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Top 17 Quotes About Stength

#1. I face every project the same way - do it right and give 110%. 100% isn't good enough. - Author: Debra Wilson
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#2. Never limit yourself to what you can't do, but to what you have the power to do with what you have. - Author: Nadege Richards
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#3. You're only as weak as you let yourself become, and you're only as strong as you allow yourself to be. - Author: Daniel Hansen
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#4. Results should not be too voluntarily aimed at or too busily thought of. They are sure to float up of their own accord from a long enough daily work at a given matter. - Author: William James
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#5. If you want to grow in true wisdom, grow in a knowledge of the God of the Bible. - Author: Matt Chandler
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#6. There's a danger and a beauty to the moment which seems out of time. It pierces something deep inside of him, bypassing his rationale, and it touches his very core. In a sudden shock of illumination, and of knowing, he recognizes this woman is his destiny, and their fates are intertwined. - Author: Scarlett Amaris
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#7. The simple truth is that the only real 'ex-gay' person is a dead gay person - and even then I am not too sure about the validity of that statement. - Author: Christina Engela
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#8. His spells portrayed the spirit as a frail thing, contstantly under attack and in need of stength, always threatening to die inside you. Inman found this notion dismal indeed, since he had been taught by sermon and hymn to hold as truth that the soul of man never dies. - Author: Charles Frazier
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#9. I'm not into this memoir craze that's been going on for 20 years now and doesn't seem to ever let up. People just indiscriminately say "memoir" now when it's a person writing about their own life. - Author: Richard Hell
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#10. I made my money by selling too soon. - Author: Bernard M. Baruch
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#11. I only desire sincere relations with the worthiest of my acquaintance, that they may give me an opportunity once in a year to speak the truth. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
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#12. Because if the Masters of the World exist, they can only be underground: this is a truth that all sense but few dare utter. Perhaps - Author: Umberto Eco
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#13. I just got a fortune cookie that says "Turn off your computer and read a book" which is odd because I'm WRITING a book ... on my computer! - Author: Meg Cabot
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#14. The willow submits to the wind and prospers until one day it is many willows - a wall against the wind. - Author: Frank Herbert
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#15. I've been an atheist ever since I heard there was only a stairway to heaven - Author: Stella Young
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#16. I had to face my worst fears, to find the force of faith. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#17. You don't have to chase around after creatures, Pismire had said. You watch them for long enough, and then you'll find the place to wait and they'll come to you. There's nearly always a better way of doing something. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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