Top 15 Safeguarding Adults Quotes

#1. The criticism hurts sometimes and I worry about the effect on my family.

David Beckham

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#2. All my buddies over the years, like Kevin Costner and the guys - I see 'em go here, I see 'em go there - but I just do my work.

Jeff Fahey

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#3. I had never before seen somebody I admired understand what was expected of him, choose to act otherwise, and be happier for it. For the first time in my life I realized that it was possible to reinvent oneself.

Joel Derfner

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#4. A girl's love for her father. Immutable. Unbearable but unbreakable.

Kristin Hannah

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#5. I'm in that comfortable niche where I'm not that famous and sometimes people do need to put a barrier between them and their followers. When you're real famous you need to do that but I'm not that famous so I don't need that kind of barrier.

Tony Levin

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#6. Go find yourself first so you can also find me.

Jalaluddin Rumi

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#7. The unionists also for their part, want to minimise the potential for change, not only on the equality agenda but on the issues of sovereignty and ending the union.

Gerry Adams

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#8. Non-operational ideas are non-behavioral and subversive. The movement of thought is stopped at barriers which appear as the limits of Reason itself.

Herbert Marcuse

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#9. An angelfish priestess in anemone drag sat on a post and wished that she were a conch man.

Stepan Chapman

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#10. True listening is obedient listening. To listen to God is to obey Him.

Leanne Payne

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#11. Now I am more nearly a grown member of the human race..she thought she had never before had a chance to realize the strength human beings have, to endure;she loved and revered all those who had ever suffered, even those who had failed to endure

James Agee

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#12. And he sank into reverie, which lasted a long time.

Antoine De Saint-Exupery

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#13. When I'm not performing? I'm looking for the next big thing.


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#14. I would love to slap you right now, but I'm currently wielding a nine pound ball and I'm afraid that would be called murder.

Sara Wolf

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#15. There is no problem that doesn't have some underlying need for more optimism, stamina, resilience and collaboration. And games are, I believe, the best platform we have for providing that.

Jane McGonigal

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