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Top 33 Quotes About Sales Management

#1. You are
What you do
When it counts"
- The Masao - Author: John Steakley
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#2. Around 1900 a sales executive discovered a "scientific" principle of sales management. It received a lot of publicity and even found its way into textbooks. The principle was this: There is one best way to sell a product. Find the best way. Then never deviate from it. - Author: David J. Schwartz
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#3. Teaching peers is one of the best ways to develop mastery. - Author: Jeff Atwood
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#4. We are too late for the gods and too early for Being. - Author: Martin Heidegger
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#5. However, more important to all of that: the players played the game as a true team. There are many teams in baseball, but not all play as a team. Many merely play as a group of talented athletes, which is a huge difference over the course of a long season. - Author: Michael Delaware
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#6. If we live long enough, we become caricatures of ourselves. - Author: John Irving
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#7. As you become more successful, the gender barrier disappears. The credibility challenges you have during your growing up years starts disappearing when you start demonstrating success. - Author: Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw
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#8. In the innovation age customer experience is key. Your impression defines their expression - Author: Fela Durotoye
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#9. When I moved into management, it was all about managing people and keeping them motivated - I didn't use sales metrics to drive my business. Now, everything comes from the numbers. - Author: Jim McDonough
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#10. Plan your work and work your plan" we used to say in my first Silicon Valley sales job. Identify the steps you need to take to get where you are going. Without a map who knows where you'll end up! Certainly not where you intended to be. - Author: Ann-Marie Heidingsfelder
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#11. You meet with a CEO or founder. You talk about sales, engineering, product management and give some ideas or suggestions. And the founder quickly understands that you really can help them both operationally and from a strategic standpoint. - Author: Douglas Leone
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#12. Yet, sales continue to be a problem for many organizations because they are not addressing the core issue for lack of results, which can be attributed to poor emotion management. Chapter - Author: Colleen Stanley
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#13. 'We need to do more' is not very sophisticated thinking and not good sales management. - Author: Jason Jordan
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#14. At the end of the day, taking 50% off a $250 dress still means walking out of the store $125 poorer. - Author: Ian Lamont
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#15. New sales managers are the forgotten rookie - they were pros at selling, but all of a sudden they're a rookie at management. - Author: Chris Lytle
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#16. When u practice something with conscious mind n then continue practicing the same even with sub-conscious mind, You Master it.. - Author: Honeya
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#17. Virtue steals, like a guilty thing, into the secret haunts of vice and infamy, clings to their devoted victim, and will not be driven quite away. Nothing can destroy the human heart. - Author: William Hazlitt
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#18. Nobody loves a policeman until he needs one. - Author: Will Durant
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#19. In all your life, your only choice is the path of needles or the path of pins. - Author: Rosamund Hodge
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#20. When someone tells you they're too busy, it's not that they mismanage their time, it's that you're not a priority. - Author: Rob Liano
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#21. Noah freezes, sort of like he went into shock. The right side of my mouth twitches. Mark the date, world. I stunned the great Noah Hutchins. - Author: Katie McGarry
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#22. Quality products and personalized attention secures retail customers. - Author: Rajen Jani
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#23. Once management is on board, the sales team needs to understand the rationale behind the micromarket strategy and have simple tools that make it easy to implement. That means aligning sales coverage with opportunity and creating straightforward sales "plays" for each type of opportunity. - Author: McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum
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#24. You cannot win everyday, but make sure u win, at-least once in a while. - Author: Honeya
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#25. Customers expect salespeople to stimulate the sales process, to ask the right questions and finally to ask for their business. When this initiative or confidence is lacking, no matter how much they like you personally, they aren't going to respect or value you as a business partner. - Author: Ann-Marie Heidingsfelder
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#26. We need a revolution every 20 years just to keep government honest. - Author: Thomas Jefferson
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#27. I would like to express how I regard salespeople in general. I consider they embody a unified and diverse aggregate of the most able individuals in society and its workplace. In any economy, they are among the most valuable to its continued existence. They alone move the economy of a nation. - Author: Michael Delaware
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#28. Several national tests have revealed the following startling statistics about why salespeople fail ... 15% Improper training both product and sales skills. 20% Poor verbal and written communication skills. 15% Poor or problematic boss or management. 50% Attitude. - Author: Jeffrey Gitomer
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#29. It is the responsibility of sales management to make the job of the sales people as easy as possible. The easiest way to do this is to build momentum. The best way to build momentum is to make it so that each sale makes the next sale easier to land, with less effort and a higher success rate. - Author: David B. Black
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#30. When someone gets a job, it better be clear what they did to get it. - Author: Mark V. Hurd
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#31. Give me a person who sincerely wants to commit themselves to being a salesperson, and put them on my team and I will give you a hero. That has always been my mindset as a sales manager, whenever I have been in that position. I believe in people, and I seek to encourage them to perform at their best. - Author: Michael Delaware
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#32. Going out of the way for a customer increases sales. - Author: Rajen Jani
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#33. Sales management is the most critical - and underappreciated - role in the sales force. Companies struggle to find something powerful to train sales managers on. - Author: Jason Jordan
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