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#1. Regardless of the nature of their crime or any rehabilitation that may have occurred, these ex-felons cannot participate in the decision-making process of this great Nation.

Charles B. Rangel

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#2. I personally believe a crucial ingredient in rehabilitation is to admit that you completely screwed up.

Jonathan Aitken

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#3. The bald unpalatable fact is emphasized that the Highlands and Islands are largely a devastated terrain, and that any policy which ignores this fact cannot hope to achieve rehabilitation.

Frank Fraser Darling

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#4. All emphasis in American prisons is on punishment, retribution, and disparagement, and almost none is on rehabilitation.

Conrad Black

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#5. Let's stop wasting billions of dollars on prisons, which send people home who are too often less capable and more damaged than when they went in. We would have safer neighborhoods if we spent the same money on true rehabilitation, job training, employment and entrepreneurship.

Van Jones

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#6. Music is like a drug, but there are no rehabilitation centres.


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#7. Page one, sentence one:
"A Sister of Christian rehabilitation was soliciting funds at the bottom of the escalator. Our eyes met and I smiled first; therefore no donation necessary.

Chris Santana

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#8. The hope of the world lies in the rehabilitation of the living human being, not just the body but also the soul.

Vaclav Havel

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#9. We've become so fearful and vengeful that we've thrown away children, discarded the disabled, and sanctioned the imprisonment of the sick and the weak - not because they are a threat to public safety or beyond rehabilitation but because we think it makes us seem tough, less broken.

Bryan Stevenson

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#10. Crime and punishment can be summed up in two classifications: there are bad people and there are people who get into bad situations. The lines for liberation and rehabilitation should first begin with the people who get into bad situations.

Johnnie Dent Jr.

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#11. Circumstances of crimes vary. So do motives. And so do prospects for rehabilitation. The number of imponderables makes it impossible to sentence by formula and still sentence justly.

Robert Kennedy

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#12. On the wall of his rehabilitation room was a picture of the space shuttle blasting off, autographed by every astronaut now at NASA. On top of the picture it says, "We found nothing is impossible." That should be our motto.

Christopher Reeve

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#13. Problems in producing evidence, e) sexist attitudes of magistrates, f) Paucity of reformatory homes, inadequate infrastructure facilities, poor quality of the staff and the corrective orientation towards rehabilitation. All these problems remain. It is


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#14. I know what it's like to be ignored, and I think that is the big problem about the prison system: These people are being thrown away. There is no sense of rehabilitation. In some places, they are trying to do things. But, in most cases, it's a holding cell.

Lee Tergesen

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#15. The present treatments for brain cancer are not curative. We need new and better treatments. More funding for research. Legislation to improve the research system and to provide better access to care, treatment, and rehabilitation services for all brain tumor survivors.

Shannon O'Brien

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#16. I work closely with a number of charities from food pantries to drug rehabilitation to natural disaster relief to preventing sexual exploitation of young girls. It is one of the most rewarding things I do.

Beyonce Knowles

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#17. Most of the locks and dams on the upper Mississippi River system are over 60 years old and many are in serious need of repair and rehabilitation.

Ron Kind

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#18. The big post-election story if Obama wins the presidency will be in the hands of the ethically embattled Democratic Gov. Rod Blagojevich. He's not very popular, and has a chance to use his power to appoint an Obama replacement as a step in the direction of political rehabilitation.

Chuck Todd

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#19. America's criminal justice system isn't known for rehabilitation. I'm not sure that, as a society, we are even interested in that concept anymore.

Steve Earle

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#20. I would like to own a dog in the future. I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process.

Michael Vick

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#21. I think, like many others, I realized that only the massive introduction of American support in one form or another, could possibly bring about a rehabilitation of the economies of those countries within a reasonable time.

David K. E. Bruce

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#22. I must stress, basically, the very fact that we do have orangutan rehabilitation means that we have failed to do what is really important, and that is rescue the wild orangutan in its habitat.

Willie Smits

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#23. A Jew's undoing is never his own, it is God's; his rehabilitation is never his own, it is a Christian's.

Djuna Barnes

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#24. If even a small fraction of the money we now spend on trying to enforce drug prohibition were devoted to treatment and drug rehabilitation, in an atmosphere of compassion not punishment, the reduction in drug usage and in the harm done to users could be dramatic.

Milton Friedman

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#25. One of the things that's often forgotten about drug rehabilitation, it's not a destiny. It's a journey.

Peter Hobson

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#26. I joined the Army at 19 as a soldier and spent about four and a half years with them. Then I broke my back in a freefall parachuting accident and spent a year in rehabilitation back in the U.K.

Bear Grylls

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#27. I would like people to see my work as a rehabilitation of scorned values and, in any case, make no mistake about it, a work of ardent celebration.

Jean Dubuffet

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#28. We've given up on rehabilitation, education, and services for the imprisoned because providing assistance to the incarcerated is apparently too kind and compassionate. We

Bryan Stevenson

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#29. And as long as we believe what we believe-until that is questioned-there's no progress as a human race. Again, we still have war. So, effective rehabilitation is to question what we believe. When that happens, everyone gets out of prison.

Byron Katie

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#30. In the very progress of society, the prison has in the very nature of things undergone some improvement, but there are vast stretches yet to be covered before the prison becomes, if it ever does, an institution for the reclamation and rehabilitation of erring and unfortunate men and women.

Eugene V. Debs

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#31. The subject of criminal rehabilitation was debated recently in City Hall. It's an appropriate place for this kind of discussion because the city has always employed so many ex-cons and future cons.

Mike Royko

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#32. I couldn't let how the team was doing affect my mindset on my rehabilitation because I sort of believe I had to take it upon myself that my rehabilitation and getting myself 100 percent healthy had to be first and foremost, before the team, in my mind,

Tedy Bruschi

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#33. I just want to help people. I'm a helper. For instance, I myself have helped hundreds of people get off drugs. In Scientology, we have the only successful drug rehabilitation program in the world. It's called Narconon.

Tom Cruise

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#34. We have developed our own approach towards rehabilitating people, involving psychological rehabilitation, social rehab within families and of our Religious Rehabilitation Group.

Tony Tan

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#35. It is for this reason that Jesus left us the parable of the unfaithful servant, inviting us into a sincere fraternity in order that through it we could find the path of rehabilitation.

Chico Xavier

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#36. We call our system the Department of Corrections, or simply Corrections, but correcting or any notion of rehabilitation has been largely thrown to the wayside in favor of punitive action through the revocation of selfhood.

Erika Camplin

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#37. Restorative justice is not a replacement of retributive justice, but a complement. It seeks the rehabilitation of the wrongdoer and the repair of the victim's injury.

Lewis B. Smedes

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#38. I play a bad boy on television, but in real life I have a passion for nature and nature conservancy, specifically bird rehabilitation.

Mark Salling

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#39. Yes, I am positive that one of the great curatives of our evils, our maladies, social, moral, and intellectual, would be a return to the soil, a rehabilitation of the work of the fields.

Charles Wagner

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#40. America has also forever lost the service of thousands of good soldiers who are now disabled as a result of battle wounds in Iraq. Many others will need mental and emotional rehabilitation before they can return to normal life.

John Olver

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#41. Accelerated Rehabilitation had a scientific sound, as if Pierre would rehabilitate faster and faster in an elliptical path until evaporating in a blue flash of pure mental health.

Tom Drury

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#42. Selfishness is the unwillingness to give up your soul for the rehabilitation of your future.

Michael Bassey Johnson

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#43. The Church is not an automobile showroom - a place to put ourselves on display so that others can admire our spirituality, capacity, or prosperity. It is more like a service center, where vehicles in need of repair come for maintenance and rehabilitation.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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#44. The insanity rate per capita in South Africa is appalling ... it is easily seen that a primary requisite in any programme of the rehabilitation of the Bantu in South Africa would be mental health ...

L. Ron Hubbard

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#45. I have no military application in my research. You know, we are all involved into rehabilitation medicine.

Miguel Nicolelis

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#46. I'm still in The Syd Barrett Memorial Rehabilitation Centre, Cambridge, UK
When and if I'm let out, I'll move on to Saucerful of Secrets.
Prognosis: Uncertain.

Sienna McQuillen

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#47. Our history shows that the death penalty has been unjustly imposed, innocents have been killed by the state, effective rehabilitation has been impaired, judicial administration has suffered. It is the poor, the sick, the ignorant, the powerless, and the hated who are executed.

Ramsey Clark

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#48. What We want is to make it possible for our unfortunate people to live a life of industry for it is by steady work alone that we hope for our physical and moral rehabilitation. For this reason above all we have undertaken to rally our people around our ideal.

Theodor Herzl

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#49. I've been all over the place in all kinds of living situations. Due to the fact that my mind is my own worst enemy. In a way I am perpetually and permanently in a state of rehabilitation m in an attempt to rehabilitate from the shock of being born.Some people are too sensitive to withstand that.

Heather O'Neill

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#50. If we are to succeed, we must recognize that the community redevelopment is not solely the rehabilitation of housing, or putting a mall in the business strips.

Jane Byrne

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#51. In a way, being raised on the farm and doing chores and stuff it's a natural thing for me to want to work outside. It's almost kind of like a rehabilitation for me with doing that.

Hank Williams III

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#52. The rehabilitation of order as a universal principle, however, suggested at the same time that orderliness by itself is not sufficient to account for the nature of organized systems in general or for those created by man in particular.

Rudolf Arnheim

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#53. I am a firm believer that upon release, ex-offenders should be afforded a second chance to become productive citizens by providing rehabilitation and education that will help them join the workforce.

Charles B. Rangel

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#54. There is a firm, clear commitment to provide resources and ideas to enable us to organize the Afghans towards starting the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction.

Lakhdar Brahimi

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#55. Imagine this:
Ice is coming to YOUR house.
Can you HEAR it knocking?
Are you ready?
What will YOU do?

Cornelia Connie D. DeDona

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#56. Injury makes one prudent,' says the proverb; insofar as it makes one prudent it also makes one bad. Fortunately, it frequently makes people stupid.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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#57. [His pain] wasn't a punishment. It wasn't a gift. It just was. His pain was his life. It wasn't all his life was, not always.

Heidi Cullinan

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#58. We are waiting and waiting and doing nothing, until it is too late, and they commit crimes so serious that all society wants to do is punish instead of rehabilitate.

Edward Humes

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#59. In a fair and just society you can't create laws based on how you feel at the worst moment in your life.

Norris Henderson

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#60. Merciful heavens! Human treatment may even render human a man in whom the image of God has long ago been tarnished. It is these 'unfortunates' that must be treated in the most human fashion. This is their salvation and their joy.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky

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#61. Intent is what can make a man succeed when his thoughts tell him that he is defeated.

Carlos Castaneda

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#62. Generally speaking, punishment makes men hard and cold; it concentrates; it sharpens the feeling of alienation; it strengthens the power of resistance

Friedrich Nietzsche

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