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Top 31 Quotes About Roast Beef

#1. When mighty roast beef was the Englishman's food It ennobled our hearts and enriched our blood
Our soldiers were brave and our courtiers were good. Oh! the roast beef of England. And Old England's roast beef. - Author: Henry Fielding
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#2. I kept telling myself: Cold roast beef. Cold roast beef. Cold roast beef. - Author: Stephen King
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#3. The feeling of friendship is like that of being comfortably filled with roast beef; love, like being enlivened with champagne. - Author: Samuel Johnson
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#4. In 1951, Aerojet provided an employee cafeteria that featured roast prime rib of beef (seventy-five cents) on Thursdays, New York steaks (eighty-five cents) on Wednesdays and lobster (seventy-five cents) on Friday. - Author: Maryellen Burns
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#5. If he heard her, he gave no indication, just went on about "men who take advantage" and "helpless women" and "fates worse than death." Sophie wasn't positive, but she thought she even heard the phrase "roast beef and pudding". - Author: Julia Quinn
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#6. What's for dinner?"
"Roast beef. I heard it was a woman's body buried on Hamilton Ranch and that her body had been mummified."
"Roast beef and mummified should never be used in the same sentence," he joked as he headed toward the refrigerator for a beer. - Author: B. J. Daniels
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#7. I should like to know what well-constituted mind, merely because it is transitory, dislikes roast beef? - Author: William Makepeace Thackeray
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#8. I think if I hadn't been a writer, I'd have been a teacher like my dad. He was a college professor, and one of my greatest regrets is that he passed away before I was able to prove to him that I wasn't going to be stuck working at Rax Roast Beef for the rest of my life! - Author: Meg Cabot
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#9. For less than the cost of a Big Mac, fries and a Coke, you can buy a loaf of fresh bread and some good cheese or roast beef, which you will enjoy much more. - Author: Steve Albini
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#10. Who lives longer? The man who takes heroin for two years and dies, or a man who lives on roast beef, water and potatoes 'till 95? One passes his 24 months in eternity. All the years of the beefeater are lived only in time. - Author: Aldous Huxley
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#11. I'm from Manchester, Mass., so it was lobster, lobster and more lobster! Also, lots of fish that we caught in the summers, clam chowder and roast beef sandwiches. But my mom was pretty healthy; we had a lot of chicken and broccoli and rice as well. - Author: Sprague Grayden
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#12. In the 'Mad Men' era, the archetypal dad came home; put down his briefcase; received pipe, Manhattan, roast beef, potatoes, key-lime pie; and was - apparently - content. - Author: Sandra Tsing Loh
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#13. She planned to make a roast beef, a pile of mashed potatoes, corn- then mounted it into a bowl and drown it in gravy. Some people ate ice cream or pie when depressed; she went for the warm comfort food she learned to make in her grandma's kitchen. - Author: Amy E. Reichert
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#14. Roast beef and plum pudding are also held in superstitious veneration, and port and sherry maintain their grounds as the only true English wines; all others being considered vile, outlandish beverages. - Author: Washington Irving
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#15. You ever see Willy Wonka? You know that part where the girl eats an everlasting gobstopper sweet and it tastes of everything? Like chicken soup and roast beef and blueberry pie all rolled into one? Well, that's exactly what Shapeshifter blood tastes like ... - Author: Sarah Alderson
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#16. Using words to describe magic is like using a screwdriver to cut roast beef. - Author: Tom Robbins
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#17. I hate to interrupt such a touching scene but those hellhounds are not going to wait for you two to play kissey face. So, unless you intend to nail a chunk of roast beef to my butt and have me run around as a distraction, I would suggest we prepare for battle. Pg. 113-114 - Author: Alexandra Ivy
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#18. Roast beef, medium, is not only a food. It is a philosophy. - Author: Edna Ferber
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#19. Beef. Yes. Roast beef. It's the Swedish term for beef that is roasted. - Author: Lemony Snicket
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#20. A hotdog at the ballgame beats roast beef at the Ritz - Author: Humphrey Bogart
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#21. Finally, Groucho stopped working on his roast beef, put down his fork, leaned over to her and said, "Look, will you stop calling him 'Gumbo'? Gumbo's a type of soup. My brother's name is 'Gummo!'" In - Author: Steve Stoliar
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#22. A hot dog at the game beats roast beef at the Ritz. - Author: Humphrey Bogart
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#23. Mustard's no good without roast beef. - Author: Chico Marx
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#25. And roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is my personal signature dish. - Author: Ben Elton
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#26. What?" I ask, throwing my hands up, and then pointing at the woman. "Don't even look at me like that, lady. You know after having that baby, your vagina probably looks like wrinkled roast beef curtains. So don't kid yourself...because your vagina hates you." ~Vivian - Author: S.L. Romines
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#27. roast beef, roast chicken, pork chops and lamb chops, sausages, bacon and steak, boiled potatoes, roast potatoes, chips, Yorkshire pudding, peas, carrots, gravy, ketchup and, for some strange reason, mint humbugs. The - Author: J.K. Rowling
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#28. You don't want roast beef and Yorkshire every night and twice on Sunday. - Author: Brian Clough
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#29. Here was our future of cheese-food and aerosol propellants, Styrofoam and Club Med on the moon, roast beef served in a toothpaste tube. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
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#30. Classic Recipe for Roast Beef: 1 large Roast of beef 1 small Roast of beef Take the two roasts and put them in the oven. When the little one burns, the big one is done. - Author: Gracie Allen
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#31. It may not be possible to get rare roast beef but if you're willing to settle for well done, ask them to hold the sweetened library paste that passes for gravy. - Author: Marian Burros
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