Top 26 Quotes About Soliloquy

#1. It is notorious that we speak no more than half-truths in our ordinary conversation, and even a soliloquy is likely to be affected by the apprehension that walls have ears.

Eric Linklater

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#2. Eloquence is heard; poetry is overheard ... All poetry is of the nature of the soliloquy.

John Stuart Mill

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#3. Why has my motley diary no jokes? Because it is a soliloquy and every man is grave alone.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#4. Usually, if I want to just listen to something or sing along to something, I'll put on some Gavin DeGraw or some Billy Joel. Occasionally, if I am feeling vocally in really great shape, I will sing Jean Valjean's soliloquy from 'Les Miz' or something.

Josh Young

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#5. I am in the midst of a soliloquy! I wrote this out and memorized it and if you interrupt me I will completely screw it up,' Augustus interrupted. 'Please to be eating your sandwich and listening.

John Green

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#6. The process of drawing is ... the process of putting the visual intelligence into action, the very mechanics of visual thought. Unlike painting and sculpture ... the artist makes clear to himself and not to the spectator what he is doing. It is a soliloquy before it becomes communication.

Michael Ayrton

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#7. To paraphrase Paul from the New Testament, he has a great soliloquy about love, where he's basically saying, if I've figured out the secrets of the universe but I don't have love, figuring out the secrets of universe means nothing.


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#8. I wish I could weep the way my teacher did as he read us Molly Bloom's soliloquy of yes.

Terrance Hayes

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#9. Prayer is not simply a soliloquy, a mere exercise in therapeutic self-analysis, or a religious recitation. Prayer is discourse with the personal God Himself.

R.C. Sproul

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#10. I ago's soliloquy
the motive-hunting of a motiveless malignity
how awful it is!

Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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#11. The media love coarse debate because coarse debate drives ratings and ratings generate profits. Unless the TV producer happens to be William Shakespeare, an argument is more interesting than a soliloquy - and there will never be a shortage of people willing to argue on TV.

John Sununu

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#12. Dialogue binds me Monologue imposes upon me Soliloquy isolates me The

Edouard Leve

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#13. The dust of thirty years hung lifeless in shafts of morning light, the gilding of perfectly prim pages shone incanescent, the shriek of rolling ladders mourned in perennial soliloquy.

Michelle Franklin

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#14. A man's house is his stage. Others walk on to play their bit parts. Now and again a soliloquy, a birth, an adultery.

Karl Shapiro

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#15. In writing 'William Shakespeare's Star Wars,' I had the freedom to go beyond the original script and add asides, soliloquys and even new scenes. The main characters all get a soliloquy or two - or in Luke's case, several.

Ian Doescher

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#16. Oratory, like the drama, abhors lengthiness; like the drama, it must keep doing. It avoids, as frigid, prolonged metaphysical soliloquy. Beauties themselves, if they delay or distract the effect which should be produced on the audience, become blemishes.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

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#17. Religion is the everlasting dialogue between humanity and God. Art is its soliloquy.

Franz Werfel

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#18. Augustus was amazing, but he'd overdone everything at the picnic, right down to the sandwiches that were metaphorically resonant but tasted terrible and the memorized soliloquy that prevented conversation. It all felt Romantic, but not romantic.

John Green

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#19. The unnatural, that too is natural.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

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#20. Anyone can write an academic piece directed at other academics. To write something that delivers an argument and a gripping storyline to someone's granny or eight-year-old takes the highest quality of your powers.

Simon Schama

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#21. Mine was the twilight and the morning. Mine was a world of rooftops and love songs.

Roman Payne

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#22. The United States is a land of free speech. Nowhere is speech freer - not even here where we sedulously cultivate it even in its most repulsive form.

Winston Churchill

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#23. Rich will be my life if I
can keep my memories full
and brimming, and record
them on clear-eyed
mornings while I set
joyously to work setting
pen to holy craft.

Roman Payne

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#24. It turns out I was right.
But nothing has come of it.

Wislawa Szymborska

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#25. Habits are qualities of the soul.

Ibn Khaldun

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#26. Some things in life are just to complicated to explain in any language.'
Olga was absolutely right, Tsukuru thought as he sipped his wine. Not just to explain to others, but to explain to yourself. Force yourself to try to explain it, and you create lies.

Haruki Murakami

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