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#1. In my view, the right to bear arms is in the Constitution for three main reasons: self-protection, community protection, and protection from tyrrany.

Glenn Beck

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#2. The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.

Mitch Albom

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#3. Every one knows that the exercise of military power is forever dangerous to civil rights; and we have had recent instances of violences that have been offer'd to private subjects ...

Samuel Adams

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#4. I refuse to believe that the only reason we are here is to pay taxes and die.

Seth Adam Smith

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#5. Those entrapped by the herd instinct are drowned in the deluges of history. But there are always the few who observe, reason, and take precautions, and thus escape the flood. For these few gold has been the asset of last resort.

Antony C. Sutton

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#6. The tender Evenlode that makes Her meadows hush to hear the sound Of waters mingling in the brakes, And binds my heart to English ground. A lovely river, all alone, She lingers in the hills and holds A hundred little towns of stone, Forgotten in the western wolds.

Hilaire Belloc

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#7. Take away the Book of Mormon and the revelations, and where is our religion? We have none.

Joseph Smith Jr.

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#8. Sire, you are looking at a plain man, and I am looking at a great man. Each of us may benefit.

Victor Hugo

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#9. Those who see worldly life as an obstacle to Dharma see no Dharma in everyday actions. They have not yet discovered that there are no everyday actions outside of Dharma.


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#10. I have always known there is a difference between loneliness and aloneness. I am alone, but my father is lonely. And if I had to choose one, I would rather be alone.

Ted Michael

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#11. When you read Boethius and some of the Renaissance philosophers, they talk a lot about the other spheres. There's a music of the spheres. There's a music that's actually in the universe, they believed, that's out there in different dimensions.

Frederick Lenz

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#12. There's something nice about being able to go to sleep at night saying "You know, tomorrow I'm gonna get up and I'm gonna do this and I'm gonna do that ... " I think that being an activist on this planet is a privilege and a pleasure.

Assata Shakur

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#13. When I sing for myself, I sing in a more free, athletic way. When I face an audience, there is always some fear that makes me put the brakes on a bit.

Andrea Bocelli

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#14. I'm not one for sightseeing or going around the shops when I'm on holiday. I do enough shopping when I'm at home, and like to have a complete break when I'm away.

Paloma Faith

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