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#1. The Byronic hero, incapable of love, or capable only of an impossible love, suffers endlessly. He is solitary, languid, his condition exhausts him. If he wants to feel alive, it must be in the terrible exaltation of a brief and destructive action. - Author: Albert Camus
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#2. You have to find things that are accessible and doable in your busy life and try to fit some time in your schedule to just have time to yourself and be able to recoup and refocus. - Author: Anousheh Ansari
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#3. You just can't keep pouring money down an endless hole and never recoup any of it. It's got to be a business. - Author: Don Bluth
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#4. Ignorance of the language can be dispelled only by the destruction of the words. - Author: Anonymous
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#5. When a label is throwing money at you, you have to recoup it. - Author: Tony Palermo
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#6. I was so in debt by the end of 'Dust Devil,' having picked up the tab personally for the post-production of the movie, and having no way to recoup because I didn't own the rights to the movie. There was no way I could see any money back on it, so any money spent was just a dead loss. - Author: Richard Stanley
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#7. I go to Queens for queens to get the crew from Brooklyn,
Make money in Manhattan and never been tooken.
Go Uptown and the Bronx to boogie down,
Get strong on the Island, recoup, and lay around. - Author: Rakim
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#8. It's such a stupid thing to sign a band and then demand a hit right away to instantly recoup the money. The point is, you have to do it by building your own following, and that is not necessarily done by writing instant hits. - Author: Al Jourgensen
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#9. As soon as I finish a book, I sell the paperback rights to different publishers and that's where I recoup my money. - Author: Buchi Emecheta
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#10. I learned to avoid trying to catch up or double up to recoup losses. I also learned that a certain amount of loss will affect your judgment, so you have to put some time between that loss and the next trade. - Author: Richard Dennis
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#11. More and more what we're licensing, we're licensing on a global basis - even though the studios aren't orchestrated to sell that way yet, my bet is that they will. - Author: Ted Sarandos
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#12. Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can't lose. - Author: Bill Gates
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#13. There may be thunder in Europe but it is in America the lightning will fall - Author: Ambrose Bierce
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#14. I truly loved being pregnant and feeling what was going on inside my body and watching it change. It's difficult to recoup, but still amazing nonetheless. I would have another one. - Author: Jill Scott
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#15. Now, more then ever, we have the ability to make films for almost nothing and that's broken down all barriers of entry. I think it's a new golden age of film-making. With that, there needs to be the ability to recoup investment dollars, people need to make money. - Author: Matthew Lillard
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#16. I'm having a reputation of being somebody who will not be crazy. Not descend to doing drugs and spending an enormous amount of money, and instead delivering a product to people. Something they can sell and recoup their money and make a profit. - Author: Wes Craven
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#17. I've never lost my appetite for acting; it's innovative and challenging. - Author: Eli Wallach
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#18. The real act of discovery consists not in finding new lands but in seeing with new eyes. The only adventure that is doomed from the start is the one we do not attempt. - Author: Paul-Emile Victor
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#19. Banks can't recoup the costs of serving customers who save in small amounts and transact frequently. - Author: Sylvia Mathews Burwell
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