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#1. I haven't done as much proper travelling as I'd like to have done. However, I know how important the weather is for my mood and spirits. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#2. Les masses ont tort et les individus toujours raison. The masses are wrong; individuals are always right. - Author: Boris Vian
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#3. I was genuinely frightened when I saw the Daleks. These ridiculous-looking things absolutely get to the core of you when you're standing in front of one. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#4. Facts and information are the nourishment, the lifeblood, the raison d'etre, and also the bane and despair of librarians and researchers. - Author: Kee Malesky
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#5. I try to find stories that I would think that everyone would find interesting, and just a good entertaining story, and then if I can find a story that has a raison d'etre behind it that I feel is important then that's the best for me. - Author: Norman Jewison
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#6. Most shows find themselves descending into sentimentality or earnestness at some point but, with 'Community,' the joke is always on. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#7. Rail longer than train cars ; and the hope than our reasons. (Rail plus long que les wagons ; - Et l'espoir que nos raisons.) - Author: Charles De Leusse
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#8. Education in my family was not merely emphasized, it was our raison d'etre. - Author: Steven Chu
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#9. I saw only the reality of his destiny, which he had known
how to follow with unfaltering footsteps, that life begun in humble
surroundings, rich in generous enthusiasms, in friendship, love, war
all the exalted elements of romance. - Author: Joseph Conrad
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#10. There is something deeply attractive, at least to quite a lot of people, about squalor, misery, and vice. They are regarded as more authentic, and certainly more exciting, than cleanliness, happiness, and virtue. - Author: Theodore Dalrymple
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#11. There is a reason for all things and all things have a reason. - Author: Jameson Currier
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#12. It is necessary to be focused. This is the raison d'etre of career. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#13. Life has no meaning. It doesn't need a meaning. A meaning is an arbitrary thought formulation that we affix to it because we are in the mood. Life is its own raison d'etre. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#14. Performing, not rehearsing, is a dancer's raison d'etre, and I've been lucky to 'etre' in some extraordinary places - Cuba, Paris, Mongolia. In particular, a two-week stint in Greece leaps to mind. We danced in the Acropolis's Herodes Atticus amphitheater, once a venue for gladiator spectacles. - Author: Sascha Radetsky
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#15. I'm a bad traveller because I suffer from travel sickness. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#16. My favourite programme of all time is 'Weeds'; the first three or four series are perfection. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#17. Officially she was there to liaise with me on the case, but really she was there for the wide-screen TV, takeaways and the unresolved sexual tension. - Author: Ben Aaronovitch
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#18. My mum lives near Holkham Bay in Norfolk, and with my dad by the coast in Suffolk, I spend quite a bit of time by the sea. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#19. I do read on holiday, but it tends to be very lowbrow. I'm into really camp biographies, and I'm a shameless fan of Jilly Cooper. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#20. Le coeur a ses raisons que la raison ne connait point. French. Pascal. The heart has its reasons, whereof reason knows nothing. - Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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#21. La raison du plus fort est toujours la meilleure. The reason of the strongest is always the best. - Author: Jean De La Fontaine
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#22. Eliza's constant harping didn't even get to Martha, although it sometimes seemed that Eliza's raison d'etre was to urinate on Martha's parade. - Author: Adele Parks
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#23. I've had more fan mail from 'Doctor Who' than anything. People love the show so passionately. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#24. Psychic awareness leads to a true perception not only of events, but just of life itself. It is its own raison d'etre. - Author: Frederick Lenz
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#25. TV's 'real' agenda is to be 'liked,' because if you like what you're seeing, you'll stay tuned. TV is completely unabashed about this; it's its sole raison. - Author: David Foster Wallace
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#26. I'm really into beaches, but I also enjoy a bit of culture. An ideal holiday would have a nice balance of the two, but I'm definitely not into adrenalin sports, nor would I enjoy spending a month solid on a beach. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#27. Let us never stop being vigilant about the Oys which face us. But let us never turn them into our raison d'etre. Let us also celebrate the JOYS. - Author: Deborah Lipstadt
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#28. Everything is a subject. Every subject has a rhythm. To feel it is the raison detre. The photograph is a fixed moment of such a raison detre, which lives on in itself. - Author: Andre Kertesz
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#29. A lot of shows peak after a series and never get it back, but 'Breaking Bad' keeps the tension up all the time. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#30. There is more both of beauty and of raison d'etre in the works of nature- than in those of art. - Author: Aristotle.
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#31. there's a suggestion that for patients who have high levels of inflammatory factors, such as the easily measured C-reactive protein (CRP), a strong anti-inflammatory like infliximab can indeed have antidepressant effects (Raison - Author: James Phelps
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#32. Filming 'Doctor Who' is so incredibly different to 'Spooks.' Near to the surface, there's quite a silly atmosphere. A lot of the times, you're on the verge of giggles because it's so over the top. - Author: Miranda Raison
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#33. I expertly angled my raison bran to accomodate the g-forces. - Author: John Green
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#34. Each alter personality had a common goal and raison d'etre, namely my survival. They didn't all realize that though, and so were at odds with each other much of the time. So I continued to be fragmented and divided. - Author: Carolyn Bramhall
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