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#1. . . .She started to feel a bubble of lightness coming up through her ribs. It had been very fragile at first, but she thought now it was made of something stronger than suds. . .
(p. 121)

Natasha Pulley

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#2. I look just like one of Brianna's UGLY finger paintings. Because now I'm completely covered with: 1. brown peanut-butter stains 2. purple jelly stains 3. white soap suds AND 4. bright fluorescent-green hand soap from the girls' bathroom.

Rachel Renee Russell

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#3. I studied how to use the clothes washer. The handy instructions on the lid helped; so did the box of suds. It instructed me to separate the whites from the coloreds. Laundry will be the last American institution to desegregate.

Huston Piner

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#4. So this was the reverse of dazzling Nauset.
The flip of the coin - the flip of an ocean fallen
Dream-face down. And here, at my feet, in the suds,
The other face, the real, staring upwards.

Ted Hughes

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#5. He made enemies as naturally as soap makes suds.

Percival Wilde

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#6. The breezes taste Of apple peel. The air is full Of smells to feel- Ripe fruit, old footballs, Burning brush, New books, erasers, Chalk, and such. The bee, his hive, Well-honeyed hum, And Mother cuts Chrysanthemums. Like plates washed clean With suds, the days Are polished with A morning haze.

John Updike

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#7. I used to let the olde english 8- suds bubble in the last car of the Franklin Avenue shuttle


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#8. In nearly every case, trying to lead everyone results in leading no one in particular.

Seth Godin

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#9. I think the clothes in Belle de Jour are very important to the style of the film. Even today, it is still timeless.

Catherine Deneuve

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#10. Barack Obama isn't the first politician to break a promise, torture the truth or outright lie to the American people. But, he certainly is among the most accomplished at it.

Bob Beauprez

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#11. Water will, increasingly, be detained, stored and then recycled or infiltrated in gardens.

Tom Turner

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#12. Any time I write a new song, I am jazzed about it for like 24 hours and then I am over it and want to write another one.

Hunter Hayes

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#13. All the history of the stage is a struggle, the gasping of a beautiful child born at the point of death. The moralists, censorship and oppression, technology, and now poverty have all tried to destroy her. Only we, the actors and audiences, have kept her alive.

Gene Wolfe

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#14. And there's this place called college! I mean, they want you to care, dig it, care about this education trip, and they don't care enough themselves to make it as attractive as the crap game across the street!

Spider Robinson

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#15. Will the roofs of new buildings be vegetated? If not, why not?

Tom Turner

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