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Top 37 Quotes About Trusting Jesus

#1. I don't have to accept their tenants. I was trying to convince those college students to accept my tenants. And I reject any labeling me because I happened to go to the university. - Author: George W. Bush
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#2. My focus is 100% on you Lord Jesus and I know You will never let me down. - Author: Euginia Herlihy
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#3. Jesus died as He had lived-praying, forgiving, loving, sacrificing, trusting, quoting Scripture. If I die as I have lived, how will I die? - Author: Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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#4. The virtuous woman flees from danger; she trusts more to her prudence in shunning it than in her strength to overcome it. - Author: Jean Antoine Petit-Senn
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#5. Faith in Christ is voluntary. A person cannot be coerced, bribed, or tricked into trusting Jesus. God will not force His way into your life. The Holy Spirit will do everything possible to disturb you, draw you, love you - but finally it is your personal decision. - Author: Billy Graham
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#6. Having faith in Jesus Christ and in His Atonement means relying completely on Him - trusting in His infinite power, intelligence, and love. When we have faith in Christ, we trust the Lord enough to follow His commandments - even when we do not completely understand the reasons for them. - Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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#7. What must be emphasized in all of this is the difference between trusting Christ, the real person Jesus, with all that that naturally involves, versus trusting some arrangement for sin-remission set up through him - trusting only his role as guilt remover. - Author: Scot McKnight
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#8. This is what faith is -trusting in Jesus Christ alone as one's Savior. - Author: Jerry Bridges
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#9. I had no real communication with anyone at the time, so I was totally dependent on God. And he never failed me. - Author: Diet Eman
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#10. The clock is ticking as nature attempts to absorb the increased greenhouse gas emissions. - Author: Ernest Moniz
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#11. My children's faces are private candles i sometimes worship at ... - Author: Deborah Keenan
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#12. The end of ourselves is the beginning of God - Author: Carter Conlon
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#13. You are standing at the foot of His cross, trusting alone in the merit of Jesus' precious blood, and no rise or fall of the markets can interfere with your salvation in Him; no breaking of banks, no failures and bankruptcies can touch that. - Author: Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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#14. If humans died in a healthy culture, they would not lock out the earth in metal coffins and carve their names on stone monuments, but would instead place the naked body in the earth and plant a tree above the silent heart. - Author: William Irwin Thompson
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#15. The way to conquer sin is not by working hard to change our deeds, but by trusting Jesus to change our desires. Follow Me, pg. 111. - Author: David Platt
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#16. Jews have been circumcising their boys for thousands of years, and suddenly we are accused of tormenting our children. - Author: Charlotte Knobloch
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#17. Praying is not telling God what to do. It's trusting that God knows what to do. - Author: Stormie O'martian
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#18. I'm me. I can't put on airs. I'm not a phony. I know the way I am hurts me more times than it helps. But somehow it's all tied up with my integrity, and my integrity is the last thing I'm going to let you take from me. - Author: Tony Dorsett
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#19. Be they pharaohs or freeholders, barons or farmers, landowners have been the most capable, most intrepid, and most assertive members of civilized society. - Author: David Marusek
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#20. Many who have found Jesus Christ wanting in time of need have God confused with a genii. - Author: Ron Brackin
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#21. If you're avoiding sin and living morally so that God will have to bless you and save you, then you may be looking to Jesus as a teacher, model, and helper, but ironically you are avoiding him as Savior. You are trusting in your own goodness rather than in Jesus for your standing with God. - Author: Timothy Keller
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#22. The only thing worse than losing hope is to be the reason someone else loses hope. - Author: Tucker Elliot
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#23. We have very little faith in the Lord, very little trust. If we trusted the Lord as much as we trust a friend when we ask him to do something for us, neither we as individuals nor our whole country would suffer so much. - Author: Thaddeus Of Vitovnica
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#24. The reason some of us are such poor specimens of Christianity is because we have no Almighty Christ. We have Christian attributes and experiences, but there is no abandonment to Jesus Christ. - Author: Oswald Chambers
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#25. Show me a mother who says she is 100 percent gentle, 100 percent of the time, and I'll show you a mother in deep, deep denial, and probably passive-agressive to boot. - Lynn Siprelle - Author: Hilary Flower
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#26. The most altruistic man is the most selfish. - Author: Abraham Lincoln
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#27. Satan will battle you with doubt and unbelief, but God has victory waiting for you if you'll keep trusting and believing Him. - Author: Joyce Meyer
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#28. This insistence on "having his say upon the universe" is the profoundest motive of William James thinking as well as of his filial gratitude. - Author: Ralph Barton Perry
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#29. If you go forward in the spirit of the original apostles and followers of Jesus Christ, trusting not in man but in the living God, he will enable you to pull down the strong holds of sin and Satan, and that work by which he is pleased will prosper in your hands. - Author: Adam Clarke
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#30. Gary smiled. "If you were really hopeless, you'd stop trusting in yourself and what you can do and start trusting in what Jesus accomplished for you at the cross. - Author: Bob Kauflin
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#31. Faith is trusting Jesus to lead us and going where He leads. What avails it to me to analyze Saratoga water, and to believe in its virtues? I must drink the water if I want its purifying power. And the soul that has not actually drunk of Christ can never be purged from sin. - Author: Theodore L. Cuyler
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#32. The last stage but one of every civilisation, is characterised by the forced political unification of its constituent parts, into a single greater whole. - Author: Arnold J. Toynbee
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#33. The one help we all need is given to us freely though the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Having faith in Jesus Christ and In His Atonement means relying completely on Him-trusting in His infinite power, intelligence, and love. - Author: Dieter F. Uchtdorf
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#34. Faith is the accepting of what God gives. Faith is the believing what God says. Faith is the trusting to what Jesus has done. Only do this and you are saved, as surely as you are alive! - Author: Charles Spurgeon
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#35. I'd never try to be that distinctive from the Bee Gees' sound. I'm very proud of being a Bee Gee and am always aware that I'll be identified as a Bee Gee. - Author: Robin Gibb
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#36. If we only knew that we could have anything we wanted we would set more goals. - Author: Earl Nightingale
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#37. I dare you to try trusting Jesus for 60 days. Or your money guaranteed back. - Author: Rick Warren
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