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#1. There are far more failures in the world due to a collapse of will than there will ever be from objectively conclusive external events. - Author: Ryan Holiday
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#2. Doormats. It was true that actors had a perception, an understanding of human motive, that normal people lacked. It had nothing to do with intelligence, and very little to do with education. - Author: Josephine Tey
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#3. There can be no doubt that a society rooted in the soil is more stable than
one rooted in pavements. - Author: Aldo Leopold
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#4. Falsehood often lurks upon the tongue of him, who, by self-praise, seeks to enhance his value in the eyes of others. - Author: Arnold Bennett
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#5. When I came out, I said, 'I'm going to be a proud gay artist.' I'm not going to be Melissa Etheridge. But she's a goddess! - Author: Mary Lambert
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#6. Slow travel now rivals the fly-to-Barcelona-for-lunch culture. Advocates savour the journey, travelling by train or boat or bicycle, or even on foot, rather than crammed into an airplane. They take time to plug into the local culture instead of racing through a list of tourist traps. - Author: Carl Honore
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#7. Americans just love convening. They are a convention-happy country and they love to get together to talk. - Author: Marcus Buckingham
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#8. What he'd never understood about men in his position, in all the books he'd read and movies he'd seen about them, was clearer to him now: you couldn't keep expecting wholehearted love without, at some point, requiting it. There was no credit to be earned for simply being good. - Author: Jonathan Franzen
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#9. A multichild household is a pit of petty jealousies, this I knew, and the Nash children were panicking at the idea of competing not just with one another, but with a dead sister. They had my sympathies. - Author: Gillian Flynn
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#10. Sin is too great an evil for man to meddle with. His attempts to remove it do but increase it, and his endeavours to approach God in spite of it aggravate his guilt. - Author: Horatius Bonar
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#11. Acting is a very strange industry in that it flows in these weird ways, I'll be so busy for 6 months and then nothing for a couple months, so it's hard for me to focus and stuff. - Author: Alia Shawkat
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#12. I don't mind talking about my family and how to balance it all. But, in today's world, we should probably be asking both women and men about work and family and how to balance the two. - Author: Kelli O'Hara
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#13. I began demonstrating against serious culture. In hindsight, the actual course of events has been very humiliating for me, because no one picked up on the intellectual critique I made. - Author: Henry Flynt
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#14. My words, my writing, my actions - these have never been for myself alone, either directly or indirectly. There is no such thing as an artist who creates art only for himself. That is masturbation. - Author: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
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