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Top 20 Quotes About Resisting Love

#1. Love triumphs, at least in this life, not by eliminating evil once for all, but by resisting and overcoming it anew every day. - Author: Thomas Merton
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#2. Once evil is individualized, becoming part of everyday life, the way of resisting it also becomes individual. How does the soul survive? is the essential question. And the response is: through love and imagination. - Author: Azar Nafisi
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#3. Winston Churchill led the life that many men would love to live. He survived 50 gunfights and drank 20,000 bottles of champagne ... And of course, by resisting Hitler, he saved Europe and perhaps the world. - Author: Mark Riebling
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#4. She is resisting the Internet idea...because she doesn't want to one day tell her children that she posted an ad on the Internet, interviewed twenty-five hopeful candidates, and finally their father turned up and looked good in comparison with the rest of them. It just doesn't seem right. - Author: Jenny Colgan
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#5. It is when you stop resisting and choose an attitude of acceptance and positivity that you are able to shift your energetic experience to a higher plane and thereby attract and allow in experiences that are more in alignment with your hopes and dreams. - Author: Susan Barbara Apollon
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#6. Our connection was like a hidden force pulling us towards one another, and resisting it took a strength that I didn't know I could keep up for much longer. - Author: Michelle Madow
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#7. I like gardening - it's a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself. - Author: Alice Sebold
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#8. Muslims have not ever been told to examine their faith in a critical way, so the shock is going to be even greater for them, as it is for any child who lives in an over-protected environment, who suddenly has to go out and earn a living and has to stand up on his own feet. - Author: Ibn Warraq
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#9. If one tells the truth about being a scoundrel, is he a scoundrel at all? - Author: Sarah MacLean
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There are basically two movements of consciousness: love and fear. Love is allowing what is, and fear is resisting it. - Author: Nirmala
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#11. Spending more time with friends and family costs nothing. Nor does walking, cooking, meditating, making love, reading or eating dinner at the table instead of in front of the television. Simply resisting the urge to hurry is free. - Author: Carl Honore
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#12. The Vampire Masquerade
Mask of jewels across a pale face
Disguise the evil that makes no mistakes
Drops of red blood on delicate white lace
The body lies still and only time awaits. - Author: S.L. Ross
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#13. I sometimes forget to have breakfast in the morning, but when I actually buy a box of cereal, I will probably eat it not only for breakfast but also as a snack later on. - Author: Ryan Gosling
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#14. What before seemed a ... frustrating wall, the comic deftly and fearlessly steps through, proving the absurdity of it all. - Author: Bill Hicks
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#15. There is a danger in being persuaded before one understands. - Author: Thomas F. Wilson
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#16. The movers and shakers on our planet, aren't the billionaires and generals, they are the incredible numbers of people around the world filled with love for neighbor and for the earth who are resisting, remaking, restoring, renewing and revitalising. - Author: Bill McKibben
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#17. I'm tired of resisting love. Love will never be safe, but we've seen the alternative. - Author: Thea Hillman
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#18. God, do I love this man. The way he touches me, the way he kisses me. The cuts of his body and the intensity of his eyes. He is a drug that I have no way of resisting, bad for my soul, but so heartbreakingly perfect in its deliverance. - Author: Alessandra Torre
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#19. You've got to be centered on Christ. It's a work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit forms Jesus within us. No cross? No crown. No pain? No gain. No way around it - if there was a shortcut, I'd know it and I'd tell ya. - Author: John Corapi
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#20. With practice, you will find that not resisting holds the secret to many spiritual experiences, including the ability to love. - Author: Deepak Chopra
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