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#1. Don't act like a protagonist Raghu, be human," she said.
"Like Salman?" I asked and chuckled, she didn't react though. - Author: Kavipriya Moorthy
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#2. People have two deaths: the first at the end of their lives, when they go away, and the second at the end of the memory of their lives, when all who remember them are gone. Then a person quits the world completely. - Author: Raghu Karnad
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#3. I was always a kid trying to make a buck. I borrowed a dollar from my dad, went to the penny candy store, bought a dollar's worth of candy, set up my booth, and sold candy for five cents apiece. Ate half my inventory, made $2.50, gave my dad back his dollar. - Author: Guy Fieri
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#4. If it is possible for the human tongue to give the fullest description of God, I have come to the conclusion that God is Truth. - Author: Mahatma Gandhi
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#5. Despair is ultimately destructive to oneself and a burden to others; and that if one persists in it, the gods will sooner or later lose patience and give one something to really despair about. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#6. All through the 1960s, success was determined by birth: which house or which last name you were born into. But over the next couple of decades, in the 1970s and 1980s, success was determined by education. Now, thankfully, talent has been given its own berth, - Author: Raghu Ram
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#7. The protection of our liberties does not ultimately depend on parliaments or even the courts. It depends on the love of the people for liberty. - Author: Michael Kirby
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#8. A creative photographer is one who either captures mystery or reveals things, everything else is useless - Author: Raghu Rai
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#9. Are you a virgin by any chance?" he asked me once.
"Do I look like a bottle of olive oil by any chance, Raghu?" I countered and chuckled. - Author: Kavipriya Moorthy
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#10. Then Raghu's son, as if in sport, Before the thousands of the court, The weapon by the middle raised That all the crowd in wonder gazed. - Author: Valmiki
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#11. The reference-points pictures should be shot and taken off one's system. But don't follow that always, create you own points - Author: Raghu Rai
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#12. A photograph has picked up a fact of life, and that fact will live forever. - Author: Raghu Rai
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#13. Dashrath spoke evenly, his voice reverberating even outside the royal tent. 'Rise, Ram Chandra, protector of the Raghu clan.' A - Author: Amish Tripathi
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#14. Skills are never taught, they are acquired. I can give you a camera, but can't feed your vision. - Author: Raghu Rai
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#15. The triune God exercises total government over all things, and He requires us as His image-bearers to exercise government in Christ in our own spheres in terms of His law. - Author: Rousas John Rushdoony
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#16. I still want to give my public, such as it is, a book a year. - Author: John Updike
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#17. Wow, I say, politely, but I don't feel it. I'm like a sociopath when it comes to expensive cars. I feel no emotion. - Author: Jon Ronson
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#18. In creativity, brightest minds have no place You have to think from the heart - Author: Raghu Rai
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