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#1. Ampere was the Newton of Electricity. - Author: James C. Maxwell
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#2. The same wind that blows down your house shakes berries from the bushes. - Author: Marci Ridlon
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#3. I could be anything but for the faults that I've acquired on my way. - Author: Matchbox 20
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#4. Almost all the students who make it to Caltech, one of the best scientific universities in the world, come from public schools. So it can be done.
- Author: Thomas L. Friedman
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#5. There is a German proverb which says that Take-it-Easy and Live-Long are brothers. - Author: Christian Nestell Bovee
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#6. Her teenage daughter was sprouting like a tree, blooming every day into another variation of who she would someday become. Moods twisted her up and left her looking sometimes like a girl who'd just washed up onshore, unable to quite remember who she was and who she wanted to be. Kate - Author: Kristin Hannah
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#7. I really don't care if people know who I am or what's said about me. - Author: Haley Joel Osment
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#8. There was little that was truly original or indigenous to Gilead. Its genius was synthesis. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#9. Early on in my career I had the kind of anxious where you couldn't sleep at night. That anxiousness is like a virus we all have in us. Some you can deal with but some will wipe you out. - Author: Bernard Hopkins
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#10. Men=earthbound creatures, living in communities, endowed with common sense, sensus communis, a community sense; not autonomous, needing each other's company even for thinking ("freedom of the pen")=first part of the Critique of Judgment: aesthetic judgment. - Author: Hannah
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#11. Rarus enim ferme sensus communis in illa Fortuna."
["Generally common sense is rare in that (higher) rank."] - Author: Juvenal
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#12. When computers (people) are networked, their power multiplies geometrically. Not only can people share all that information inside their machines, but they can reach out and instantly tap the power of other machines (people), essentially making the entire network their computer. - Author: Scott McNealy
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#13. The eye transmits its own image through the air to all the objects which face it, and also receives them on its own surface, whence the "sensus communis" takes them and considers them. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#14. Why don't people believe us when we say we're simply in love? - Author: John Lennon
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#15. The deficit - the U.S. knows our deficit is too large. We are committed to bringing it down. We are bringing it down. The deficit came in for fiscal year '05 at considerably below where it was the prior year. - Author: John W. Snow
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#16. A story should be managed so that it should suggest interesting things to the reader instead of the author's doing all the thinking for him, and setting it before him in black and white. - Author: Sarah Orne Jewett
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#17. New York means so much to people. If you're inclined to leave the nest, New York is where most people think they have to go, and it's been that way since the first skyscraper. - Author: Griffin Dunne
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#18. Every time we choose courage we make everyone around us a little better and the world a little braver. And our world could stand to be a little braver and a little kinder. - Author: Brene Brown
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