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#1. Our job is not to find the peace or create peace, but to find and eliminate all the obstacles on the way to the peace.

Debasish Mridha

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#2. Where the guests at a gathering are well-acquainted, they eat 20 per cent more than they otherwise would.

E.W. Howe

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#3. Sometimes when I hear commentating, it's sickening. People who never played the game, people who never played in the league have an opinion, and that's all it is. You are here to educate the watcher or the viewer. Sometimes it comes off as personal.

Kevin Garnett

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#4. I absolutely believe that people, unless coached, never reach their maximum potential.

Robert Nardelli

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#5. Because Tyler isn't who I thought he was. And that means I'm not who I thought I was." I fought to keep my voice steady. "I know this might now make sense to you. But I have to put him back together. Or I can't put myself back together.

Danielle Mages Amato

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#6. But I will never forget you. I will always miss you.

Alessandra Torre

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#7. Fashionable debutantes in pastel chiffon party dresses wilt into leather club chairs like frosted petit fours melting under the July sun.

Libba Bray

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#8. To sit at a table with nourishing food in front of you and the people you love all around you yet not feel thankful reveals not only a lack of self worth but a certain degree of foolishness as well.

Kurt Michael Friese

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#9. Don't leave it all unsaid,
somewhere in the wasteland of your head.


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#10. Rick Santorum is the grandson of a coal miner. His dad was the manager of a V.A. hospital.

Foster Friess

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#11. I meditate so I know how to find a peaceful place within to be calm and peaceful.

Roseanne Barr

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#12. Any fool can write a test that helps them today. Good programmers write tests that help the entire team in the future.


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