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Top 35 Quotes About Quick Money

#1. So many things are lost in the dark. A slight misstep and we lose our footing. A quick hand in a pocket and we lose our money. A coat hanger in a womb and we lose a fetus. A swift puncture and we lose a life. - Author: Pat Henshaw
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#2. As a society we're always so quick and able to spend money on lawyers for someone for incarceration, but we don't make the corresponding commitment to the preventative components of it. - Author: Matt Gonzalez
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#3. You will stir up the hornets.
[Lat., Irritabis crabones.] - Author: Plautus
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#4. Most disability charity hinges on that notion - that you need to send your money in quick before all these poor, pitiful people die. Peddling pity brings in the bucks, yo. - Author: Stella Young
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#5. People will buy bogus quick-fix solutions all day long, but few want to hear that the way to build a business or make money is to work hard for a long time and never surrender. - Author: Sean Platt
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#6. Don't you ever imagine things differently than what they are? Oh, Marilla, how much you miss. - Author: L.M. Montgomery
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#7. In the 1930s, Adolf Hitler believed that his great-power rivals would be easy to exploit and isolate because each had little interest in fighting Germany and instead was determined to get someone else to assume the burden. He guessed right. - Author: John Mearsheimer
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#8. Command that in no way there be in your household any who make strife, discord or divisions in the hostel, but all shall be of one accord, of one will as of one heart and one soul. - Author: Robert Grosseteste
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#9. I have always found that it is far more convenient to be rich rather than to be poor. - Author: Amanda Quick
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#10. Internet marketing entrepreneurs have truly opened my eyes to just how important a quick turnaround time can be. Often times, an interview they conduct with me today is online by the next morning. The interviewee is then able to start making money less than 24 hours after the initial interview. - Author: Marc Ostrofsky
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#11. Footwork is definitely key for a linebacker. We make our money playing laterally. You've got to be able to move side to side and play sideline to sideline. So doing quick feet drills like ladders and keeping your footwork right is important. - Author: Brandon Spikes
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#12. Sleep is a very capricious goddess, and it is precisely when she is invoked that she delays coming.
- Page 184 - Author: Alexandre Dumas
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#13. There are many movies that have done it very badly. The studios have gone for quick profits and audiences are feeling angry. People aren't taking the time and spending the money to do it right. I am. - Author: Michael Bay
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#14. Quick riches are more dangerous than poverty. - Author: Napoleon Hill
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#15. I am defined by my will to survive, not by intelligence or cunning or money or good looks. The Creator didn't see her way clear to give me those things, instead she gave me a strong will. - Author: Jaune Quick-to-See Smith
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#16. A common misconception of money is that money can't buy you love. That's true. But money can lead to a series of misunderstandings that can afford you love. Think of that last thing as a quick bonus lesson from another dimension. - Author: Eugene Mirman
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#17. TIME
And how it slips through my fingers
Without putting its ring on them,
And I remain simply its lover - Author: Visar Zhiti
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#18. The product has to work. It has to be a good product. An enormous number of them are all hype with no value at all. People get into them because they want to make a lot of quick, easy money. - Author: Brian Tracy
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#19. Our whole Depression was brought on by gambling, not in the stock market alone but in expanding and borrowing and going in debt ... all just to make some easy money quick. - Author: Will Rogers
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#20. If any man, out of an humour, should turn all his Estate into Money, and keep it dead, he would soon be sensible of Poverty growing upon him, whilst he is eating out of the quick stock. - Author: Dudley North
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#21. Science chases money
and money chases its tail
and the best minds of my generation can't make bail.
But the bacteria are coming
that's my prediction.
It's the answer to this culture
of the quick-fix prescription. - Author: Ani DiFranco
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#22. When you realise that money doesn't actually make you happy, it's a quick fix to have things you've always wanted, but then when you have it, you realise that's not what actually makes you happy. It's more about having a great marriage and happy children; that's what life's all about. - Author: Shane Filan
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#23. You get quick money, it's beautiful, there's sunshine, but at the end of the day, you find out it's all a masquerade, baby. It's not what it seems. - Author: Wyclef Jean
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#24. The United States has put more money on HIV, AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis than any country in the world and it's having an impact real quick. - Author: Bill Frist
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#25. The songs in 'Wonderland' don't have a melodic life for me - I'm not a musical person - but they have an emotional life, an emotional echo perhaps. - Author: Stacey D'Erasmo
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#26. People like to think the worst. They like to have hushed gossip sessions and point their fingers at someone's problems that are more obvious than their own. - Author: Marcia Lynn McClure
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#27. There are several ways of making quick money but in the general list, writing a novel rates well below robbing a bank. - Author: Frederick Forsyth
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#28. Making Money Online is Easy once you know how to do it. It's like riding a bike. It's easy once you know how to do it. - Author: Mick Moore
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#29. Sleep came to them, quick and easy, like money to millionaires. - Author: Arundhati Roy
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#30. Truly wealthy people develop the habit of "getting rich slow" rather than "getting rich quick." To assure this, they have two rules with regard to money. Rule number one: Don't lose money. Rule number two: If ever you feel tempted, refer back to rule number one, "don't lose money." - Author: Brian Tracy
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#31. Religion is the theological equivalent of a quick-buck insurance scam, where you pay in your premium year after year, and then, when you need the benefits you paid for so - pardon the pun - so religiously, you discover the company that took your money does not, in fact, exist. - Author: Stephen King
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#32. Avoid greed and fear. These are the investor's Achilles heels. Keeping all your money in the bank earning 3% interest is just as foolish as dumping your entire savings into the market thinking you'll make a quick buck. - Author: Nancy Dunnan
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#33. Our kids are not here to comfort us, to entertain us, or to validate us. Those things need to come from ourselves and from other adults. - Author: Margaret Kennedy
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#34. Too much hurry will bury your goals. Too much haste will make you waste. Too quick race will cripple your pace. Be patient. - Author: Israelmore Ayivor
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#35. How does a boot to the groin region sound?" A quick smirk. "I'll even pay you." Tommy feigned shock. "Jeez, no wonder you're making no money. Your customer service is lousy. - Author: Jennifer Lee Thomson
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