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#1. They bright whiten all this sepulchre with powdered chloride of lime. It's a perfectly sanitary war. - Author: David Jones
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#2. Suffering is the common lot of man. - Author: Theresa Breslin
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#3. I stand there and wonder whether, when I am twenty, I shall have experienced the bewildering emotions of love. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#4. We know only that in some strange and melancholy way we have become a waste land. All the same, we are not often sad. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#5. The war (WWI) cost your Uncle Sam $52 billion. $39 billion was expended in the actual war period. This expenditure yielded $16 billion in profits. - Author: Smedley Butler
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#6. Belgium, where there occurred one of the rare appearances of the hero in history, was lifted above herself by the uncomplicated conscience of her King and, faced with the choice to acquiesce or resist, took less than three hours to make her decision, knowing it might be mortal. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#7. Cripes, just listen to that desperation mixed with a wild joie de vivre. That doesn't come out of nothing. They'll be able to hear that a massive eruption once rocked the world and scattered pain and passion in it's wake. - Author: Cat Winters
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#8. I keep such music in my brain
No din this side of death can quell;
Glory exulting over pain,
And beauty, garlanded in hell. - Author: Siegfried Sassoon
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#9. Retreat, hell we just got here! - Author: Lloyd Williams
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#10. And this I know: all these things that now, while we are still in the war, sink down in us like a stone, after the war shall waken again, and then shall begin the disentanglement of life and death. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#11. ...and how is a man to know the habits of their God, whether He smites suddenly or withholds, if you mishandle the things set apart, the objects of His people He is jealous of. - Author: David Jones
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#12. For they were unseasoned, nor inured, not knowing this to be much less than the beginning of sorrow. - Author: David Jones
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#13. We have yielded no more than a few hundred yards of it as a prize to the enemy. But on every yard there lies a dead man. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#14. I guess Madden had seen everything with out group, and everybody else had seen everything. (After coming to practice field riding a horse and wearing a German WWI helmet painted silver and black) - Author: Ted Hendricks
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#15. And when Franz Ferdinand pays, everybody pays! - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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#16. It is as if Quincey has replaced the sun in my universe and it is around him that I spin. - Author: Kate Cary
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#17. Nothing so comforts the military mind as the maxim of a great but dead general. - Author: Barbara W. Tuchman
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#18. I am a messenger who will bring back word from the men who are fighting (WWI) to those who want the war to go on forever. Feeble, inarticulate will be my message, but it will have a bitter truth and may it burn their lousy souls. - Author: Paul Nash
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#19. In a curious failure of comprehension, I looked alertly about me for possible targets for all this artillery fire, not, apparently, realizing that it was actually ourselves that the enemy gunners were trying for all they were worth to hit. - Author: Ernst Junger
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#20. I am now working on the second WWI story and find the challenge marvelous. - Author: Anne Perry
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#21. Mute in that golden silence hung with green,
Come down from heaven and bring me in your eyes
Remembrance of all beauty that has been,
And stillness from the pools of Paradise.
- Author: Siegfried Sassoon
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#22. If, as I have reason to believe, I have disintegrated the nucleus of the atom, this is of greater significance than the war.
[Apology to the international anti-submarine committee for being absent from several meetings during World War I.] - Author: Ernest Rutherford
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#23. In short, the war got off to a pretty good start, with the help of chaos. - Author: Gabriel Chevallier
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#24. But how intolerable bright the morning is where we who are alive and remain, walk lifted up, carried forward by an effective word. - Author: David Jones
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#25. ...I found that much of the romance had left the trenches. The old days, from the beginning to July, 1915, were all so delightfully precarious and primitive. Amateurish trenches and rough and ready life, which to my mind gave this war what it sadly needs - a touch of romance. - Author: Bruce Bairnsfather
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#26. Victorious troops are those who kill more, and here we were the victims. This put the finishing touch to our demoralisation. The soldiers had lost conviction long ago. Now they lost confidence. - Author: Gabriel Chevallier
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#27. A man dreams of a miracle and wakes up to loaves of bread. - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#28. It's certainly no coincidence that big bands became the entertainment of the army in WWI and WWII, and that jazz drumming style is very military influenced. The snare drum comes from the military and becomes the core kind of sound of jazz drums. - Author: Damien Chazelle
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#29. The landscape had been so maimed by this new kind of warfare it was as if human architects of great genius had sat down to plan hell, since no two of them could agree on the design of heaven. - Author: Christopher Buehlman
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#30. This is War. Things like this also happen in peace time, but not so obviously. - Author: Ellen N. La Motte
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#31. They died in splendour, these who claimed no spark
Of glory save the light in a friend's eye. - Author: Edmund Blunden
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#32. In the Somme valley, the back of language broke. It could no longer carry its former meanings. World War I changed the life of words and images in art, radically and forever. It brought our culture into the age of mass-produced, industrialized death. This, at first, was indescribable. - Author: Robert Hughes
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#33. Cigarettes are called coffin nails for a reason, Billy Boy," I remembered telling him. "Be careful with those things. You're risking your life. - Author: Cat Winters
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#34. And be very careful at the front, Paul."
Ah, Mother, Mother! Why do I not take you in my arms and die with you. What poor wretches we are! - Author: Erich Maria Remarque
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#35. During the conflict that was placed before them, they not only gained the gratitude of many in their own generation but they proved, for the first time on a global scale, the enormous value of a woman's contribution, paving the way for future generations of women to do the same. - Author: Kathryn J. Atwood
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#36. My great uncle fought in WWI. His stories fascinated me. - Author: Charles Todd
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#37. It was such a heavenly dream: dreamed between the reality of war and the reality of hereditary madness. - Author: Jessie Douglas Kerruish
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#38. I know. I was there. I saw the great void in your soul, and you saw mine. - Author: Sebastian Faulks
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#39. I had been astonished to find myself in the middle of the war yet not be able to find it, unable to accept that in fact the war consisted precisely of this stasis. - Author: Gabriel Chevallier
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#40. Irony is the attendant of hope and the fuel of hope is innocence. - Author: Paul Fussell
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#41. As suddenly the whole world would slip back into a mollifying, untormented dark; their aching bodies knew its calm. - Author: David Jones
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#42. It had been a war of kingly poisons, in the air, in the memory, in the blood. - Author: Sebastian Barry
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#43. I love to discuss WWI American Trench Watches. If you have a question about one of my books, a Waltham Trench Watch or an Elgin Trench Watch drop me a line through my web page at LRF Antique Watches. I'll do my best to get back with you quickly! - Author: Stan Czubernat
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#44. Senate Doc. # 259. The 65th congress( ... The coal companies made between 100% and 7,856% on their capital stock during the war (to end all wars, WWI) ... The leather people sold your Uncle Sam hundreds of thousands of saddles for the calvary. But there wasn't any calvary overseas! - Author: Smedley Butler
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#45. During high school I worked in a retirement home. I spent many wonderful hours hearing from service men and their widows about WWI. - Author: Charles Todd
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#46. When he could stand it no longer, he fired a revolver up through the roof of his mouth, but he made a mess of it. - Author: Ellen N. La Motte
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#47. Men were snoring, twitching and whimpering, struggling with nightmares less terrible than reality. - Author: Gabriel Chevallier
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#48. It is a confession of the weakness of our own faith in the righteousness of our cause when we attempt to suppress by law those who do not agree with us.
Alfred E. Smith, governor of New York after WWI - Author: Alfred E. Smith
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#49. I did this film with Russell Crowe called 'The Water Diviner,' which took place just after WWI. It was fascinating because the weapons between WWI and WII were very different. I had to learn how to ride horses in a battle setting. It was important that we rode a certain way. - Author: Jai Courtney
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#50. World War I was the most colossal, murderous, mismanaged butchery that has ever taken place on earth. Any writer who said otherwise lied, So the writers either wrote propaganda, shut up, or fought. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
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#51. Pershing won [WWI] without even looking into an airplane, let alone gong up in one. If they had been of such importance he'd have tried at least a ride ... We'll stick to the army on the ground and the battleships at sea. - Author: John W. Weeks
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#52. WWI is a romantic war, in all senses of the word. An entire generation of men and women left the comforts of Edwardian life to travel bravely, and sometimes even jauntily, to almost certain death. At the very least, any story or novel about WWI is about innocence shattered in the face of experience. - Author: Anita Shreve
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