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Top 22 Remunerative Quotes

#1. With legal aid now capped at the bus fare for a trainee solicitor to come and explain how to plead guilty, Rumpole desperately needed a more remunerative outlet for his legal knowledge. Inspired

David Mitchell

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#2. One-act [plays] are not strikingly remunerative, but, on the other hand, the veriest dullard could not spend more than a week in writing one.

Arnold Bennett

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#3. Intelligent? Kind?

Nicholas Sparks

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#4. The mind can never be satisfied.

Wallace Stevens

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#5. Much of what is today called "social criticism" consists of members of the upper classes denouncing the tastes of the lower classes (bawdy entertainment, fast food, plentiful consumer goods) while considering themselves egalitarians.

Steven Pinker

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#6. As long as I retain my feeling and my passion for Nature, I can partly soften or subdue my other passions and resist or endure those of others.

Lord Byron

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#7. Don't you think a certain amount of civilisation is necessary before picture-frames will become remunerative? I don't think you could live by them in the bush.

Mrs. Oliphant

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#8. I live in my own way, I don't consider you. I don't consider anybody at all - because if you start considering others you can't live your life authentically. Consider and you will become phony.


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#9. We're going in the wrong direction and I think the only way to counter that is to bring the story home in really concrete ways to people - in ways that kids can understand and non-scientists can understand.

Thomas Friedman

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#10. I have no idols. I admire work, dedication and competence.

Ayrton Senna

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#11. For me, graffiti writers were always the fascinating eccentrics of hip-hop culture. What they do is secretive by definition, and not remunerative in any way.

Adam Mansbach

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#12. You must not allow yourself to dwell for a single moment on any kind of negative thought.

Emmet Fox

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#13. Surely the novel should be a form of art - but art was not enough. It must contain not only the perfection of art, but the imperfection of nature.

Ellen Glasgow

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#14. Make the acvocacy of radical causes sufficiently remunerative, and the supply of advocates will be unlimited.

Milton Friedman

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#15. To have a full stomach, to daze lazily in the sunshine
such things were remuneration in full for his adors and toils, while his ardors and toils were in themselves self-remunerative. They were expressions of life, and life is always happy when it is expressing itself.

Jack London

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#16. I have seen that women are shut out from every means of earning a living that is really remunerative, crowded into certain narrow walks, which, in consequence, are so thronged that the poor creatures are forced to work for the merest pittance.

Lillie Devereux Blake

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#17. I live in what are known as hopes. I hope for fascinating and remunerative cases, my secretary hopes that I will pay her, her landlord hopes that she will produce some rent, the Electricity Board hopes that he will settle their bill, and so on. I find it a wonderfully optimistic way of life.

Douglas Adams

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#18. I was quite the spoiled brat. I have quite a temper, obviously inherited from my father, and I became very good at ordering everyone around. I was the princess; the staff were absolutely terrified of me.

Lisa Marie Presley

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#19. To wander farther was to wander alone, to rely wholly upon oneself.

Henry Miller

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#20. For a writer to put his own intellectual musings, which he might sell for a low price as essays, into the mouths of artificially constructed characters which are more remunerative when issued as people in a novel is good economics, perhaps, but does not make literature.

Ernest Hemingway,

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#21. In the right situation, acting on television can be extraordinarily satisfying creatively. But that's incredibly rare. Otherwise, it can be like working in a really remunerative coal mine. That's the down side.

Bradley Whitford

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#22. Those books of mine that are remunerative - I'm not talking about poetry here - take years to write, and I am never sure they'll be successful. So writing is a risk in more senses than one.

Vikram Seth

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