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#1. I like the Baldwin boys a great deal. Alec is super-smart, super-articulate, almost too smart to be an actor. - Author: Anthony LaPaglia
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#2. There's no educating a smart boy. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#3. As smart as I am, it took a boy stuck in his house to teach me that sometimes it doesn't matter where you are at all. It only matters whos with you. - Author: John Corey Whaley
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#4. You're a smart boy. Or if you're not, you ought to be. - Author: Cherie Priest
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#5. The average newspaper boy in Pittsburgh knows more about the universe than did Galileo, Aristotle, Leonardo, or any of those other guys who were so smart they only needed one name. - Author: Daniel M. Gilbert
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#6. You ain't too smart, are ya boy? I'm Javier "Bones" Jones. I'm the baddest man there is in this town or any town through The Mississippi. You thinking you're gonna waltz up on me and kill me? Ha! I'll do for you like I did for my late dog and put you out of your misery. - Author: Justin Bienvenue
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#7. I was never into smart college boy music. - Author: Gene Ween
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#8. Femi Fani Kayode is my boy. Provide him food, he will eat and then sing for you. He's a smart boy - Author: Olusegun Obasanjo
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#9. Sex sells, even to smart, liberated women, and Mr. Darcy was the smart girl's pinup boy. - Author: Karen Doornebos
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#10. Green is a smart choice - good for an imaginary girl or an imaginary boy. And the season isn't at all relevant with imaginary children. < - Author: Rainbow Rowell
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#11. Obscenities ... I think a lot of dumb people do it because they can't think of what they want to say and they're frustrated. A lot of smart people do it to pretend they aren't very smart - want to be just one of the boys. - Author: Andy Rooney
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#12. So yer gonna pretend to be a boy and ride out wiht a passel a book-smart swells lookin' fer bones a dead critters - Author: Pamela Smith Hill
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#13. He never pays attention, he always knows the answer, and he can never tell you how he knows. We can't keep thrashing him. He is a bad example to the other pupils. There's no educating a smart boy. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#14. So much interviewing these days is about the presenter - I?m a clever boy, I?m going to be smart with people; or it?s a trivial - how do you like your eggs boiled? - Author: Michael Parkinson
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#15. Gee, thanks Dad. I promise to be a good boy and play nice with the other kids.(Kyrian)
Smart ass.(Julian)
Better than a dumb ass.(Kyrian) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#16. I'm Jade, the sarcastic, independent, smart ass who has no interest in marriage or weddings or rings or any of that stuff. And yet my stupid heart skips a stupid beat when that stupid boy tosses out the idea that someday he might marry me. - Author: Allie Everhart
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#17. Adela you are as smart as a boy." This remark stung, because if it meant that I was as smart as my brothers, I was still destined for idiocy. - Author: Anonymous
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#18. 'You've got a smart mouth, boy. And you swear too much. I should do what your mama failed to do and soap out your filthy mouth.'
Unwilling to hide the smirk, Jamie flashed it unrepentantly. 'Shit, your organic-oatmeal-and-mint soap probably tastes better than your cookies. Bring it on.' - Author: Finn Marlowe
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#19. CHARLIE: So you can't even see Ivy's point? MATTIE FAE: No. CHARLIE: That Little Charles and Beverly share some kind of ... complication. MATTIE FAE: Honey, you have to be smart to be complicated. CHARLIE: That's our boy. Are you saying our boy isn't smart? MATTIE FAE: Yes, that's what I'm saying. - Author: Tracy Letts
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#20. A boy who once wiped his ass with poison ivy probably doesn't belong in a smart people's club. - Author: Stephen King
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#21. I'm pretty smart with boys. I know how to handle them and I know what to do around them. - Author: Ariel Winter
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#22. More like the movie where the guy meets a smart girl who wears a lot of sweaters and drinks cocoa. They talk about books and issues and kiss in the rain. - Author: Stephen Chbosky
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#23. The last thing that the blues needs is another smart-ass white boy with an attitude. - Author: Brownie McGhee
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#24. You really want to know what being an X-Man feels like? Just be a smart bookish boy of color in a contemporary U.S. ghetto. Mamma mia! Like having bat wings or a pair of tentacles growing out of your chest. - Author: Junot Diaz
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#25. The trouble with girls is, if they like a boy, no matter how big a bastard he is, they'll say he has an inferiority complex, and if they don't like him, no matter how nice a guy he is, or how big an inferiority complex he has, they'll say he's conceited. Even smart girls do it. - Author: J.D. Salinger
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#26. But he'll just say a bunch of smart-ass stuff before maybe telling you anything real. That's what he does."
Standing, I said, "I think I can hold my own in smart-assery." I jogged up the basement steps, determined to go have a little word with Mirror Boy. - Author: Rachel Hawkins
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#27. Mom," say Malia Obame, "why dont you go get the photo albem of dad when he was a small boy, maybe it will jossel his memery."
"Good idea," Michele Obame say. "I guess thats why we call you the smart one," she go, and cast a look of disapoint at Sashe Obame. - Author: Seinfeld 2000
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#28. I was thinking - I'd like to fuck that smart mouth of yours and make you swallow my cum. ~Eric~ - Author: Courtney Lane
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#29. Ah. Smart. The word had a very specific meaning, here in the valley.
A smart boy thought he knew more than his tutors, and answered back, and interrupted. A
smart boy was worse than a stupid one. - Author: Terry Pratchett
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#30. Karl was no glamour boy. But even during this first meeting I discovered he had something better. The kind of intelligence that's more attractive than physical beauty. - Author: Aidan Chambers
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#31. A nice-looking boy pays attention, says the right things, looks at you just a certain way. You're not smart anymore. - Author: J.D. Robb
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#32. Growing up, I was sort of a tomboy. I was the one skating with the boys. - Author: Amy Smart
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#33. This isn't the obnoxious jock from the past year. It's not even the timid, but smart boy from before that. This is a much, much more dangerous version of Rob Falls...sweet, thoughtful, vulnerable, and honest. - Author: Kata Cuic
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