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Top 45 Quotes About Stupid Family

#1. This isn't about being a good friend.."
"No, you're right.. It's about family. You're my family, stupid. - Author: Corrine Jackson
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#2. Oh God. valentine's Day tomorrow. Why? Why? Why is (the) entire world geared to make people not involved in romance feel stupid when everyone knows romance does not work anyway. Look at (the) royal family. Look at Mum and Dad. - Author: Helen Fielding
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#3. Maybe what I wanted was stupid. Maybe it wasn't even something I could have. But, still it was mine. I didn't think I could sacrifice my dreams, no matter how much my family meant to me. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#4. I would like to apologize to Brock Lesnar, his family, the UFC and the UFC fans for my stupid remarks. I respect Brock, all the other fighters, and the sport of mixed martial arts. I'm sorry that I stepped out of line. - Author: Frank Mir
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#5. I come from a stupid family. During the civil war my great uncle fought for the west. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#6. Short of baseball and my family, it was gaming. And gaming is a $20-million to $200-million multi-year effort. It's an insane, stupid and utterly irresponsible act. But I did it. - Author: Curt Schilling
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#7. I had built this bubble around us. Around all of us-you, me, Chewie, the kids, Luke, Mara, even Lando. Heck, even the stupid droids. We were all in it, you know. In it and safe, a cozy family. Nothing could hurt us - could really hurt us."
-Han Solo - Author: R.A. Salvatore
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#8. Anybody who has a career is going to have to deal with a rumor in their time, or something that usually isn't true. I have a great team behind me and a family that supports me. I just care too much about my career. I have been working too long to let it slip away for something stupid. - Author: Jesse McCartney
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#9. It's stupid, what keeps families apart - Author: Rick Riordan
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#10. When I thought of it that way, the Selection seemed like a rope, something sure I could grab onto. That stupid letter could lift me out of the darkness, and I could pull my family along with me. - Author: Kiera Cass
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#11. School is only hard when you care about doing well. And when you're the stupid one in the family, no one expects you to do well. - Author: Lauren Oliver
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#12. I know how hard it is for you to put food on your family. - Author: George W. Bush
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#13. I hate that I'm so numb and empty and disconnected from most of these people but even I can see worth in stupid little moments like these. These people aren't even my family, but I can see their value and if I can see it in something this small, when I feel this bad, then
Then why didn't he? - Author: Courtney Summers
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#14. Our destruction of nature is not just bad stewardship, or stupid economics, or a betrayal of family responsibility; it is the most horrid blasphemy. It is flinging God's gifts into His face, as if they were of no worth beyond that assigned to them by our destruction of them. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#15. Other than hitting the ball ... there's nothing else I have ever done or know how to do. How to live on the outside, how to earn a living, how to take of my family, I'm a stupid idiot who doesn't know how to do any of that. Therefore ... Please let me play baseball. - Author: Kim Young-kwang
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#16. I was also very concerned about protecting my family - Author: William J. Clinton
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#17. You *are* my family,' he said.
The tears almost started up again. Those four little words meant so much to me - which was stupid, really. They were just words. But they were words I'd been wanting to hear, wanting to believe. *You are my family*. - Author: Kody Keplinger
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#18. My theory is that there is a finite amount of intelligence in a family, and you're supposed to gradually transfer it to your children over a period of many years. This is why your parents started to get so stupid just at the time in your life when you were getting really smart. - Author: Dave Barry
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#19. I have an uncle and cousin in Boston." Percy looked shocked. "You, with the Yankees cap? You've got family in Red Sox country?" Annabeth smiled weakly. "I never see them. My dad and my uncle don't get along. Some old rivalry. I don't know. It's stupid what keeps people apart. - Author: Rick Riordan
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#20. I come from a stupid family. My uncle heard that most deaths occurs within ten miles of the house ... so he moved. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#21. I went through a period of great rebellion within my family, when I was about 9 or 10. I was mad, I had no focus, had no real interest in anything, and so I started to do things that were just rebellious and stupid. - Author: Kevin Spacey
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#22. We'll erase those who want to use us for our family prestige ...
... and erase those girls who try to apply their patronizing psychology theories on us ...
... and those stupid adults who only judge us by our outward appearances ...
We'll erase them all from our consciousness. - Author: Bisco Hatori
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#23. No," Trey says. "Males rarely touch each other." "Really?" "And females rarely touch males they don't know or who aren't a part of their family," he adds, making me feel awkward all of a sudden. I've been holding his hand all day, I think, feeling stupid. - Author: Amy A. Bartol
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#24. Either way I don't come first, which for some stupid reason bothers hell out of me, having grown up with the notion that I always had to be number one. Family heritage, don't you know? - Author: Erich Segal
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#25. I wanted to become a champ - I was surrounded by champs in my family and in my neighborhood - and because of this stupid accident, I lost my opportunity. - Author: Olivier Martinez
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#26. Your family is real, but mine isn't? Real people with real feelings, but my family isn't real to you. You think. I'm a character. A story. Those women you talk about. Not real people to you. Stupid women. I'm real. I'm as real as you are. My family is real like your family. - Author: Bryn Greenwood
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#27. Mad at me. For Dad, parenting has become just like shooting one of his stupid insurance ads-some makeup to cover the blemishes, a flashy smile, and wham! He's got himself a regular picture-perfect family. - Author: Holly Schindler
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#28. Big Stupid leapt up. Little Duane had a gun. Big Stupid punched Little Duane so hard his whole family tree died back to the Middle Ages. - Author: Victor Gischler
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#29. You never think it's gonna happen to you, but all that pollution and dirty fumes and flights and factories and shit we don't need and suddenly there you are, a stupid girl sitting alone on some steps, waiting to see if your family is ever coming back. - Author: Saci Lloyd
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#30. You know what I mean. I'm telling you I was stupid over it. I thought it was about trying so hard to survive that you didn't have the time to be a good parent. Obviously, that's not it. Because you and I, we're both ... wealthy in love. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#31. What could go wrong ... Doing some stupid impulsive thing that caused the death of drowthers was practically a family tradition. - Author: Orson Scott Card
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#32. Dreams so often become nightmares. Family can so easily become foes. And people are always more stupid than you give them credit for. - Author: Mike A. Lancaster
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#33. If $85 million is not enough to take care of my family and other generations of my family, then you're stupid. - Author: Jered Weaver
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#34. I come from a stupid family. My father worked in a bank. They caught him stealing pens. - Author: Rodney Dangerfield
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#35. This girl. This little high school kid with her stupid boots and her Addams Family wardrobe and her skin as white and floury-looking as unbaked bread. Pillsbury goth girl, just out of the can. - Author: Kelly Braffet
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#36. The idea that family would not harm you was a stupid assumption of the first order. - Author: Charlaine Harris
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#37. It's cool to have parents and family who will always tell me the truth no matter what. They'll tell me if I'm doing something stupid! - Author: Jordin Sparks
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#38. He'd never admit it, but he counted Dex among his family. Sort of like the annoying brother-in-law. You're happy he's making your bro happy, but damn, sometimes you just wanted to punch him in his stupid smiley face. Who the hell smiled that much, anyway? A crazy person, that's who. - Author: Charlie Cochet
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#39. One of my hardest parts of my job is to console the family members who have lost their life. - Author: George W. Bush
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#40. I don't want anyone as president who promises to take care of me. I may be stupid, but I want a chance to try to be a grown-up and take care of my family. - Author: Penn Jillette
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#41. My mum's always on at me to have children and blames 'that stupid stage thing you do' for me not already having a family. - Author: Paloma Faith
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#42. If you're doing a family movie, you don't want it to be stupid. Farting chihuahuas is not my idea of entertainment for kids or adults. So you try to make a movie that adults can see on one level, and kids can see on another. - Author: Joe Dante
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#43. Mom stood over the still thrashing ghost with the bat and brought it down on its head again and again. "Leave him alone, leave my family alone!" she screamed. "We are not going to die in a stupid gas station in the middle of nowhere! - Author: C.A. Marshall
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#44. Eighteen and stupid happens to everyone, I guess. If you survive it, it's probably half luck, and half having the right people in your life to watch out for you. - Author: Joe Hill
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#45. Maybe our grandmothers weren't as stupid as we thought. The family, volunteer work, religion, shaping the hearts and minds of the next generation-maybe all that can't be reduced to just 'shining floors and wiping noses.' - Author: Myriam Miedzian
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