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Top 53 Quotes About Quiet Beauty

#1. LISTEN to the small, quiet voice within that only ever guides you with love and compassion. Let yourself receive the inspiration of beauty and kindness. Let yourself rediscover peace in your heart. And, from that secure place, meet whatever comes. - Author: Stephanie Dowrick
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#2. In the new quiet I heard the sea as if my ears were laid against the ocean floor. I could hear everything. The rumbling earthquake of a ship and spider crabs moving between weeds. - Author: Deborah Levy
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#3. She told them simply and directly that the meadow was a place of peace and beauty, where indeed if one came to it in a quiet manner, the animals would not be disturbed; for there are lovely birds, and squirrels and field mice, and sometimes deer. - Author: Kathryn Lasky
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#4. Everyone can identify with a fragrant garden, with beauty of sunset, with the quiet of nature, with a warm and cozy cottage. - Author: Thomas Kincade
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#5. Let your mind be quiet, realizing the beauty of the world, and the immense boundless treasures that it holds. - Author: Edward Carpenter
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#6. In life, you will find two things. The quiet beauty of Darkness, and the bright songs of Light. The choice is yours to decide which will be you, and which will be your shadow. - Author: Taylor Chackowsky
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#7. Fantasies die slow, quiet deaths. They're like cherry blossoms breaking away and sailing down slowly, still holding onto their color and their softness and beauty, but ending up on the ground to be blown out by cold winds. - Author: V.C. Andrews
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#8. My world was ordered, calm, and controlled, then you came into my life with your smart mouth, your innocence, your beauty, and your quiet temerity ... and everything before you was just dull, empty, mediocre ... it was nothing. - Author: E.L. James
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#9. The unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit is of great worth in God's sight. - Author: Judith Couchman
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#10. She was a woman of combined beauty and quiet strength. No wonder he had fallen in love with her so many years ago. No wonder he was in love with her now.
And she would never know it. - Author: Christy English
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#11. The experience of playing music at a young age really opens up one's mind to different melody in life itself, literally - like, when you've even played a recorder, or whatever, it becomes a lot easier to hear the beauty in a bird's song, or the quiet tune in a gentle rustle of the wind. - Author: Dave Smalley
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#12. 4You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. + 5This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful. They put their trust in God and accepted the authority of their husbands. - Author: Anonymous
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#13. The concerto's beauty was even more impassioned than he remembered, and also more piteous and quiet and restrained, and he clasped his hands together to absorb both the grief and joy in his body. - Author: Madeleine Thien
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#14. The Moors were beautiful in their own way, and if their beauty was the quiet sort that required time and introspection to be seen, well, there was nothing wrong with that. The best beauty was the sort that took some seeking. - Author: Seanan McGuire
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#15. She grew into a quiet, beautiful young woman. The beauty was a nuisance, like smog and poverty. - Author: John Varley
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#16. A woman in her glory, a woman of beauty, is a woman who is not striving to become beautiful or worthy or enough. She knows in her quiet center where God dwells that he find her beautiful, has deemed her worthy, and in him, she is enough. - Author: John Eldredge
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#17. Dance,' they told me, and I stood still,
and while I stood quiet in line at the gate of the Kingdom, I danced.
'Pray,' they said, and I laughed,
covering myself in the earth's brightnesses,
and then stole off gray into the midst of a revel,
and prayed like an orphan. - Author: Wendell Berry
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#18. Then I tell you that sadness, in a way, is just another form of beauty. It can be a bit more melancholic, dramatic, heart-breaking and so, so quiet. The most emotional of things, finding its reflection in the world in decay, are those things we love the most from time to time. - Author: Kate Luysterborg
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#19. It is not fancy hair, gold jewelry, or fine clothes that should make you beautiful. No, your beauty should come from within you - the beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. This beauty will never disappear, and it is worth very much to God. Peter 3:3-4 - Author: Anonymous
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#20. But when I think of us,
in the quiet when I'm on my own,
I think of Beauty and the Beast.

I, being the beast, and you being the last beautiful thing in this city. - Author: Danabelle Gutierrez
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#21. Nature, too, supports our personal blossoming (if we have any quiet exposure to her) through her spontaneities, through her beauty, power, and mirroring, through her dazzling variety of species and habitats, and by way of the wind, Moon, Sun, stars, and galaxies. - Author: Bill Plotkin
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#22. Tea is quiet and our thirst for tea is never far from our craving for beauty. - Author: James Norwood Pratt
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#23. It is right to love beauty and to desire it; but God desires us to love and seek first the highest beauty, that which is imperishable. No outward adorning can compare in value or loveliness with that "meek and quiet spirit." - Author: Ellen G. White
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#24. You bastard! Let me down!"
"Not on your life, beauty." The godlen claw gripped her tighter. "You get hurt, he'll kill me. Now quiet. I'm trying not to vomit."
Gwenvael to Annwyl - Author: G.A. Aiken
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#25. I really love that dynamic between beauty and sadness ... theres always these moments of quiet alienation, the sense of disconnect, but also, these moments of possibility. - Author: Gregory Crewdson
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#26. So quiet and subtle is the beauty of December that escapes the notice of many people their whole lives through.. Colour gives way to form. every branch distinct, in a delicate tracery against the sky.. new vistas obscured all Summer by leafage, now open up. - Author: Flora Thompson
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#27. My dream of happiness: a quiet spot by the Jamaican seashore ... hearing the wind sob with the beauty and the tragedy of everything. Sitting under an almond tree, with the leaf spread over me like an umbrella. - Author: Errol Flynn
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#28. It was a sort of ferocious, quiet beauty, the sort that wouldn't let you admire it. The sort of beauty that always hurt. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
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#29. Didn't you have any sadistic nannies who told you these tales to keep you quiet and well behaved at night? Heavens, what's to become of the Empire if governesses have lost their touch for scaring the wits out of their girls? - Author: Libba Bray
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#30. Nowadays silence is looked on as odd and most of my race has forgotten the beauty of meaning much by saying little. Now tongues work all day by themselves with no help from the mind. - Author: Toni Morrison
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#31. Don't be concerned about the outward beauty that depends on fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should be known for the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. 1 PETER 3:3-4 - Author: Francine Rivers
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#32. An architect must remember that the people working or living in his building need space - to dream, to be quiet, to find beauty somewhere. - Author: Christian De Portzamparc
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#33. Rhythm, symmetry, and a happy combination of elegance and utility - a blend often desired in later days of hope and struggle - these have been fully attained, and with them a delight in quiet communion with Nature, expressing as she does the sense of beauty in orderliness. - Author: Marie-Luise Gothein
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#34. Being surrounded by artistic and musical beauty soothes the soul, bringing both quiet calm and creative inspiration ... - Author: Wayne D. Dosick
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#35. I think I like 'em better like that ... divinely dull ... just the quiet bearers of their own beauty, like the priestesses in a Panathenaic procession. - Author: Edith Wharton
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#36. Soul, love, joy and natural beauty shines first from within. Make time for quiet reflective moments. Be still and know there is more than just Botox and pink martinis for women over 40. - Author: Machel Shull
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#37. In Ruin City, in the rain, the sound of melancholy is a buzzing maelstrom of quiet desperation. The shatter has been so great, there is no sound left to despair. - Author: Radhika Mukherjee
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#38. Solitude. It is way underrated in our world of writing. We stay busy. We act busy. We thrive on busy. The truth is there is a lot of beauty that lives in the solitude. Quiet is not the enemy. Quiet is necessary for brains to not self-destruct. - Author: Bonnie Baker
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#39. I've been able to dig deeper into awareness of my own sinfulness, and take baby steps toward spiritual healing. I'm able to worship in an ancient communion full of awesome beauty, one that is now being blessed with quiet revival. - Author: Frederica Mathewes-Green
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#40. The quiet that envelops space makes the beauty even more powerful, and I only hope that the quiet can one day spread to my country. - Author: Ilan Ramon
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#41. The more my mind began to quiet, the more I found myself wanting to be surrounded by natural beauty. - Author: Noah Levine
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#42. That is what is so marvelous about Europe; the people long ago learned that space and beauty and quiet refuges in a great city, where children may play and old people sit in the sun, are of far more value to the inhabitants than real estate taxes and contractors' greed. - Author: Ilka Chase
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#43. Quiet book-learning in monasteries and ethereal music, sonnets and courtly lovethat stuff is all fantasyand veneer? You couldn't afford to let the beauty of the thing seduce you too far or you forgot the truth and the truth was always hard as iron bloody bars. - Author: Janice Galloway
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#44. This-this was what made life: a moment of quiet, the water falling in the fountain, the girl's voice ... a moment of captured beauty. Those who are truly wise will never permit such moments to escape. - Author: Louis L'Amour
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#45. Beauty gathered in the brightness of the sunny hours - is often best remembered in the quiet dark. - Author: Winston O. Abbott
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#46. ..i spill into
the kind of silence
only Khalil Gibran would understand. - Author: Sanober Khan
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#47. Remain quiet. Don't feel you have to talk all the time. Go within and you will see the Loveliness behind all beauty. - Author: Paramahansa Yogananda
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#48. The room was full with voices, loud music and beautiful people milling about everywhere. But all I noticed was her; beautiful, elegant and sitting alone in a quiet corner trying to remain unseen, to blend in, to become invisible, as if she actually thought such a thing were possible. - Author: Tonny K. Brown
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#49. There is no happiness like this: quiet mornings, light from the river, the weekend ahead. They lived a Russian life, a rich life, interwoven, in which the misfortune of one would stagger them all. It was a garment, this life. Its beauty outside, its warmth within. - Author: James Salter
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#50. People who put my paintings on their walls are putting their values on their walls: faith, family, home, a simpler way of living, the beauty of nature, quiet, tranquillity, peace, joy, hope. They beckon you into this world that provides an alternative to your nightly news broadcast. - Author: Thomas Kincade
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#51. Describe your sorrows and desires, passing thoughts and the belief in some sort of beauty-describe all these with loving, quiet, humble sincerity, and use, to express yourself, the things in your environment, the images from your dreams, and the objects of your memory. - Author: Rainer Maria Rilke
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#52. Beautiful things like nature inspire me. Sunrise is my favorite time of the day. A sky full of stars can be very inspiring. Quiet moments where you're alone with yourself and the beauty, nature, and majesty that God has created. That is pretty inspiring. - Author: Brooke Burns
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#53. There are so many kinds of beauty-have you ever looked in a small hidden pool in a wood, Becky? It's full of beauty, but it's not in the least spectacular, only restful and quiet and never-endingly fascinating. - Author: Betty Neels
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