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#1. Him a first edition of Ray Bradbury's Dark Carnival and another who thinks I owe

Tim Kreider

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#2. Working with the Kinks, there always seemed to be some kind of automatic process at work. Ray and I had this telepathy happening for a long time, where one of us always knew what the other could do with something.

Dave Davies

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#3. With all of my films that are on DVD and Blu-ray, I have spent weeks with them in a color timing room. Just changing or enhancing them. I have been desaturating the color. Sometimes I will make a scene bluer or redder. I do use the new medium. I believe in it.

William Friedkin

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#4. I read a bit of Ray Bradbury when I was a younger man. I don't read a lot of fiction anymore ... like, none.

Henry Rollins

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#5. Ray wondered how different his life would be if he was accompanied by music throughout his daily routine. Walking to the pub would be more dramatic with Wagner. Stacking shelves would be quicker with Metallica.

Phil Church

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#6. Unlike Ray Porter, his love is fearless and without reservation.

Steve Martin

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#7. When the contrary magnetic poles were on the same side, there was an effect produced on the polarized ray, and thus magnetic force and light were proved to have relation to each other ...

Michael Faraday

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#8. For each ray of light, there's a stroke of dark,
For each possibility, one has gone.
For each action, a reaction.
Ever in balance, the world spins on.

Kiki Sullivan

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#9. The glittering filament, finer than a hair, is far less than a denier in thickness. When a ray of sunlight struck it at the window at which I was examining it, I saw the thread blaze with all the colours of the spectrum.

Leena Krohn

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#10. Revie said there was nothing between me and Ray yet he never gave me a chance to show what I could do.

Peter Shilton

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#11. Now in the sun's new dawning ray, lowly of heart, our God we pray that He from harm may keep us free in all the deeds this day shall see.

Glenn Cooper

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#12. Great job, you just executed Ben Franklin! - Otto Ray

Monet Polny

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#13. And there were sort of three toys for boys and three toys for girls. And the boys I can remember was, well, there was a Dan Dare Ray Gun. Dan Dare was a sort of a cartoon character. He was just sort of a - he was like a Battle of Britain fighter pilot, only in space.

Nick Lowe

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#14. Ray, what you got to do is go climb a mountain...

Jack Kerouac

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#15. Ray then revealed the most simple and important distinction of all. There are only four things that move the price of assets: 1. inflation, 2. deflation, 3. rising economic growth, and 4. declining economic growth.

Anthony Robbins

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#16. Ray Bradbury is one who is contributing to the understanding of the imagination and the curiosity of the human race.

Buzz Aldrin

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#17. Being a digital photographer I'm in awe of the older generation of photographers who created all those iconic cinematic style images on film, such as Man Ray's portrait of the photographer Lee Miller.

Paul Walker

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#18. When an ensemble is really tight or playing as one, it's a transcendental experience. It is spiritual. It goes beyond the ensemble. Ray and I and Robby and Jim were pretty tight, musically and spiritually.

John Densmore

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#19. He felt she was walking in a circle about him, turning him end for end, shaking
him quietly, and emptying his pockets, without once moving herself.
Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Ray Bradbury

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#20. I'd get to within a yard of that door you walk through and the thing would go mad. I used to carry an X-ray in my briefcase, to show them. But I had all the metal taken out.

Barry Sheene

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#21. How is it that after he takes my love and runs, pushes my love to the borderline, I still want to see his face underneath a ray of Atlantis light, to dress him up with my love?

Orit Arfa

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#22. When you are the avatar for the writer/director, a lot of times, I just trusted him. If he had a choice, even if it wasn't necessarily what was my first impulse, I was like, "This guy [Billy Ray] has been living with this for two years before I even came on board, so I'm going with him."

Matt Bomer

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#23. Louis-Cesare looked pained. Ray was even dirtier than I was, and his bright red briefs had gotten a tear across the butt at some point, flashing a glimpse of hairy cheek whenever he moved. An awesome trophy he was not.

Karen Chance

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#24. Our reason may prove what it will: our reason is only a feeble ray that has issued from Nature.

Maurice Maeterlinck

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#25. I was taught to fighter like Sugar Ray Leonard and Muhammad Ali when I was growing up.

Nonito Donaire

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#26. When Uncle Bob (or Ted or Ray) promised to send a shooting star over the house to mark a young listener's birthday, the young listener, who had hung out the window for an hour without seeing the star, questioned not Uncle Bob (or Ted or Ray), but his own eyesight.

Vincent Canby

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#27. You'd be the first enemy that ever got shaved by Spetsnaz, and not in the way we mean 'shaving'." As in, cut throat.

Aleksandr Voinov

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#28. You really are a ray of sunshine, aren't you?

Sarah Grimm

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#29. Not a ray is dimmed, not an atom worn; nature's oldest force is as good as new.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#30. Ray called out, "Weapons ready. Sound off."
"Walking stick and shields against animals attacks."
"Clean underwear and a rock-salt shotgun," said Winn...

Scott Rhine

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#31. My high school coach was Ray O'Conner. He has coached a lot of players that have signed professional contracts, and many of those have gone on to play in the major leagues.

Robin Yount

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#32. Margaret Atwood, J.G. Ballard, Ray Bradbury, Jim Crace, Arthur C. Clarke, Russell Hoban, Anna Kavan, Doris Lessing, Cormac McCarthy, Walter M. Miller, Tim O'Brien, Will Self and Marcel Theroux,

Bill Bryson

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#33. My dream as a child was to play with a bass player like Ray Brown, who played with the Oscar Peterson Trio. The feeling I had listening to his work was almost carnal, so to actually play for him was earth-shattering for me.

Diana Krall

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#34. You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray [the confessed assassin of Martin Luther King]. We miss you, James. Godspeed.

Rush Limbaugh

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#35. Go to the edge of the cliff and jump off. Build your wings on the way down.
Ray Bradbury

T.K. Thorne

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#36. Adopt the pace of nature, said Ralph Waldo Emerson. Her secret is patience. Ray

Lisa Unger

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#37. You, sir, are a ray of sunshine.
-Percy Jackson

Rick Riordan

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#38. Love may be blind, but cohabitation comes with all the latest X-ray gizmos.

David Mitchell

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#39. Autumn ripens in the summer's ray.

John Armstrong

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#40. Everything I did was pure love. Pure love. And if you live that way, you've had a great life. - 'Ray Bradbury: the last interview and other conversations' by Sam Weller (p.92)

Ray Bradbury

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#41. When Ray Flacke came out, it was like 'What in the heck is this?' ... there's a guy who had that Tele players attitude, and he plugged straight into that amp with a delay, and it was unbelievable the way he would bend those big strings ... he was really unique ...

Brad Paisley

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#42. Ray Illingworth is relieving himself in front of the pavilion.

John Arlott

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#43. Ray Bradbury was the first author that I was really exposed to back in grade school. I'm a big Philip K. Dick fan, but the emotion and humanity that Bradbury brings to his stories and the way he uses sci-fi to get at the human heart is something that's unique and for me incredibly influential.

Rian Johnson

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#44. Yet Wallace and other segregationists created an inflamed environment in which a confused but also ambitious man like Ray could think it was permissible, perhaps even noble, to murder King. The signals Ray was picking up enabled him to believe that society would smile on his crime. What

Hampton Sides

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#45. To my fellow nominees, whoever they are - I'm not that familiar with their work - I just want to say, there's always next year - except, you know, for Ray Romano .

Tony Shalhoub

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#46. Please note, you future dead persons, whenever you shut off a fluorescent bulb or a cathode ray tube and see a residual photon-green glow, that glow is trapped human ectoplasm. Ghosts are forever being snared in lightbulbs.

Chuck Palahniuk

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#47. Ray Bradbury was not ahead of his time. He was perfectly of his time, and more than that: he created his time and left his mark on the time that followed.

Neil Gaiman

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#48. Someone once said there was a comparison between Sugar Ray Leonard and Sugar Ray Robinson. Believe me, there's no comparison. Sugar Ray Robinson was the greatest.

Sugar Ray Leonard

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#49. As murderous industrial magnates go, Alfred Nobel is right up there with Ray Kroc, franchiser of McDonald's.

P. J. O'Rourke

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#50. For the first time in as long as he could remember, a finger of light, like the first ray of dawn, shone into the dark cavern of his soul.

Mark Beauregard

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#51. A ray of light made a rainbow through the mist. [His] words had given her a small glimmer of hope - the kind of hope she thought had disappeared from her life forever.

Rachel Skatvold

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#52. When I was a kid, I always looked up to people like B.B. King and Ray Charles.

Daryl Hall

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#53. Ray Leonard is more the family man, kind of quiet. He's not as outgoing as Sugar Ray Leonard. Sugar Ray Leonard was very determined, very focused, very outgoing and very selfish, if you will. There are two different individuals there.

Sugar Ray Leonard

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#54. Ray Lewis is the type of guy, if he were in a fight with a bear I wouldn't help him, I'd pour honey on him because he likes to fight. That's the type of guy Ray Lewis is.

Shannon Sharpe

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#55. As if the ray which travels from the sun would reach me sooner than the man who blacks my boots.

William Makepeace Thackeray

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#56. Absolutely, I grew up listening to soul music. People like Stevie, Aretha, Ray Charles, Michael and Prince. My parents' record collection was all I had when I was a little kid. If it wasn't that, it was something else in their collection.

Jesse McCartney

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#57. After the Cardinals traded their No. 6 pick, I didn't know where I was going, ... The first thing I thought about was me and Ray Lewis doing that commercial, and how he made me do his laundry. And now it's actually going to be a reality.

Terrell Suggs

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#58. She had to remember that there was power and magic in life: that when the sun laid a ray as warm as a hand on her head as they left the graveyard, it could be an unseen hand, reaching out to her with love. Only changed, and not strange forever.

Sarah Rees Brennan

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#59. The entertainment industry at large has pretty much given away high definition to consumers. They haven't really charged a premium for it on television. That makes consumers more likely to buy Blu-ray but less likely to pay a premium for it.

Michael Lynton

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#60. Some nights, alone, he thinks of her, and some nights, alone, she thinks of him. Some night these thoughts, separated by miles and time zones, occur at the same objective moment, and Ray and Mirabelle are connected without ever knowing it.

Steve Martin

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#61. As far as my creative urge is concerned, I do sit down and write my own music ... I'll tell you a writer who I think is a genius: Ray Stevens. He comes up with some of the most fantastic novelty ideas. Dolly Parton also writes well. I like a lot of songs, a lot of writers.

Boudleaux Bryant

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#62. The instincts of the ant are very unimportant, considered as the ants; but the moment a ray of relation is seen to be a monitor, a little body with a mighty heart, then all its habits, even that said to be recently observed, that it never sleeps, become sublime.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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#63. The first piece of music that captured my imagination was probably Ray Charles Live At Newport.

Van Morrison

Quotes About Ray #1281413
#64. I wonder if I were to have an X-ray at the little hospital, would the machine see my grief? Is it like rust, arheum about the heart?

Sebastian Barry

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#65. Faith is like a bright ray of sun light. It enables us to see God in all things as well as all things in God.

Saint Francis De Sales

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#66. Death ray?" scoffed Victor. "Death ray? Everyone thinks that inventors just have death rays just sitting around. 'Oh you're an inventor? Have you made a death ray yet?' 'How's the inventing going? What's your death ray like?' I'm sick of it.

Dennis Liggio

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#67. A ray of light peeked through the casket of his heart and shone a ray on the decayed hope there.
- Holt McKnight

Jessica R. Patch

Quotes About Ray #1272394
#68. What are you lookin' at me for? I'm a ray of fuckin' sunshine.

Shelly Laurenston

Quotes About Ray #1265920
#69. The cathode-ray tube will replace canvas,

Nam June Paik

Quotes About Ray #1265897
#70. Who isn't a fan of Ray Charles?

John Scofield

Quotes About Ray #1260542
#71. Gerard's spirit animal is a gazelle - that's how he's always answered - Frankie would definitely be a wolverine, I would be a shark because of my inability to sit still, and Ray? Ray would be ... I'm thinking super intelligent, super articulate, I would think owl.

Mikey Way

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#72. I always considered Ray Harryhausen's work so fine that it was way out of my league: in terms of realism and naturalism, in terms of animal movement.

Nick Park

Quotes About Ray #1257220
#73. The thing about home is that it's a tough place to sustain a career, just by dent of the size of the place. I had about as good a run there as anybody, but it's still a tough ask. I mean, the person I think with the best career in Australia is Ray Meagher, in 'Home and Away.'

Ben Mendelsohn

Quotes About Ray #1256182
#74. Or as my friend Ray Ortlund has been known to say, "In Acts, they preached and awe came down. You can't put that in your worship order. 10 a.m.: awe comes down.

Jared C. Wilson

Quotes About Ray #1253525
#75. Till, this is my boyfriend, Ray Mabie.

Aly Martinez

Quotes About Ray #1247278
#76. Whoa!!! I heard I offended one of my all time favorite artists Ray Price by my statement Nobody wants to listen to their grandpas music.

Blake Shelton

Quotes About Ray #1243642
#77. I'm a vampire, idiot. I don't have x-ray vision." "Some supernatural monster you are, remind me to trade you in for a werewolf, bro. Probably be more useful right now.

Rachel Caine

Quotes About Ray #1243221
#78. Ninety isn't old. You're old when your doctor doesn't X-ray you any more - he just holds you up to the light!

Red Buttons

Quotes About Ray #1238683
#79. You only need one ray of light to chase all the shadows away,

Fredrik Backman

Quotes About Ray #1234522
#80. This song is dedicated to Frank Zappa, and River Phoenix, Fred Gwynne who played Herman Munster, Dixie Lee Ray, Thomas P, Tip O'Neil, and you, dumb ass, who just threw water on me.

Kurt Cobain

Quotes About Ray #1233059
#81. The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time.

Stella Adler

Quotes About Ray #1229943
#82. When you make a Blu-ray, its not the same as the print process was. You have little or no control over any print that was ever made. You are a victim of the 35mm printing process.

William Friedkin

Quotes About Ray #1220353
#83. You are the light I crave, at times you are what makes my skin color change, you provide me with a ray of hope, the feeling of home and an occasional feeling of pain. But You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, the only source of light I need.

Patrick Stevens

Quotes About Ray #1220276
#84. I was always shocked when I went to the doctor's office and they did my X-ray and didn't find that I had eight more ribs than I should have or that my blood was the color green.

Nicolas Cage

Quotes About Ray #1219689
#85. I see myself as Kiki de Montparnasse, trying to get Man Ray's attention. (Sofia Navarro, 7th July 2012).

Sofia Navarro

Quotes About Ray #1215979
#86. Everyone felt like they knew Ray Charles and in a way they did, because he was embodied by his music.

Ahmet Ertegun

Quotes About Ray #1213839
#87. If you look at pictures of the bodies of Muhammad Ali, Ray Robinson, or, for that matter, Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee, you'll see physique in perfect proportion and built for function.

Tom Schreck

Quotes About Ray #1212612
#88. There is one ray of hope. It seems to me that today the responsible leaders of the several peoples have, in the main, the honest will to abolish war.

Albert Einstein

Quotes About Ray #1207457
#89. Rain"
Oh amiable rain
Washer of trees
and roofs
who has prepared them
the pink ray
of evening

Charlotte Gardelle

Quotes About Ray #1204565
#90. I am motivated by thoughts of my sorrowful little client and the screwing that he got. I'm the only lawyer Donny Ray has, and it will take much more than paper to slow me down.

John Grisham

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#91. Strange now to think of you, gone without corsets & eyes, while I walk on the sunny pavement of Greenwich Village. downtown Manhattan, clear winter noon, and I've been up all night, talking, talking, reading the Kaddish aloud, listening to Ray Charles blues shout blind on the phonograph

Allen Ginsberg

Quotes About Ray #1196036
#92. Ray Comfort's got a fabulous film. Oh boy, this is going to cause the halls of academia to have a few conversations around the cafeteria.

Janet Parshall

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#93. It's hard to think what should make your blood boil more - what happened to Billy Ray or what didn't happen to those who abused him. It's something we can't ignore.

Morris Dees

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#94. Do the thing you love to do. Hank Williams died at the ripe old age of twentynine. Stevie Ray Vaughan at thirty-five. Jesus at thirtythree. Don't think you're special and the Lord's gonna bless you with time.

Jill S. Alexander

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#95. I ache and I think the only thing that will stop it is you f%#king me into the mattress."

"Okay, no more porn for you." Ray crawled onto the bed between Piper's thighs.

Piper snickered.

Jambrea Jo Jones

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#96. Each ray of light moves in the coordinate system 'at rest' with the definite, constant velocity V independent of whether this ray of light is emitted by a body at rest or a body in motion.

Albert Einstein

Quotes About Ray #1173710
#97. 'Ray Donovan' is such a revelation to everybody who's working on it, and it's only getting better.

Steven Bauer

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#98. Ray shook his head. "That is one weird little dude.

Amanda Carlson

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#99. I went to the airport, I put my bag in the x-ray machine, I found out my bag has cancer. It only has six more months to hold stuff.

Mitch Hedberg

Quotes About Ray #1017157
#100. This work made me more and more interested in biological matter, and I decided that I really wanted to work on the X-ray analysis of biological molecules.

Aaron Klug

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