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Top 10 Scientifical Quotes

#1. I don't see how people are comfortable with seeing other people be great. You can be happy for anybody, but what is your excuse to not want to be great? These people are great because they just say, 'I'ma do that,' and they do it. That's it. There's no scientifical process. - Author: Kevin Hart
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#2. China is a big country, inhabited by many Chinese. - Author: Charles De Gaulle
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#3. Pauline had once said to me, after she was through the worst of her stunned unhappiness, that if you behave as if you are all right, then one day you will be. - Author: Nicci French
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#4. His hair was dark and his eyes were dark and he wore black leather gloves of the thinnest lambskin. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#5. I loved eating and I did put on weight. I never actually felt fat until I started going for castings, for auditions. - Author: Archie Panjabi
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#6. She'd never seen a monster like that before, had never heard of one in all the Lore. When she grappled with the question of what it was, her sharply honed scientifical mind deduced one answer: manbearpig. - Author: Kresley Cole
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#7. Braniac dumb-dumbs, bust the scientifical,
Approach to the course and the force is centrifugal.
Can you find your way through the lyrics that be catchin' 'em?
Throw another rhyme across the room, they be fetchin' 'em. - Author: Masta Ace
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#8. Are you eating it? Or is it eating you? - Author: Larry Cohen
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#9. We shall know that we have begun to speak true by an increased hunger for true-speaking; we shall have the whole hunger only after we have given ourselves the first taste of it. - Author: Laura Riding
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#10. When abandoned women follow their fleeing males with tear-stained faces, screaming you can't do this to me, they reveal that all that they have offered in the name of generosity and altruism has been part of an assumed transaction, in which they were entitled to a certain payoff. - Author: Germaine Greer
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