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#1. People are fed up with Labour for taking them for granted for far too long, they are fed up of too much spin, and the people of Dunfermline and West Fife have spoken for the rest of the country with their views on the Labour government. - Author: Willie Rennie
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#2. Without my photography life would be boring. Photography adds an extra dimension to my life. Somehow it confirms my place in the world - Author: Rennie Ellis
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#3. When you're shiny, everyone wants to stand next to you. - Author: Callum Keith Rennie
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#4. Rennie didn't quite dare to answer back, but she looked a whole book and a couple of extra chapters. - Author: Patricia C. Wrede
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#5. I've fallen for the one person I shouldn't have. For the boy who broke Mary's heart. For Rennie's one true love. For Alex's best friend.
It has to end here. Now. - Author: Jenny Han
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#6. You are not yourself in autobiography. It is never going to be you, it is only words on a page. Memories are unreliable, so adding the magic of imagination will make your story come alive. - Author: K.H. Rennie
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#7. Painting puts me into an alpha state. It's a private event. I make all the decisions in the process and never have to deal with the outside world. - Author: Callum Keith Rennie
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#8. Art, like dreams, helps our eyes to see what our hearts already know. - Author: Rennie St. James
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#9. I've never played Scots or got the chance to do my Scottish accent. I'm always trying it out in auditions, but they always say no. I'd love to act in a Scottish accent for once. - Author: Callum Keith Rennie
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#10. Life is the leaves which shape and nourish a plant, but art is the flower which embodies its meaning - Author: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
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#11. 8 went down and didn't rise. The Bastard's candle had been snuffed. BleakWarrior, - Author: Alistair Rennie
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#12. There is always this perception that you want to shoot for the top, but I think there's this great place to shoot for the middle and get consistent work and try different things and do the work you want to do with the kind of people you want to do it with. - Author: Callum Keith Rennie
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#13. Business is the most powerful institution on earth today. It is more powerful than politics. Business serves us very well in some ways, but it doesn't serve us as fully as it should; it doesn't serve us fully as people. - Author: Michael Rennie
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#14. You're never too old to be young, and never too young to be old. - Author: Michael Rennie
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#15. The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned W. B. Yeats 'The Second Coming - Author: Rennie Airth
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#16. Everything's changing now. It's all patrol cars and fewer feet on the beat. I hope they know what they're doing. - Author: Rennie Airth
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#17. If you really look at hip-hop dance, it's really a rites-of-passage thing. You never see the arms release down. They're always up in fighting position. It's going to war. What do we say? We say your're going to battle. You go out there and fight. - Author: Rennie Harris
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#18. There is hope in honest error; none in the icy perfections of the mere stylist - Author: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
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#19. Victoria's bloomers made a fortune (£10000) however arguably her biggest bloomers can be found in my book which is a fraction of the price! - Author: Billy Rennie
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#20. Hi there! You're cute. Do you have any girlfriends? 'Cause Gran says Momma needs a man in her life. Then Pops says, 'Pfft, Martine, the last thing Elise needs is a man!' But I think my Gran is right."
"Rennie, for tonight, let's play the think-about-what-we-say-before-we-say-it-game. - Author: Lauren Dane
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#21. You must be Independent, Independent, Independent - don't talk so much but do more - go your own way and let your neighbour go his... Shake off all the props - the props tradition and authority give you - and go alone - crawl - stumble - stagger - but go alone. - Author: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
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#22. For why is all around us here As if some lesser god had made the world, But had not force to shape it as he would? Alfred Lord Tennyson: Idylls of the King - Author: K.H. Rennie
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#23. Both my parents are Scottish, and although I grew up in Canada after moving over, all of my family are proud to be Scots. - Author: Callum Keith Rennie
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#24. Generally speaking, psychiatry is concerned with the treatment of neuroses, with patients who are aware of their illness and wish to be cured. Dr. Franz Weiss - Author: Rennie Airth
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#25. Art is the flower ... life the green leaf. - Author: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
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#26. My weakness is him.

Bowen, Sarina; Kennedy, Elle. Him (Kindle Location 155). Rennie Road Books. Kindle Edition. - Author: Sarina Bowen
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#27. It was funny on '24' because I'm a Scots-Canadian, and I was working with the great Scottish actor Tony Curran, and we were both playing Russian gangsters. - Author: Callum Keith Rennie
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#28. The work has to have room to breathe. - Author: Rennie Harris
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#29. But I remain with Rennie because she too is stubborn, because love requires us to stubbornly imperil each other, to demand that which can't be given and to go on demanding it. Every romance is a war of philosophies; the stakes are the romance itself. And if one person wins, it's all over. - Author: Robert Cohen
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#30. Beer has long been the prime lubricant in our social intercourse and the sacred throat-anointing fluid that accompanies the ritual of mateship. To sink a few cold ones with the blokes is both an escape and a confirmation of belonging. - Author: Rennie Ellis
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#31. From Chapter 1:
"You're not a local." I paused, unsure. "Or are you?"
"Sort of. Randall Van Dotson is my dad. I'm Rennie."
After tossing her head that coy, sweet way girls do, she gave me a candid appraisal. - Author: Ed Lynskey
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