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Top 15 Sensationalistic Quotes

#1. Since there is no final destination, do your best to fall in love with the journey. - Author: Rachel Alexandria
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#2. Before you make a friend, eate a bushell of salt with him.
[Before you make a friend, eat a bushel of salt with him.] - Author: George Herbert
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#3. The Drop's unpredictability is organic rather than sensationalistic. The movie doesn't pull surprises out of thin air for the sole purpose of shocking an audience - it lets them develop naturally. - Author: James Berardinelli
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#4. Ideas do not need weapons. - Author: Fidel Castro
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#5. I believe the world to be a muffin pan, and there certainly are a lot of muffins here. - Author: Aaron Funk
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#6. The thing about growing old is that when you wake up with a new pain, you can just about count on it becoming a permanent part of your life! - Author: Marjorie Pay Hinckley
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#7. Anyone who's promoting the exact diet that they were in previous years probably isn't keeping up with the latest science, though in general, the balance of evidence has remained remarkably consistent - centering one's diet around whole plant foods. - Author: Michael Greger
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#8. I believe I'm not in the press, just in terms of being photographed and paparazzi all the time, or looking for that sensationalistic type of side or anything like that, so I keep things very quiet. - Author: Dwayne Johnson
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#9. I wish I were brave enough to go after him. Maybe ask him to grab a coffee. Or dinner. Or brunch - wait, do people our age even have brunch? - Author: Elle Kennedy
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#10. Jesus wanted the twelve leaders to remember the example He left just hours before crucifixion. He wanted them to understand that the servant spirit is critical to the development of spiritual leaders. - Author: Teresa Hampton
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#11. In New York, you couldn't wish for a nicer audience, or in L.A., Chicago, Boston. But when you get into secondary markets, they don't have a clue. - Author: Bryan Ferry
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#12. I believe that every life , irrespective of its events and setting, holds
something of unique value, which it should be possible to communicate, if
only one can first see one's experiences honestly and then set them down
without too much dressing-up - Author: Iris Origo
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#13. It has been my exprience that repetitive nights of exposure to the kundalini energy followed by longer periods of reflection and pyschic networking create the fastest transitions in awareness. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#14. Whistleblowing and publishing should not be seen as a crime and certainly not as terrorism. - Author: Sara Harrison
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#15. Hawaii is #1 in teen suicide and in homeless kids per capita. Incredible but true. We can change it using the power of IT education. - Author: David Gaynes
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