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#1. Hatred or disliking for someone is something that doesn't come easily but once it comes, it make sure not to leave your heart and mind and stay there either for ever or a long time. - Author: Shivam Singh
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#2. A school morning is usually a pretty hectic time in any household. - Author: Tamra Davis
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#3. Love: A term which has no meaning if defined. - Author: John Ralston Saul
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#4. When a clumsy cloud from here, meets a fluffy little cloud from there, he billows towards her. She scurries away, and he scuds right up to her. She cries a little, and there you have your showers. He comforts her, they spark! That's the lightning. They kiss........Thunder. - Author: Fred Astaire
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#5. Anything is possible - even the most far-fetched idea can come to being through a series of seemingly small decisions and actions. - Author: Kandyse McClure
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#6. I will remain on the throne until I fall off. - Author: Margrethe II Of Denmark
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#7. I've always loved to read. But sometimes I go for a year without reading, because I forget to. - Author: Norah Jones
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#8. Yes. Can you print these pictures and make sure the others have copies? Particularly Barry. He's Locator in Chief on this one." "I'll do it right now. I'm packing a Fujitsu ScanSnap. Great little on-the-go machine. - Author: Stephen King
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#9. But you will understand by yourselves that the matter applies equally well to the organization of the officials of justice, of administrative officials, etc; these are likewise organized instruments of power in certain societies. - Author: Ferdinand Lassalle
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#10. My thoughts are my company; I can bring them together, select them, detain them, dismiss them. - Author: Walter Savage Landor
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#11. The only map of your right life is written on your soul at its most peaceful, and the only sure compass is your heart at its most open. - Author: Martha Beck
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#12. The more inventory a company has, the less likely they will have what they need. - Author: Taiichi Ohno
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#13. Archer reddened to the temples but dared not move or speak: it was as if her words had been some rare butterfly that the least motion might drive off on startled wings, but that might gather a flock if it were left undisturbed. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#14. I've been in love with the cinema since childhood and it's a fantasy of mine to appear in a Hollywood movie. - Author: Bruno Tonioli
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