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#1. Do you know you couldn't get a date with a $20 bill taped to your forehead? - Author: Roddy Piper
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#2. Requiring valid, photographic identification is a common sense step to ensure voter integrity and sound elections. - Author: Sonny Perdue
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#3. I wish I had time to listen to music more. - Author: John Edgar Wideman
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#4. A staff increase may produce a temporary improvement, but the promotion process eventually produces its effect on the newcomers and they, too, rise to their levels of incompetence. - Author: Laurence J. Peter
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#5. Some have argued that confronting the threat from Iraq could detract from the war against terror. To the contrary, confronting the threat posed by Iraq is crucial to winning the war on terror. - Author: George W. Bush
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#6. Beautiful things don't ask for attention. - Author: James Thurber
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#7. But it is not given to every electrician to die in so glorious a manner as the justly envied Richmann.
[G. W. Richmann died from being hit by lightning, which he had been investigating.] - Author: Joseph Priestley
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#8. Politics ought to be adjusted not to human reasonings but to human nature, of which reason is but a part and by no means the greatest part. - Author: Edmund Burke
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#9. There will always be one or two things bothering the person next to you. And if that person happens to be looking heavenward, it's because it helps us to remind ourselves that God is bigger than our problems. - Author: Joyce Rachelle
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#10. When I would hear the rabbi tell about some miracle such as a bush whose leaves were shaking but there wasn't any wind, I would try to fit the miracle into the real world and explain it in terms of natural phenomena. - Author: Richard P. Feynman
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#11. When I've got nothing better to do, I look down the league table to see how Everton are getting along - Author: Bill Shankly
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#12. Without thinking, Lillian let out a few curse words that caused Evie to blanch. One of Lillian's more questionable accomplishments was the ability to swear as fluently as a sailor, acquired from much time spent with her grandmother, who had worked as a washwoman at the harbor docks. - Author: Lisa Kleypas
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#13. The club is not a business. It's a populist democracy. - Author: Simon Kuper
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#14. So gut tells you "How do I feel about this right now?" It doesn't tell me how I feel about it tomorrow or even a few minutes from now. It just tells me how I'm feeling right now. - Author: Sheena Iyengar
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#15. rippling response stroking over his cock. - Author: Lora Leigh
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