's briefcase look like chicken feed. Forget I said that! Was my mic on?

Neil Young

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#13. Knowing the plumbing of the universe, intricate and awe-inspiring though that plumbing might be, is a far cry from discovering its purpose.

Gerald Schroeder

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