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#1. Someday all the wilds will be razed, and we will be left with a concrete landscape, a land of pretty houses and trim gardens and planned parks and forests, and a world that works as smoothly as a clock, neatly wound: a world of metal and gears, and people going tick-tick-tick to their deaths. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#2. If this were a movie, I would bust a secret move so fierce the entire place would be razed to the ground. I'd finish with something snappy like "And don't forget my soda, punk" while I strolled off into the night. - Author: Libba Bray
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#3. I was never part of the sailing circle, but I enjoy when I'm invited to sail. - Author: Philippe Petit
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#4. I believe there's too little patience and context to many of the investigations I read or see on television. - Author: Bob Woodward
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#5. The world around me was oblivious, but for once, I felt absolute - Author: Rebecah McManus
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#6. WHATEVER your especial need may be, you may readily find some promise in the Bible suited to it. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#7. What shall we do with ... the Jews? ... their homes also should be razed and destroyed. - Author: Martin Luther
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#8. May Ye All Wail, for the Destroyer of Nations is upon us. Your lands shall they trample and divide with rope. Your cities razed shall be, their dwellers expelled. The bat, owl and raven your homes shall infest, and the serpent will therein make its nest . . . Aen Ithlinnespeath The - Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
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#9. We cannot continue to allow immigrants to come here illegally. And in this age of terrorism, we must not let in refugees whose intentions cannot be determined. - Author: Nikki Haley
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#10. When Violence floods the State from above, flowery land razed for robot proliferation - Author: Allen Ginsberg
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#11. Don't set out to raze all shrines, you'll frighten men. enshrine mediocrity-and the shrines are razed. - Author: Ayn Rand
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#12. I heard that Harry Nilsson had died. The secret to being a successful hellraiser, it seemed, was to stop raising hell before hell razed you. - Author: Pete Townshend
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#13. The death of classical music is perhaps its oldest continuing tradition. - Author: Charles Rosen
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#14. The Sorbonne should be razed and Chris Marker put in its place. - Author: Henri Michaux
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#15. Forever is not an idea or a concept, it is reality. All of the things here come from forever. We call forever nirvana in Zen. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#16. Diverting one's attention from the past was not the same as envisioning and embarking upon a future. On the other hand, if the past were razed, the slate wiped clean, maybe fewer people would confuse it with the future, and that at least would be something. - Author: Richard Russo
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#17. The painful warrior famous for fight, After a thousand victories, once foil'd, Is from the books of honor razed quite, And all the rest forgot for which he toil'd - Author: William Shakespeare
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#18. That boy shakes me upside down and inside out. - Author: Alecia Whitaker
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#19. You know what I know, Mally. Now you must decide what to believe. - Author: M.L. LeGette
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#20. And we are made different. On the instant. What we know, what we were, is banished by that instant, razed like a castle under siege, and nothing is recognizable is left. The world is unmade. - Author: Jennifer Roberson
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