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#1. Give a small number of people the power to enrich themselves beyond everyone's wildest dreams, a philosophical rationale to explain all the damage they're causing, and they will not stop until they've run the world economy off a cliff. - Author: Philipp Meyer
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#2. Spiritual bypassing often adopts a rationale based on using absolute truth to deny or disparage relative truth. - Author: Ethan Nichtern
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#3. Things are not necessarily logical. Logic is a secondary source reference. Everything is what it is. We have decided to apply rationale to things. It makes us feel better. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#4. I do not have a brain that I long for in dealing with matters of which I am ignorant, that don't come within my ken and a rationale, a reason, and argument and so on, and I can't do that and I'm not in that bracket at all. - Author: Richard Attenborough
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#5. The chief task was to stop the arms race before it brought utter disaster. However, after the collapse of communism and the disintegration of the Soviet Union, any rationale for having nuclear weapons disappeared. - Author: Joseph Rotblat
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#6. You are allowed to draw lines even if your feelings are irrational. Part of the marvelous business of being an adult human is that you get to set your own boundaries for whatever reasons you like, without appending a sensible rationale to them. - Author: Mallory Ortberg
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#7. The rationale that etiquette should be eschewed because it fosters inequality does not ring true in a society that openly admits to a feverish interest in the comparative status-conveying qualities of sneakers. Manners are available to all, for free. - Author: Judith Martin
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#8. Thus, the entire rationale for overseas expansion was shaped in a domestic crucible. Economic need, Anglo-Saxon mission, and the progressive impulse joined together nicely to justify a more active role for government in promoting foreign expansion. To - Author: Emily Rosenberg
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#9. Does this rationale make sense to you? (Syd)
That's Jack-Logic. It makes total sense. (Steele) - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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#10. The line between faith and fanaticism is a constantly shifting one," Dr. Poblocki said. "When does belief become justification? When does right become rationale and crusade become crime? - Author: Libba Bray
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#11. The story of the betrayal of Jesus by Judas gave a moral and religious rationale to anti-Jewish sentiment, and that's what made it persistent and vicious. - Author: Elaine Pagels
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#12. People are fascinated by evil because it's mysterious and it doesn't seem to have a rationale behind it, and the second you say that Hannibal Lector was abducted as a child and he had to eat his sister or something like that, it becomes immediately mundane. The character becomes mundane. - Author: Jared Harris
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#13. I pretended that it wasn't such a big deal, that I knew we weren't suited, that I agreed with what-ever bullshit rationale you used - 'we don't make each other the best possible versions of ourselves' or what-ever. But you did make me the best 'me'. - Author: Lottie Moggach
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#14. NBA has a selfish rationale. It saves the owners money by delaying the time a player gets to a second, more lucrative contract. Even the player's union is on board. There are only 450 jobs in the NBA, and the one-and-done protects veterans' jobs. - Author: Sonny Vaccaro
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#15. We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members. [Explaining rationale for using prominent black leaders to advocate birth control and abortion] - Author: Margaret Sanger
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#16. Because we follow Christ and are citizens in the kingdom of God, the rationale "that's just the way it is," is not near enough motivation or excuse to keep going with the flow. - Author: Ronnie McBrayer
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#17. When your reasons for believing something are justified ad hoc, you are left susceptible to further discoveries undermining the rationale for that belief. - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
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#18. I think, unfortunately, we live in a world where people attack other people and I think a legitimate rationale for war is the saving of human life, the saving of lives of people who cannot defend themselves. - Author: Sebastian Junger
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#19. Could it be that we lost something because had we not lost it, we would have lost ourselves? - Author: Craig D. Lounsbrough
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#20. People had an illogical, self-serving rationale when it came to interpreting the behavior of others. - Author: Marisha Pessl
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#21. Authoritarianism and secrecy breed incompetence; the two feed on each other. It's a vicious cycle. Governments with authoritarian tendencies point to what is in fact their own incompetence as the rationale for giving them yet more power. - Author: Josh Marshall
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#22. When my first husband died, what I tried to do is to sort of, you know, try to bring some rationale to the circumstance and think about worse circumstances, and also open the door to what other women experienced when all of a sudden they were left alone. And particularly if they had children. - Author: Olympia Snowe
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#23. Ut she didn't understand and couldn't accept using that unhappiness as an excuse or rationale for being unfaithful. why didn't people just end it? if they wanted someone else, or something else, why not break it off clean first instead of cheating, lying, tolerating, just existing? - Author: Nora Roberts
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#24. Profit is not the explanation, cause, or rationale of business behavior and business decisions, but the test of their validity. - Author: Peter Drucker
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#25. My reason for arguing against abolishing these types of sports isn't some kind of lofty, philosophical rationale. It's just that I did it and I liked it. It comes down to a libertarian issue for me. I feel that if I know the risks and I want to take them, I should be allowed to do so. - Author: Jonathan Gottschall
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#26. In the parlance of economics, Julien has said to Pari that if she cut off the supply of attention, perhaps the demands for it would cease as well. - Author: Khaled Hosseini
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#27. Whatever rationale is used to justify expanding the role of the state in economic life, the inescapable outcome will be the increase of coercion. Legal - Author: Herbert Schlossberg
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#28. Every war has its martyrs - the unsung heroes who sometimes don't even know the rationale behind the war they are fighting. They fight because they are trained to, kill because they are told to and die because they are destined to. - Author: Anurag Shourie
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#29. They claim there's a rationale for the children, don't they, sir?"
"Yes. Those babes in arms will grow up and want revenge on the Nazis in about 1963. I suppose the rationale for the women under forty-five is that they might be pregnant. And the rationale for the older women is while we're at it. - Author: Martin Amis
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#30. Most decisions are seat-of-the-pants judgments. You can create a rationale for anything. In the end, most decisions are based on intuition and faith. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
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#31. Myth is the system of basic metaphors, images, and stories that informs the perceptions, memories, and aspirations of a people; provides the rationale for its institutions, rituals and power structure; and gives a map of the purpose and stages of life. - Author: Sam Keen
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#32. Dollar depreciation leads to higher inflation and ultimately forces foreign creditors to question their rationale and indeed their sanity for continuing purchases of U.S. Treasuries. - Author: Bill Gross
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#33. Koch's youthful idealism about libertarianism had largely devolved into a rationale for corporate self-interest. - Author: John Charles Chasteen
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#34. It was as if my rationale had a stupid friend that was always getting up to no good. - Author: S.A. Tawks
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#35. I now believe truth lies not in logic but in hope, both past and future. I believe hope can surprise you. It can survive the odds against it, all sorts of contradictions, and certainly any skeptic's rationale of relying on proof through fact. - Author: Amy Tan
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#36. Since outright slavery has been discredited, "democracy" is the only remaining rationale for state compulsion that most people will accept. - Author: Joseph Sobran
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#37. Terrorism has replaced Communism as the rationale for the militarization of the country [America], for military adventures abroad, and for the suppression of civil liberties at home. It serves the same purpose, serving to create hysteria. - Author: Howard Zinn
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#38. When you are Patient you can be Practical and rationale - Author: M.Mnzava
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#39. It is essential to release humanity from the false fixations of yesterday which seem now to bind it to a rationale of action leading only to extinction. - Author: R. Buckminster Fuller
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#40. People play the lottery all the time unaware of how mind-bogglingly difficult it is to win. It seems like they take a different approach to probabilities. Their rationale must be, Well, I can either win it or not win it, so my odds of winning are 50/50. - Author: Orlando Winters
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#41. I'm sure you have some cosmic rationale, but here you are with your faith and your Peter Pan advice. - Author: Billy Joel
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#42. The Catholic teaching against murder, for example, is largely the same as our secular laws. But as a law, it obviously has a secular rationale at least as strong as its religious rationale. - Author: Mario Cuomo
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#43. Unless God and His revealed Word is the overarching influencer and rationale over how our electoral decisions are made as believers, then we cannot expect God to be the overarching influencer in our nation. - Author: Tony Evans
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#44. Every month, about 20 tons of paper are wasted in restaurant menus alone, and so, you know, by that rationale, if you just ate your menu that was made from organic, local products, you could eliminate that paper waste. - Author: Homaro Cantu
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#45. Was Apollo worth all the effort and expense? If it had been about the Moon, the answer would be no, but it wasn't, it was about the Earth. The answer is yes. The only thing I can't see in all this is a rationale for going back. Unless we could find a way to take everyone. - Author: Andrew Smith
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#46. The Air Loom, for all its florid craziness, can be seen to have a function and a rationale: as a miraculous, if temporary, fix for a breaking mind, a coping strategy for a life that had become too brutally contradictory to sustain otherwise. - Author: Mike Jay
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#47. It's hard to confine an irrational woman in a rational pattern, so I had no idea really what was in her mind. - Author: Leslie Ford
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#48. It's now clear that from the very moment President Bush took office, Iraq was his highest priority as unfinished business from the first Bush Administration. His agenda was clear: find a rationale to get rid of Saddam. - Author: Edward Kennedy
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#49. Rationale still remains the greatest impediment to encountering God's mysteries. - Author: Christian Hunt
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#50. Rather, genuine compassion is based on the rationale that all human beings have an innate desire to be happy and overcome suffering, just like myself. And, just like myself, they have the natural right to fulfill this fundamental aspiration. - Author: Dalai Lama XIV
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#51. Irrationality is part of everyday rationale - Author: Elif Shafak
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#52. What the Commission is seeking cuts the heart out of the strategic rationale of our deal. - Author: Jack Welch
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#53. If a project has not achieved a system architecture, including its rationale, the project should not proceed to full-scale system development. Specifying the architecture as a deliverable enables its use throughout the development and maintenance process. - Author: Barry Boehm
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#54. Just because some dreams never see light that doesn't make us nonbelievers, they are wings to our sky and fiction makes us dream. I know the truth is fatal, especially for the stubborn's but trust me the illusion is worse. - Author: Parul Wadhwa
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#55. Political realists see the world as it is: an arena of power politics moved primarily by perceived immediate self-interests, where morality is rhetorical rationale for expedient action and self-interest. - Author: Saul D. Alinsky
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#56. I can't think of a better rationale to create a work of art. I don't care what form one's art takes, it has to be an attempt to leave the world a better place than it was before we got here or it's not doing its job. And I don't mean just making things that are pretty. - Author: Charles De Lint
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#57. Let us recognize that we can no longer tolerate violent oppression of women in the name of religion and culture any more than we would tolerate violent oppression espoused by any other bully in the name of a twisted rationale. - Author: Ayaan Hirsi Ali
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#58. Those who attack the rationale of the game, and not the players, are its most formidable adversaries. - Author: James J. Martin
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#59. There is a rationale for every action. - Author: Lailah Gifty Akita
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#60. Fear travels fast. Love travels a little more slowly. Rationale takes a little more consideration. - Author: Russell Brand
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#61. What was the rationale for all this pillaging? Souvenirs. These people needed something to remember themselves by. An odd thing, souvenir-hunting: now becomes then even while it is still now. You don't really believe you're there, and so you nick the proof, or something you mistake for it. - Author: Margaret Atwood
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#62. Whatever the rationale, the suppression of unorthodox cancer therapies and the sustained persecution of their proponents by government and colleagues runs counter to freedom of thought, much less freedom of choice. - Author: Marilyn Ferguson
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#63. Feelings, rationale and values are the top qualities that make a person exceedingly human. - Author: Janvier Chouteu-Chando
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#64. A high percentage of organisations develop a military rationale, whereby only a very small number of people make all of the decisions. There is little wonder, then, that people aren't keen to get out of bed and come to work on a Monday morning. - Author: Ricardo Semler
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#65. Riots happen because rationale is eclipsed by revenge. - Author: Vinita Kinra
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#66. Another factor that seems to me to be equally important is the great myth and rationale of 'the modern,' that it places dynamite at the foot of old error and levels its shrines and monuments. Contempt for the past surely accounts for a consistent failure to consult it. - Author: Marilynne Robinson
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#67. The rationale for the vast network of government welfare programs as well as regulation and control over private enterprise is based on the socialist analysis of the market economy. - Author: Richard Ebeling
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#68. Now we've a real intellectual impasse. Our reason, which is supposed to make things more intelligible, seems to be making them less intelligible, and when reason thus defeats its own purpose something has to be changed in the structure of our reason itself. - Author: Robert M. Pirsig
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#69. Most of us at the Reserve Bank come from a background in economics and hence have a predisposition in favour of free markets and a sceptical attitude towards intervention in those markets unless there is a clearly defined economic rationale for it. - Author: Ian Macfarlane
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#70. We have seen already how resistant public opinion is, firstly to comprehension of the new paradigm in which we have to operate; and secondly, to the rationale behind the decisions we have had to take. - Author: Brian Cowen
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#71. There's a danger and a beauty to the moment which seems out of time. It pierces something deep inside of him, bypassing his rationale, and it touches his very core. In a sudden shock of illumination, and of knowing, he recognizes this woman is his destiny, and their fates are intertwined. - Author: Scarlett Amaris
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#72. Surely, the best and most effective measure is to get the economy moving and shorten the period of recession or slowdown. That's the rationale for Gordon Brown's 'fiscal stimulus' and it sounds like a good one to me. - Author: Lucy Powell
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#73. My dad was an absentee dad, so it was always important to me that I was part of my daughter's life, and she deserved two parents, which is part of the rationale behind us staying married for 30 years. - Author: Samuel L. Jackson
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#74. I was still in high school when I decided I didn't want children. My somewhat twisted rationale was that I would never inflict childhood on anybody, especially not someone I loved. I never changed my mind. - Author: Ann Patchett
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#75. The majority of the American population had questioned the justification for the war in Vietnam. They did not appreciate the government's rationale for sending American boys to die halfway around the world; communists in Vietnam had absolutely nothing to do with them. - Author: Calvin Murphy
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#76. More rationale decreases subjectivity. - Author: Sol Sender
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#77. Micropayments are great if you use them for a product or service with certain properties. It must be one where you can get away with usage-based pricing, and where there is a strong rationale for making it cheap, yet not free. - Author: Nathan Myhrvold
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#78. Unlike people of my generation, my children and my grandchildren have grown up living with, knowing, people who were outwardly gay and lesbian. And they have learned that they're just like us ... And when you see that they're just like us, the rationale for discrimination melts away. - Author: David Boies
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#79. I write fiction that reflects Islamic logic: fictional worlds where cause and effect are governed by Muslim rationale. However, my characters do not necessarily behave as 'good' Muslims; they are not ideals or role models. - Author: Leila Aboulela
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#80. The establishment uses that rationale all the time, and that's why we do what we do. But leadership requires some understanding that you can say no. People have base instincts, but the transcendent also appeal to them. - Author: Norman Lear
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#81. When I look back at my childhood on the Ayrshire coast, I recall a basic devotion to the idea that human nature and national character are as unknowable as the weather's rationale. - Author: Andrew O'Hagan
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#82. There's almost always a plausible rationale - and a good, if misguided, intention - behind every usability flaw. Another - Author: Steve Krug
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#83. Once management is on board, the sales team needs to understand the rationale behind the micromarket strategy and have simple tools that make it easy to implement. That means aligning sales coverage with opportunity and creating straightforward sales "plays" for each type of opportunity. - Author: McKinsey Chief Marketing & Sales Officer Forum
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#84. Didn't we all grow up understanding that bribes and payoffs - - by whatever name or rationale - - were bad. And that people were supposed to be the focal point of society, not money? - Author: Ray Bourhis
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#85. Man is dragged hither and thither, at one moment by the blind instincts of the forest, at the next by the strange intuitions of a higher self whose rationale he doubts and does not understand. - Author: Loren Eiseley
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#86. Early on, a story's meaning and rationale seem pretty obvious, but then, as I write it, I realize that I know the meaning/rationale too well, which means that the reader will also know it - and so things have to be ramped up. - Author: George Saunders
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#87. I think comprehensive immigration reform while securing your border and dealing rationale with 11 million is the only way we're going to solve this problem. - Author: Lindsey Graham
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#88. The only rationale that the states put forth with any conviction-that same-sex couples and their children don't need marriage because same-sex couples can't produce children, intended or unintended-is so full of holes that it cannot be taken seriously ... - Author: Richard Posner
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