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#1. I drove through the stockyards of Texas on a motorcycle. It doesn't let you escape what surrounds you and what it smells like and feels like - and what hit me was the realization that something that was alive and had feelings will suffer before a piece of it is placed on our plates. - Author: James Cromwell
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#2. Family is more than DNA, more than who we used to be, more than we can imagine we will become. - Author: Regina Brett
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#3. I think a lot of people of my generation are discomfited by the assertion of neutrality in the mainstream media, this idea that they're the voice of God. I think it's just honest to say, yes, you know where I'm coming from but you can fact-check anything I say. - Author: Rachel Maddow
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#4. Being a warrior is not about the act of fighting, it's about being so prepared to face a challenge and believing so strongly in a cause that you are fighting for that you refuse to quit. - Author: Richard Machowicz
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#5. It is better to be the cause of an effect rather than be the effect that was caused. - Author: Richard Machowicz
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#6. One death to a man is a serious thing: a dozen neutralize one another. - Author: Richard Francis Burton
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#7. Discussion is impossible with someone who claims not to seek the truth, but already to possess it. - Author: Romain Rolland
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#8. When you're an artist, you have to hope for everything and expect nothing. - Author: Darren Criss
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#9. Changing one's mind about human nature is hard work, and changing one's mind for the worse about oneself is even harder. Nisbett - Author: Daniel Kahneman
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#10. You are capable of more than you ever thought. - Author: Richard Machowicz
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#11. A man can be beaten in two ways, if he gives up or he dies. - Author: Richard Machowicz
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#12. Do not get attatched to the world as it is. Because the world is changing something new is coming. - Author: Jerry Weintraub
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#13. We actually don't know the function of sleep all that well yet, but sleep is a time of quiescence in the brain. - Author: Shelby Harris
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#14. If you need a miracle, be a miracle. - Author: Phillip C. McGraw
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#15. People can be motivated to creativity simply with the instruction to "be creative." - Author: Richard Saul Wurman
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#16. We hear the word Warrior used to describe women and men who show up, give their very best, and refuse to quit until the goal is reached. - Author: Richard Machowicz
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#17. I didn't know you well at all. Only, when you spoke, I seemed to see clear into you, into the center. - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin
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#18. Those things which I am saying now may be obscure, yet they will be made clearer in their proper place. - Author: Nicolaus Copernicus
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