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Top 14 Reyn's Quotes

#1. Wall Street people learn nothing and forget everything. - Author: Benjamin Graham
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#2. For God's sake, even her parents no longer read Dostoyevsky--haven't they suffered enough, they would say; after thirty years of communism, didn't they DESERVE Danielle Steele? - Author: Irina Reyn
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#3. It may just be because I get homesick, but I have concluded Washington's cherry blossoms are just plain overrated. - Author: Newt Gingrich
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#4. Smoky, if there's one thing I am, it's adaptable. - Author: Jessica Khoury
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#5. What?" I wanted to climb him like a tree. - Author: Cate Tiernan
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#6. Read yourself, not books. Truth isn't outside, that's only memory, not wisdom. Memory without wisdom is like an empty thermos bottle - if you don't fill it, it's useless. - Author: Ajahn Chah
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#7. Up here my eyes are green leaves, unseeing. - Author: Virginia Woolf
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#8. Be a little puppet on their strings. That was what Reyn wanted from her, also. She recognized that even if he did not. He was attracted to her not just for her beauty and charm, but because she was young. He thought he could control all her actions and even her thoughts. - Author: Robin Hobb
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#9. Seriously, did I miss something? Did John F. Kennedy walk into the Oval Office one day, only to find Fidel Castro lighting his Cohiba with the American flag while teabagging Jackie? - Author: Sterling Archer
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#10. What has marked Chinese society is its level of cruelty, not just revolutions and wars. We ought to reject it totally, otherwise in another upheaval there will be further cruelty. - Author: Jung Chang
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#11. Yes. Reyn is our resident horse master. He has an excellent seat."
I grinned. "I've noticed."
Reyn's face tightened and Nell flushed, looking embarrassed. "It's an equestrian term."
"Really? I thought you were talking about his ass. - Author: Cate Tiernan
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#12. Come with me," Reyn said. "I want to show you something."
Frankly, I had expected something more original. "Really?" I asked, "That's it? That's what you came up with? - Author: Cate Tiernan
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#13. You went to all that trouble just for my body?" I said, amazed and so grateful.
Reyn looked up, irritation on his face. "Yeah. We were going to have you stuffed, as an example to future students."
I grinned, "You could put me on wheels, move me from room to room. - Author: Cate Tiernan
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#14. You need people around you who will tell you the truth and not hold anything back. - Author: Nev Schulman
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