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#1. God in His infinite wisdom blessed humans with redundant tongues: one to outfit the mouth for speech. And a mother tongue to give it meaning ... Though it wags out such inconceivable beauty, attached to the mother tongue lies one much maligned woman.

David B. Lentz

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#2. Jonathan Haidt said in another context, The emotional tail wags the rational dog.

Daniel Kahneman

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#3. The world likes humor, but it treats it patronizingly. It decorates its serious artists with laurel, and its wags with Brussels sprouts.

E.B. White

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#4. A man running for office puts me in mind of a dog that's lost-he smells everybody he meets, and wags himself all over.

Josh Billings

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#5. The dog wags its tail only at living things.
A tail wag, the equivalent of a human smile,
is bestowed upon people, dogs , cats, squirrels,
even mice and butterflies. - but no lifeless
things. A dog won't wag its tail to its dinner
or to a bed, card, stick, or even a bone.

Jean Craighead George

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#6. I have not watched WAGs World, I have not watched the BBC's Upstairs, Downstairs, either. It would be Downton Abbey, I think.

Theresa May

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#7. As I said, many. They are passing even now. An endless parade of them. They smile, they bow, a child wags his tongue like a dog's tail. Some of them speak. Do you know the poet George Seferis?

Stephen King

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#8. Learn why the world wags and what wags it. That is the only thing which the mind can never exhaust, never alienate, never be tortured by, never fear or distrust, and never dream of regretting. Learning is the thing for you.

T.H. White

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#9. The house is silent now and she feels like a stranger here. "This life was never ours," she whispers to the dog, who has been following her from room to room, and Luli wags her tail and stares at Miranda with wet brown eyes. "We were only ever borrowing it.

Emily St. John Mandel

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#10. The lunatic fringe wags the underdog.

H.L. Mencken

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#11. Wanderers, Dublin's oldest rugby club, has been described more than once as the club of the Church and the Army: the wags added
" ... unfortunately the wrong Church and the wrong Army."

Gemma Hussey

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#12. Say something idiotic and nobody but a dog politely wags his tail.

Virginia Graham

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#13. America is a large, friendly dog in a very small room. Every time it wags its tail, it knocks over a chair.

Arnold Joseph Toynbee

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#14. Well, there were definitely elements of my rise in radio that had to do with my being black. But going back as far as Walter Winchell, Army Archerd and Hedda Hopper, legendary wags would grab a radio microphone and talk about what Errol Flynn and other stars were up to.

Wendy Williams

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#15. Wag and the world wags with you.

Bert And John Jacobs

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#16. You wags that judge by rote, and damn by rule.

Thomas Otway

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#17. And, looking on it with lack-lustre eye,
Says very wisely, "It is ten o'clock:
Thus we may see," quoth he, "how the world wags."

William Shakespeare

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#18. The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue. Anonymous

Callie Smith Grant

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#19. A man may smile and bid you hail Yet wish you to the devil; But when a good dog wags his tail, You know he's on the level.

Jerry Smith

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#20. WAGs ... That's a technical term we engineers use. It means 'Wild-Assed Guess'.

David Weber

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#21. You know, I respect what Howard Dean has been able to do. It's good for our party. But I've got to tell you this: If money alone decided presidential nominations, Phil Gramm would have been nominated in '96.

Joe Lieberman

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#22. Your tail, is becoming too heavy to wag.

Empress Dowager Cixi

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#23. No mortal has a right to wag his tongue, much less to wag his pen, without saying something.

Thomas Carlyle

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#24. I'd like for y'all to meet the love of my life, her name's the game.


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#25. The photographer must possess and preserve the receptive faculties of a child who looks at the world for the first time.

Bill Brandt

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#26. When I go away to do a movie, I bring the blanket I've had since I was a little girl. It helps me sleep. I also always bring my laptop so I can E-mail friends. And I bring my dog, Beauty, wherever I can.

Kirsten Dunst

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#27. I broke something and realized I should break something once a week to remind me how fragile life is.

Andy Warhol

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#28. The acceleration and saturation leads to things becoming outmoded, or out of fashion before they've even happened. That's a pretty complicated situation. Hype becomes autonomous from its object and runs away with itself.


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#29. Meghan's in lo-ove," sang the phouka, making my heart stop. "Meghan's in lo-ove. Meghan and Ash, sitting in a tre

Julie Kagawa

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#30. I am here. Anything more than that is rumor and slander

Mahmoud Darwish

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#31. My faith is the only thing that never fails me.

Hayley Williams

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#32. I guess I just tend to feel at home wherever I go.

Andy Serkis

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#33. The Jewish festival of freedom is the oldest continuously observed religious ritual in the world. Across the centuries, Passover has never lost its power to inspire the imagination of successive generations of Jews with its annually re-enacted drama of slavery and liberation.

Jonathan Sacks

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#34. Most of the time, we respond to life without taking a moment

Chris Prentiss

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#35. Money can buy a fine dog but it is kindness that makes him wag his tail.

John B. S. Haldane

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#36. I eat till, honest, I felt every button on all my clo'es. The folks where we were stayin' were the old-fashioned hospitable kind; they didn't let you off till your jaws struck work and wouldn't wag no more.

Laura E. Richards

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#37. In England, I suppose I have been known to once or twice tune into 'Big Brother', which is a pretty terrible guilty pleasure.

Freddie Stroma

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#38. 1Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.


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#39. I don't need to sleep to play. I'm crazy anyway. Being crazier still could only help.

Anne Rice

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#40. Wag the world how it will, Leaves must be green in Spring.

Herman Melville

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#41. What the fuck happened to you? [...] You look like you lost a fight with a lamprey. Hickey, hickey...bruise, bruise, bruise...bite. I thought that thing on your neck the other day was just a fluke. I guess not--looks like you get off on picking up a few souvenirs when you...get off. ~Crash

Jordan Castillo Price

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