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Top 35 Quotes About Yoga Balance

#1. If Scripture were to describe the downfall of an empire in the style adopted by political historians, the common people would not be stirred. - Author: Baruch Spinoza
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#2. The yoga pose is not the goal. Becoming flexible is not the goal. Standing on your hands is not the goal. The goal is serenity. Balance. Truly finding peace in your own skin. - Author: Rachel Brathen
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#3. Coming to Haramara is like coming home. My body returns to the earth, my mind mesmerized by the rhythms of the ocean and my spirit flies in this magical place. Yoga is a way of life and Haramara Retreat is where we can re-educate ourselves to live in balance. - Author: Rodney Yee
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#4. Auspiciousness comes only through balance. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
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#5. The words were like gunpowder blasts, sparking me into thought and action. - Author: Kailin Gow
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#6. Yoga reduced my stress and bodily tension. It allowed me to bring my body back into balance, to emerge from my fertility struggle with my sense of self esteem and self worth intact, and to forge a stronger bond with my husband. - Author: Brenda Strong
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#7. My exercise varies from yoga to Pilates. The yoga provides me with achieving my balance and mental relaxation, whereas the Pilates allow me to work my inner core through stretching and keeping my muscles toned. - Author: Erin Heatherton
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#8. It used to be only yoga, but now I do Pilates as well; I feel like I need the balance. - Author: Donna Karan
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#9. If a person doesn't have a balance then he cannot achieve his ascent. - Author: Nirmala Srivastava
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#10. Fire destroys falsehood, that is sophistry, and restores truth, driving out darkness. - Author: Leonardo Da Vinci
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#11. There's a lot of stress on young people. They've always got exams and have to reach this goal or reach that goal. Yoga might be really good for them because there must be a lot of emotions that come up and yoga would really help to get a perspective and balance. - Author: Jayne Middlemiss
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#12. When you practice selfless giving, you're in balance and harmony with everything. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#13. My neighborhood was a great neighborhood; it was filled with all sorts of ethnic groups and things. So I grew up thinking I was a human being. - Author: Chita Rivera
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#14. There is no international problem that can be addressed or solved without the engagement and leadership of the United States and everybody in the world knows that, its just fact of life. So sometimes I think we could conduct ourselves with a little more humility. - Author: Robert M. Gates
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#15. I enjoy pumping iron, but I do try and get the yoga, 'cause it's a nice balance to the weightlifting. - Author: Adrian Grenier
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#16. I am you and you are me; it is obvious we inter-are. - Author: Nhat Hanh
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#17. We will attract potential partners who reflect back to us what we need to heal, balance and strengthen in ourselves- until we become whole. At that point, we can attract our twin flame or soul mate and enjoy a peaceful co- creative partnership that benefits all of mankind. - Author: Dashama Konah Gordon
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#18. The real female should be partly male and the real male should be partly female anyway. - Author: Bette Davis
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#19. Every business decision I ever made I learned from my grandfather Papa Sam. He moved here from Russia when he was a boy. He worked his way up selling newspapers and ladies' handbags, and eventually, he became Cadillac Sam, one of the biggest car dealers in Chicago. - Author: Bobbi Brown
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#20. An ordinary man would have been unable to maintain his balance there, to say nothing of holding on with such narrow support. But the Green Lama had held more difficult positions, according to the Yoga, for hours. - Author: Kendell Foster Crossen
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#21. Motherhood has been an exercise in guilt. - Author: Felicity Huffman
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#22. I work out on almost a daily basis wherever I am, but yoga brings into that equation something that is ideal for me to maintain a physical and emotional and mental kind of balance, and to stay healthy - I see it as a way of investing in my future. - Author: Queen Noor Of Jordan
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#23. If I could bottle this exact feeling I have right now, and sell it, I'd make millions." I said to Chet
"Well, unfortunately for you, but luckily for every other adult, someone already has. They called it alcohol. - Author: Keith Buckley
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#24. I run a lot. I do a lot of yoga. Hot yoga. Which is random and sounds lame, but it has definitely made my flexibility and balance 100 percent better on my skateboard. I do that and a lot of plyometric, biometrics, and surf. I train every other day of the week and skate for an hour everyday. - Author: Ryan Sheckler
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#25. I've tried many other styles of yoga, but nothing has ever given me the same centeredness, energy, and internal balance that I feel when practicing Ashtanga Yoga. - Author: David F. Swensen
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#26. I would advise dancers, musicians and others in the entertainment industry to take up yoga, as it clears the mind and creates a sense of balance and stillness which is important for any performing artist. - Author: Emmanuel Jal
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#27. Falling out of balance doesn't matter, really and truly. How we deal with that moment and how we find our way back to center, every day, again and again - that is the practice of yoga ... it's about trusting that you will find your way. - Author: Cyndi Lee
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#28. Yoga is about balance, both mind and body, as well as increasing self-awareness, with by-products of better strength and flexibility. - Author: M.E. Dahkid
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#29. Possessing strength and stillness is a sign of balance: power and serenity combined in one moment. It's challenging enough to hold either one, let alone both, in perfect equipoise, but that is the goal if we want to be balanced. - Author: Sebastian Pole
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#30. In movement there is balance. In balance there is movement. Yoga is all about balance. Within and Without. Above, Below. Front, Behind. Male, Female. In, Out. - Author: Mark Whitwell
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#31. See yourself as the perfect creation that you are, but at the same time, recognize with sincere honesty, the areas of your life that are out of balance and get to work to improve and grow. - Author: Dashama Konah Gordon
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#32. Dinner-parties bore us because our imagination is absent, and reading interests us because it is keeping us company. - Author: Marcel Proust
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#33. In an asana, the mind has to reach inside the body to find a quiet space until a point comes where perfect balance is felt. - Author: Geeta Iyengar
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#34. The last major breakthrough for the theatre was electricity, and we have to push beyond that if we want to move beyond the blue-haired old ladies in the stalls. Im going to keep working on the integration of film and video technology. - Author: David Soul
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#35. I have a strong tennis arm. - Author: Bess Truman
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