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Top 18 Quotes About Stupid Mothers

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#2. With all the efforts made by modern society to nurture and educate the young, how stupid it is to permit the mothers of young children to spend themselves in the coarser work of the world! - Author: Jane Addams
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#3. Mothers-in-law know all sorts of things that husbands are too stupid to figure out. - Author: Mindy Starns Clark
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#4. And it's also producing a growth in debt to the United States that will weight very heavily in a country that has to address issues like having more old people to be covered by Social Security or by pension in the future. - Author: Rodrigo Rato
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#5. The reason why we believe that change is possible is not because we are idealists but because we believe we have made it, so other people can make it as well. - Author: Romeo Dallaire
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#6. I always wonder if what I'm wearing will be something that people would compliment, or want to wear. I don't ever get ready just for myself, ever. - Author: Jessica Simpson
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#7. Mothers sound so stupid when they praise their daughters to the skies. - Author: Colette
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#8. Power doesn't corrupt people, people corrupt power. - Author: William Gaddis
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#9. I want things to be the best they can be. I want greatness. - Author: Demi Moore
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#10. Raven Stone and Don Carson are the stupidest fucking people on the planet because their mothers didn't breastfeed them. - Author: Franklin D. Roosevelt
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#11. One could not be a successful scientist without realizing that , in contrast to the popular conception supported by newspapers and mothers of scientists, a goodly number of scientists are not only narrow-minded and dull, but also just stupid. - Author: James D. Watson
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#12. Off so stupid mothers... so stupid plans... what are you planning..., for god sake??? - Author: Deyth Banger
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#13. ... Boredom [is] a moral failing, the mark of a mind insufficiently stocked to occupy itself. - Author: Nancy Kress
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#14. There is in the blind as in the seeing an Absolute which gives truth to what we know to be true, order to what is orderly, beauty to the beautiful, touchableness to what is tangible. - Author: Helen Keller
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#15. [Lynda's mother] You're stupid and you don't know it, that's you're problem. You talk, talk, talk, all the time. No one wants to listen to an idiot.

[Young Lynda] Uh. OK. Thanks, Mom. - Author: Lynda Barry
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#16. Is it just me, or do you also think this is unnatural behavior in a female parent? Isn't there a federal law that says mothers are not allowed to laugh at vulnerable male children when they are required to wear stupid clothing to work?
There should be. - Author: Ann Edwards Cannon
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#17. Too small is our world to allow discrimination, bigotry and intolerance to thrive in any corner of it, let alone in the United States of America. - Author: Eliot Engel
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#18. She couldn't stop watching his eyes. They were bright black, surrounded by an incredible network of lines, like a laboratory maze for studying intelligence in tears. They seemed to know what she wanted, even if she didn't. - Author: Thomas Pynchon
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