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#1. The image of the scientist who puts the pursuit of truth before anything else has been shattered and replaced by a man on the make or a quasi-religious enthusiast who wants to prove his case at any cost. Science is becoming the tool of campaigning warfare, in which truth is the first casualty.

Paul Johnson

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#2. Feeling inferior is complex; being superior is easy.

Robert J. Braathe

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#3. I don't make threats. Only promises.

Sarah J. Maas

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#4. None of us had normal childhoods," Sloane said quietly. "If we had, we wouldn't be Naturals.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes

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#5. We pay homage to the people who came before, doing satires, like Mel Brooks; we're just carrying the torch.

Shawn Wayans

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#6. A sign warned her to keep a lookout for river otters, osprey - what the heck were osprey? - and bald eagles.

Jill Shalvis

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#7. We'll just be the kinds of girls who have boyfriends in college.

Gayle Forman

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#8. I can't describe what I'm feeling," she said. "To anyone.

Alice Sebold

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#9. Striving to convey to this beloved audience of one what was going on around me during those five years, I learned the power of language to map a life, to overcome a distance, to focus attention on what matters most.

Scott Russell Sanders

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#10. Truth is simply whatever you can bring yourself to believe.

Alice Childress

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#11. You ever wonder why people get out of bed in the morning? why do they bother? why not just drink turpentine?

Janet Fitch

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#12. Free will." Cam shrugged. "It's all the rage these days.

Lauren Kate

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