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#1. As a teenager, in my songbook, I used to script what my lighting would be like. I used to dance in my roo;, it was like putting myself in a trance, and making myself feel good about things, almost like a private ceremony of begging people to like you. - Author: Mika.
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#2. The ree the ra the ree the ra the roo. Lord, I mustn't lilt here. - Author: James Joyce
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#3. There's no value in doubting yourself. Accept your brilliance. - Author: Mo Ali
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#4. Eun Gi. Let's run away. I will go wherever you want. To where no one can find. Run away with me. Seo Eun Gi. - Author: Ma-Roo
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#5. Roo-ah-rooo-ahhh.
What's that?
It's the Cute Guy Alarm.
It sounds like a bird. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#6. I did it because I thought I could die quickly if I lived like that. I couldn't end my life, leaving behind my younger sister. I thought that if I lived that way I would get punished and end this crappy life early. But now I want to live. Because I have a reason to live. - Author: Ma-Roo
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#7. Risk can be greatly reduced by concentrating on only a few holdings. - Author: Warren Buffett
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#8. Eun Gi is lying. It means she doesn't believe me. It means she is angry at me. It means she can't forgive me. - Author: Ma-Roo
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#9. You don't look like the librarians I remember," he told her.
"We've changed. There was a whole press release issued about it, but we didn't get much media coverage. - Author: Susan Mallery
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#10. I have an irrepressible desire to live till I can be assured that the world is a little better for my having lived in it. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#11. God does not lie in our collective past, God lies in our collective future; the Garden of Eden is tomorrow, not yetsterday; the Golden Age lies down the road, not up it. - Author: Ken Wilber
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#12. Mom calls me Patch-a-roo and Patch-a-roo-ny. She usually croons these names to me or crows them as if she's imitating the rooster. I know this is a little odd, but I'm a really special dog. Of course, sometimes she calls me Stink-a-roo. - Author: Lea Beall
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#13. Stop punishing yourself if you scared of your memories with me. Don't do that ... Just stab me like this not you. It is only when you can stand on your feet that I can disappear with easy from your sight. - Author: Ma-Roo
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#14. If you really want to stab me do it without saying anything. - Author: Ma-Roo
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#15. After a few minutes there was a click on the line and a voice said in Farsi,"Goh Benares roo gahbret."
This roughly translated as: "May shit rain down upon your grave."
"Goozidam too chesmet," Tom replied.
"I fart in your eye. - Author: Mark Mills
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#16. Get over it, Roo. If you have friends who actually like you, you're popular enough. - Author: E. Lockhart
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#17. Farsi Couplet:
Agar firdaus bar roo-e zameen ast,
Hameen ast-o hameen ast-o hameen ast.

English Translation:
If there is a paradise on earth,
It is this, it is this, it is this - Author: Amir Khusrau
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#18. Stop changing the subject," Taylor snapped. "And think before you speak."
Roo pressed her lips together and then sighed. "How long do you want me to think?"
Niall let out a snort of laughter. - Author: Barbara Elsborg
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#19. Being Americans, we prosecute wars to win them, not to have reasonable response, not to have appropriate levels of retaliation. Our theory is you start bombing our cities; we're going to defeat you and make it impossible. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#20. February's so gloomy in this part of the world", said Mrs. de Roo, "don't you think? It's not so much a month as a twenty-eight day long Monday morning - Author: David Mitchell
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#21. > Roo-ah-rooo-ahhh.
>What's that?
>It's the Cute Guy Alarm.
> It sounds like a bird. - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#22. Love is ... what I gave you, Noona. That is love. After you lost it, you realized how precious it was. You're regretting it to the degree you could vomit blood. No matter what price you have to pay, you want to find it again. That is love, right, Noona? - Author: Ma-Roo
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#23. If I was the pope, I'd've made Mrs. de Roo a saint. On the spot. - Author: David Mitchell
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#24. Surrounded by people who love life, you love it too; surrounded by people who don't, you don't. - Author: Mignon McLaughlin
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#25. Just because an animal is large, it doesn't mean he doesn't want kindness; however big Tigger seems to be, remember that he wants as much kindness as Roo. - Author: A.A. Milne
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#26. There could be no snakes in Quintana Roo's garden.
Only later did I see that I had been raising her as a doll. - Author: Joan Didion
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#27. The more they evolved from monsters into angsty, sexy superheroes, the more the odds of a human being surviving an encounter with an angry vampire shrank to nothing. - Author: Jim C. Hines
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#28. Roo-coo-coo-coo! Roo-coo-coo-coo! - Author: Katherine Mansfield
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#29. The wounds I carry, she carries them too. The unshed tears in my head flow through her heart too . - Author: Ma-Roo
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#30. by the light of Gypsy fires, my sister and I came of age way too soon

our childhoods were swept away - Author: Roo Bardookie
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