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#1. Why does there exist a global American entertainment industry, but there isn't an equivalent coming from France or Italy? This is the case simply because the English language opens the whole world to the American cinema. - Author: Andrzej Wajda
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#2. I'm not very eager to sit and look at my films all the time. - Author: Werner Herzog
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#3. Legalizing homosexuality is not the first step on a slippery slope to legalizing everything. - Author: Jonathan Haidt
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#4. The people who work with solar photovoltaics (PV) tend to be sick, I've worked with many of them. They were showing classic symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness (RWS). - Author: Steven Magee
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#5. There was a skyness to the sky and a nowness to the world that he had never seen or felt or realized before. - Author: Neil Gaiman
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#6. If you come at movies with your own sense of morality and not your own sense of aesthetics, I think you're screwed. I think that's not a way to look at movies. - Author: Bret Easton Ellis
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#7. You could know the what of something forever and never discover the why. - Author: Jeff VanderMeer
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#8. His eyes spark with revolutions, enlightened trickery and unconditional affection. - Author: Laurie Perez
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#9. Life's saving graces are love, pleasure, laughter ... wisdom, it seems, is for the Hereafter. - Author: Michael R. Burch
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#10. Italian men are beautiful in the same way as French women, which is to say - no detail spared in the quest for perfection. - Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
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#11. Is it okay to roofie a girl just to shut her up? - Author: Daniel Tosh
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#12. Presidents have only two moments of personal seclusion. One is prayer; the other fishing - and they cannot pray all the time! - Author: Herbert Hoover
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#13. If your opponent is short (on time), play just as you played earlier in the game. If you are short keep calm, I repeat, don't get flustered. Keep up the same neat writing of the moves, the same methodical examination of variations, but at a quicker rate. - Author: Alexander Kotov
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#14. A text of Tibetan Buddhism describes the time of death as a unique opportunity for spiritual liberation from the cycles of death and rebirth and a period that determines our next incarnation. - Author: Stanislav Grof
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#15. Miracles do happen. - Author: Nicholas Sparks
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