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#1. Honor and duty will ride upon my shoulders till the day I die, like the old man of the sea, who once picked up can never be put dow. - Author: Simon R. Green
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#2. I'm a very lucky man. I get to do the thing I want most in life, write songs and sing them for people, and ride bikes. I love my family. I love my home. I get to work with people I've admired my whole life. It's a pretty good life. - Author: Lyle Lovett
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#3. I'm a first class passenger on the Spaceship Earth, and I got one ticket. And I gotta make the ride count, you know? And, as far as I figure, you can either take the service road or the scenic route. And, man, if I only have one ride, I want it to be beautiful.
84. Highway. - Author: Eric Bogosian
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#4. It took everything I had to bite back a little squee of excitement, because there's not a woman on earth who doesn't secretly want to ride off into the sunset with a bad man on a bike . - Author: Joanna Wylde
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#5. I'm supposed to be a man but I can't help thinking no one ever showed me what that is supposed to look like. Maybe that is why I ride the middle all the time - never offending anyone, never getting a hard time, but never much standing out either. - Author: Heather Duffy Stone
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#6. How empty life is and without meaning. - We bury a man, we follow him to the grave, we throw three spades of earth on him, we ride out in a coach, we ride home in a coach, we take comfort in the thought that a long life awaits us. But how long is threescore years and ten? Why not finish it at once? - Author: Soren Kierkegaard
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#7. It's easier for a rich man to ride that camel through the eye of a needle directly into the Kingdom of Heaven, than for some of us to give up our cell phone. - Author: Vera Nazarian
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#8. I'm a full grown man and I'm not tall enough to ride a rollercoaster. So I will sit on the teacups, eat my tea and biscuits and reminisce with the cheshire cat who lives in my head. Oh hello Mr. Cheshire, lovely weather this morning. Mr. Cheshire? Oh my god. - Author: Thom Yorke
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#9. Why give a horse to a man who cannot ride? - Author: George R R Martin
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#10. You don't trust any man, Ephani. (Danger)
And neither should you, little sister. Take a bit of Amazon advice. Ride him into the ground all night long, then slide a blade between his ribs come morning. (Ephani)
That's harsh. (Alexion)
So is life. (Ephani) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#11. A man must ride alternately on the horses of his private and his public nature. - Author: Ralph Waldo Emerson
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#12. If you ride a horse, sit close and tight, if you ride a man, sit easy and light. - Author: Benjamin Franklin
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#13. Tell me what I am to you." ... "Oh honey, you're the man I call when I need a ride. - Author: Kimberly Dean
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#14. Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can't ride you unless your back is bent. - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#15. Every present occasion will catch the senses of the vain man; and with that bridle and saddle you may ride him. - Author: Philip Sidney
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#16. It's the beard," I said to my friends matter-of-factly. "It makes me want to just climb up onto his face, hold onto his man-mane, and take a ride. Wait, did I just say that out loud? - Author: J.B. Hartnett
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#17. Whenever men and women straighten their backs up, they are going somewhere, because a man can't ride your back unless it is bent - Author: Martin Luther King Jr.
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#18. Saw the face of Robert Lee. Incredible eyes. An honest man, a simple man. Out of date. They all ride to glory, all the plumed knights. - Author: Michael Shaara
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#19. No one can ride on the back of a man unless it is bent. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#20. Celebrity? Oh man, I just thought it was a ride that was going to last forever and when it stopped, I didn't know what to do. - Author: Donny Osmond
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#21. Want to wear scarlet velvet and slippers and lace gloves and ride in a stage instead of wearing calluses on my hands driving a team like a man. It is not her fault. She is right. The Lord looks on the inside, although people look on the outside. That man is measuring cloth - Author: Nancy E. Turner
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#22. III Buffalo Bill's defunct who used to ride a watersmooth-silver stallion and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat Jesus he was a handsome man and what i want to know is how do you like your blueeyed boy Mister Death - Author: E. E. Cummings
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#23. Bump! Bump! Bump! Did you ever ride a wump? We have a Wump with just one hump. But, we know a man called Mr. Gump. Mr Gump has a seven hump Wump. So ... if you Bump! Bump! Just jump on the hump on the Wump of Gump. - Author: Dr. Seuss
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#24. I [Music] was born in the open air, in the breaks of waves and the whistling of sandstorms, the hoots of owls and the cackles of tui birds. I travel in echoes. I ride the breeze. I was forged in nature, rugged and raw. Only man shapes my edges to make me beautiful. [Chapter 2] - Author: Mitch Albom
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#25. My mother always told me the best way to learn to deal with a man was to learn to ride a mule. She said they have about equal brains most of the time. Sometimes the mule is smarter. - Author: Robert Jordan
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#26. When the mood takes me, I like to be a man of action. I like to windsurf and ski, and most of all I love to ride horses. The wilder and faster the better! - Author: Andrea Bocelli
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#27. When I was a kid ... if I couldn't get a ride to the comic book store, I would walk a mile and a half each way to get the latest issues of 'Batman' and 'Spider-Man' and 'X-Men.' I could not choose one over the other. - Author: Jarrett J. Krosoczka
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#28. Seems a lot of men never saw one such as me. A girl what could keep up and fight and ride and curse with the best of them. A girl what ain't trapped in some dress or some house or some bed. A girl what ain't waiting on some man to do what she ought to her own damn self. - Author: J.D. Jordan
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#29. Once a horse is broken to the saddle, any man can mount him", he said in a soft voice.. "Once a beast's been joined to a man, any skinchanger can slip inside of him and ride him. - Author: George R R Martin
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#30. I close my eyes and ride the mindless bliss. It's all I can do. Be. Feel. Live.
I'm Pri-ya again.
I always will be with this man. - Author: Karen Marie Moning
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#31. One of my favorites of all time was with Jim Jarmusch, called 'Dead Man.' I was in that with Johnny Depp. I ride really well, and I shoot a gun really well. I love the genre. Once I did Westerns, I was hooked. - Author: Lance Henriksen
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#32. According to Herodotus, the ancient Persians felt that what was necessary in the background of a young man entering adulthood was his ability to ride, shoot straight, and speak the truth. Perhaps we should now grant our college degrees to young men who measure up to that standard. - Author: Jeff Cooper
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